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Memories of Matilda (Tilly)
Tilly was born into our family in 1995, we have had 15 wonderful years together! Tilly was named Matilda but soon took on the nickname "TILLY" as my nieces and nephews weren't to keen on "Matilda". Hee Hee. She has always had the loudest and most beautiful purr! She was mama's baby girl! She used to ride on my shoulder while driving down to visit family from Brandon FL to Bradenton FL. She enjoyed the sun! She was definitely a "SUN GODDESS" :o) Tilly was solo for the first year of her life until her brother Dante was also born into the family. She wasn't to keen on his arrival at first, but soon grew to love him dearly. They always loved their catnip and to lay on the kitty window perches whilst basking in the sun!! She always greeted us with her beautiful purr! Tilly is a very WISE soul and was capable of so much.

Tilly lived a very happy and healthy life and has been to a few states outside of Florida, but we always felt at home only here and that is where she lived most of her life. Throughout her 15 years she never had any ailments. In February of this year she had to have two teeth extracted due to abscess, and at that time a possibility of cancer was a concern of her vet, Dr. Sullivan. We kept an eye on it and in June I noticed a swelling on the side of her little face. I took her in and she was diagnosed with oral cancer. All I wanted to do was make her comfortable and without pain as much as possible. I felt that the inevitable was soon to come and did not want to put her through any type of surgery and treatment at her age. So I kept her happy and content for a month and she was able to keep her quality of life, but soon it became to difficult for her to be able to eat. The cancer had progressed and it was time for her to meet up with Dante at the Rainbow Bridge.

Dante left us for the rainbow bridge a year ago and now they are enjoying each others company again!

Mommy LOVES you TILLY!!

Mommy,Maceo,& Isabella

2017 POSTS
It's been seven years since you crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge Mama's Beautiful Girl!
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and hear your beautiful purr!! <3 I know you are
with Dante, Cosmo, Kokomoko and your Moma!

Mama Loves and Misses you sweet girl! xoxo

2016 POSTS
WOW! In just 11 days it will be 6 years since you left this earth plain and were reuinted with
your bother Dante and your Moma!! We love and miss you dearly my Beautiful Tilly girl!!
I know you are without any pain or suffering and have earned your beautiful wings!! Give your
baby brother a kiss and hug too!! XOXOXOXOXO


2014 POSTS
My beautiful babygirl Tilly!!! Tomorrow will be 4 years since you left for Rainbow Bridge!!
Not a day goes by that I do not think of you my beauty!! I know you're with your brother Dante
and with your Moma!! I love and miss you all!! Your brothers and sister here say hello!!
Do you remember when I brought Maceo home as a tiny baby and you nurtured him and then I also
brought Isabella. We ALL love you and Dante very much!! <3 <3 Until we meet again!

All my love!!! <3

2013 POSTS
My babygirl,
Tomorrow will mark 3 years since you have left for Rainbow Bridge.
I am sure you are basking in the realm of joy with your brother Dante and your Moma!
We do miss you here with us, but I know one day we will meet again my lovely!
I miss and love you much!!

Mama xoxoxo

P.S. Maceo, Isabella, Oliver, Poindexter, Cosmo, and Kokomoko all send their love as well! xoxoxoxoxo

Happy Birthday Mama's babygirl! Today you would have been 18yrs old!
All my love!

2012 POSTS

My Beautiful Matilda aka Tilly!
Tomorrow will mark 2 years since you left for Rainbow Bridge! You are now with your baby brother
Dante and free of pain and disease. I know you are so FREE now and look forward to the time that
our souls will be together again! Today and the tomorrow I will celebrate the beautiful soul you
are and the life you shared with me. You are a very wise and special soul my Tilly girl!
Mama loves and misses you very much! I even have you painted on my nails in honor of you!!
I got Dante on my other hand too! :o) I miss your purr baby girl!! Yours was so very special and

Love you with ALL my heart and soul!
Mama xo

Happy Birthday My beautiful Tilly! You would have been 17yrs old today!
Mama loves and misses you much! xoxoxo

2011 POSTS
My Lovely Tilly,
One year has passed since your soul was released and you went to the Rainbow Bridge.
Not a day goes by where I don't think of you and your beautiful face and loud purr.
By know you have made friends and of course are with Dante and Moma. I miss you my lovely girl.
You will be forever in my heart.. until we connect again my NaNa girl! xoxoxoxoxoxox
Love you with all my heart!
Maceo, Isabella, Poindexter, Oliver, Cosmo, and Kokomoko send Purrs and Love to you too!

Good Evening Mommy's pretty pretty babygirl! I miss you so very much! in just 4 days it will
be a year you left for the rainbow bridge to be with your brother Dante!! It seems like yesterday you were here purring so beautifully and loud! I miss your purrs and your sweet deposition.
I know you're pain free and happy pouncing around with your baby brother now!! I will be stopping by each day this week to say hello and to post memories that we shared. Today I recall when you were just a wee kitten, we used to visit your Grandma(Tina),Opa(Robert), Heidi, Kenneth, and your mommy in Bradenton when we lived in Brandon. You used to sit on my shoulder the whole way there!! You loved the car ride when you were a baby! I love and miss you so Tilly! xoxoxoxoxox

Love you to infinity and beyond!
Mama xo
I miss you more and more each day... I know you have your baby brother with you and are together until we meet again.. oh and Moma is of course with you too!!!

Purrs and kisses babygirl!!

All my LOVE!!
Mama xoxo
My BEAUTIFUL TILLY!!! MOMMY MISSES AND LOVES YOU SO EVER MUCH!! I'm sure you've been having lots of fun with your brother Dante! xoxoxo As I'm sure you know, we have offered our home and hearts to another furbaby (Oliver) He's so cute.. and grey like you!! Mommy is so sorry for not posting until now, although I visit often!! I will promise to take the time to post more frequently my dear baby girl!! We ALL love and MISS YOU and your brother terribly!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Maceo, Isabella, Oliver, Cosmo, Kokomoko, & Pointdexter send their love too. And they want to assure you that they make sure I receive all the purrs and kitty kisses you send to them to give to me.


2010 POSTS

My Sweet Baby Girl Tilly!!!!! I sure hope you are pain FREE and happy spending time with your little brother Dante.. I'm sure he was happy to see you as well!! Mommy misses you baby girl, but I know you are no longer suffering.. I am so sorry for the pain you had endured... Maceo, Isabella, and I miss you!! I called Isabella by your name "twice" which is something I never have done even when you were still with us.. I look at the window perch to see if you're there and remember you aren't :o( That was one of your favorite places to lay... *Crying a monsoon now* I Love You NaNa Girl!! xoxoxoxox

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