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Memories of Matty-Dog Mills
We found him in the pound in Tucson, Arizona. All 5.5 pounds of him looked pitiful, and though he was supposedly born with a white toy-poodle-mix coat, he was just a dingy-brown, matted mess.

It wasn't too long afterwards that I suggested we call this matty-haired dog the Matty-Dog. Or Matty for short.

Cleaned up, cared for, and loved, he soon gained 2 more pounds and was able to show off that white coat; though he still got all matty without due diligence from his parents.

He showed his toughness soon after--at a Bark at the Park baseball outing, he joined his fellow dogs lapping water out of a kiddie pool. Before anyone knew it, a Doberman (who of course was a good dog) picked him up and slung him around a few times before we extricated him from his mouth. What did little Matty do? He immediately went back to drinking water, displaying the mettle that belied his stature.

Matty was the ultimate lap dog, the fastest puppy (from) the West, the inventor of snuzzles (an intricate combination of nuzzling you with his head while snuggling you with his body), and the best damned dog I have ever met.

He will be missed far more than words can say. He is survived by his father, a mostly human dude, who Matty-Dog called his Daddy-Dog, because it rhymes a little and rolls off the tongue just right. His Mommy-Dog and Sissy-Dog, Toni and Courtney, and his Grandma-Dog Elaine, will miss him as well, along with his pupper siblings, Goose, Luna, and Ralphie.

Born ~March 19th, 2005. Passed on November 12th, 2020.

Update 12/09/2020: Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since you passed. It is the longest time I have ever been away from you. I miss you so much my sweet, sweet Matty-dog.'

Update 12/17/2020: It's been over a month. I find that I remember how you looked in pictures more than in real life. It's hard to picture you sitting, laying beside me. I don't know why. I don't like it. Please don't leave my memories--I need you there.

Each night I think of you; each I cry & smile too.

Update 01/02/2021: What a horrible year 2020 was. But even with all the craziness, you and I got to spend a lot time together. It was one of those "blessings in disguise"--even though I was stuck at home, at least I was stuck with you. I treasure all that time.

Thanksgiving, Christmas & the holidays have been hell without you. Everything seems off. Nothing is right. And I'm always catching something just out of my vision, or some sound that sounds like you coming around the corner. But it's not.

My heart is still broken, Matty-Dog. It's been about 7 weeks. And I cannot see the day that I will get over you. You are my eternal best friend; you are my everything. I love you little boy.

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