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Memories of Matty

11-13-96 -- 03-10-13 -- Matty - how lucky we were to have you for 16 years. Your Mommy wasn't sure she wanted a dog -- too much mess and responsibility and she already had 2 human kids to worry about. Your Daddy decided he wanted his kids to grow up with a dog so he decided to take Mommy to look at available dogs. He wanted one with a lot of spunk, loved everyone, and would not hurt a flea. There you were on February 15, 1997, at the LaPetite Chen in Arnold, MD, with your 2 brothers who were also Cairn/Scottish Terriers. They looked more like Scotties and acted more aggressive. You were kinda scrawny more shy then your brothers, but you were trying to warm up to us and it was love for all of us immediately. The decision was made; you were going to be part of our family. We took you with us, but had to go back later that day to get your shots. When we went back, we were told another family had seen you and came back to get you, but lucky us beat them too it. Your 12 year old brother sat with you in the back seat grinning from ear to ear because he finally got a dog. Mommy was concerned that you didn't bark, but that changed later that evening. Your 15 year old sister was not much of an animal person, but when she saw you it was immediate love too. Mommy decided you were going to stay in the laundry room at nite, but that's when you decided to bark and your big sister would not hear of you staying there all night by yourself. So Mommy and Daddy's bedroom became your bedroom. House breaking was a real challenge so we decided to keep you in the laundry room during the day and Daddy worked all day to modify a child gate that you could climb, but you jumped right over it. You immediately prioritized your family. Daddy was mostly #1, big Sis #2 -- sometimes #1, Mommy #3, and little Brother #4. You were so cute, Daddy and Sis let you do what you wanted, Mommy was the disciplinarian and could not help but tease you and little brother teased you sometimes relentlessly all in the name of love. You always had to have someone in your view for security so when everyone else went out, Mommy became #1. Mommy was also #1 at mealtime and during thunderstorms. You came to her side of the bed to get in because you were so scared. You tail wagged the hardest for Daddy and when he wasn't home you would wait at the door for him to reappear, sometimes giving him a bark of displeasure that he had gone out and left you. Big Sis and Mommy gave you many nicknames -- Matar, Bosha, Princess, Matty Mae, and on and on. It's a wonder you knew your real name which Daddy gave you because your hair was matted when we got you, but you grew into a beautiful little dog. Of course your family was partial to your looks, but many others remarked how cute you were too. How you loved to go in the RV. When you saw us packing you would wait at the door, because you knew you were going on a trip. You went many wonderful places with us and enjoyed every minute of it. Especially the people food Mommy and Daddy always brought you from the restaurants. You and Daddy enjoyed many cashews together too. Oh but the years went by fast and you started to show your age, you were just as beautiful, but you couldn't get up on the couch any more even with the doggy steps. Your eyes and ears wouldn't work anymore, but you could still smell your way around. Finally your legs didn't work. It was time, even though it hurts really badly. We will never forget you and Mommy & Daddy will never let anybody say "It was just a dog". Thank God for every day he gave you with us until we meet you again.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Big Sister, & Little Brother

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