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Memories of Matilda
04/19/07 - Oh, Matilda, I miss you so very much! You were always there for me, and this is the longest time in 17 years that we have been apart. You were always so feisty, but you were my feisty little cat! Remember the cat shows? You won "Best TriColor Cat" and "Best Shorthair Cat" at your first show! All of the pure-bred owners were so miffed, and we just loved it! You loved rides in the car to look at Christmas lights, staying at Grandma's when Grampa & I went to Daytona to the races, and you loved your furry snakes. You loved walks on your leash, even when Chloe went along! Remember your rhinestone collar? I still have it. Daddy misses you, too. You were just a baby when he came along. He has loved you right from the start - love at first sight! I know that when I first brought you home from the Humane Society, you drove me crazy with your crying and I actually brought you back. But after just 2 days without you, I couldn't stand it any more and brought you home for good. You were my first pet and I will love you forever. You were always a fighter, even fighting off your hypercalcemia 3 times. You used to spit and hiss and swat at everyone, but you had your moments and I will always cherish our "purr sessions" every night before I took a shower. Things will never, ever be the same without you here. I know you are here in spirit, but oh how I wish I could just pet your beautiful coat again. We love you so very much....... 06/19/07-I cannot believe that it has been 2 months without you here with us - it is so lonely here without you! The worst time is at night, when it is time to take a shower. You always used to love a massage then - remember? It was just about the only time that I ever heard you purr! We miss you so. Sometimes I swear that I see you lounging on your leopard-print sofa..........XOXOXO 08/19/07-It has been 4 months now, Matilda, and I still think of you every day and wish you were here with us. I really miss the purr sessions we had every night. It helps to know that you are not in pain any more, and that you can see again, but oh, how I want you here! Please know how much we miss you. xoxoxoxo 11/20/07- Still miss you so much my little "scooter" - and it seems to get harder every day, missing you so much. We are getting ready to put up your special Christmas tree, the new one that is white, and will put all of your cat angel ornaments on it, along with Chloe's, TC's, and Lily's. You are still the best, most feisty little girl! Miss you so much....12/31/2007 - This is the first New Year's Eve without you here, Matilda, and it is just awful without you! I know we never managed to stay awake until the ball dropped, but we tried! 2007 was not a good year for us, Matilda, but I know that you are well again and can see, and have made many new friends, and that you "girls" are all together now. Your cat angel tree, the new white tree with all gold and silver ornaments, mostly angels, is just beautiful, just like you. I miss you terribly...............02/12/2008 - Oh, Matilda, this will be the first Valentine's Day tht we are not together. I miss you so much. You will always be my little sweetheart. I love you.... 03/21/08 - Hello, Matilda. This is the first spring that we are not together - I miss you so very much. I know that the Easter Bunny will be especially good to you this year, because you are such a beautiful little girl! I love you and miss you...04/19/2008 - Where did this year go to, Matilda? I miss you as much,if not more, than ever. I still think about you all the time - my little Scooter! Things will never be the same without you. The only thing that makes me feel a little bit better is knowing that you can once again see, and that you are well, running and playing with Chloe, TC (no fighting!), and Lily. I would give anything to give you a massage again tonight. You mean the world to me and I love you so very, very much. I will never, ever get over losing you..............xoxoxox.......... 06/18/08-Hi, Tild - oh, I thought about you all day today! I think about you everyday, but today was different. I miss you so much and just wish I could pick you up and carry you out onto the deck for a little while tonight. You loved that so much. I guess you are outside and able to run around in the grass all the time now, right? And, you can see again! I wish I could just see you, if only for a few minutes. Please know how much I love you. You mean the world to me. xoxoxo 12/07/08: Hi, Tildey, oh, I miss you so much! Christmas was so special with you here! We put up your sparkly which cat angel tree and it is almost as pretty as you are! I know you are watching down on us and smiling, as only you could. Please know how much we love you. You will alwaysbe my little Scooter. I miss you so much....Love, Mom and Dad 12/24/08- - We love you, Matilda. I know that Santa will be good to you again this year - you were always such a good little girl! Enjoy your new treats and toys. Remember we love you very much! XOXOX Mom & Dad 2/20/2009 - Hi, Tildey. I can't tell you how much I still miss you and always will. You are always going to be my "BFF" ha, ha, ha! I just love you so much. We have a new cat who we names Kerby, after the Cary Grant character George Kerby (remember how much we used to love watching Cary Grant - so handsome). He was injured when he came here, but he is all better now. He really would have you on your toes - he loves to run and play! Gets on Mr. Floyd's nerves sometimes, but they are buddies. The weather is cold out now - you would not like seeing all the snow out the windows. You are a Florida weather girl! I love you forever, Matilda, and ever and ever. XOXOXO Mom & Dad 04/19/2009 - Oh, Little Scooter - I miss you now more than ever! I cannot believe that it has been 2 years already. I wish we could just hold you 1 more time (even though you were not a very big fa of getting picked up, unless you were in the mood for it!). I think about you at least a hundred times every day. The weather is getting nice and you would be looking forward to the afternoons sitting on our laps out on the deck. Please know how much we love and miss you, Matilda. You will always be my girl. xoxoxo Mom & Dad 02/17/2010 - Oh, Matilda, I stil miss you so much. More than you would ever know. So much has happened - we moved to a house on the other side of town, a little retro house, that you would like. There is a slider in the dining room that you would be able to look out and watch the squirrels. I miss you so much. You always were such a good listener and I need you now so much. Work is too much, again, and grampa is getting worse and doesn't remember much anymore. You were such a little girl with such a big job to do - taking care of me. I miss you. xoxox Mom 04/19/2010 - Hi, Little Tild. I thought about you even more than usual today. I miss you so very much. I still consider you my best friend in the whole world and wish you could have stayed here forever with me. I will never ever forget you, my feisty little girl. XOXOXO Mom 04/12/2011: Hi, Matilda. Still here, missing you as much as ever, even more. It has been almost 4 years now without you here - it seems like forever. Things are so different now. Grampa is getting worse - I miss him the way he was so much. Mr. Floyd is really showing his 18+ years now, too, moving a lot slower. Kerby goes after him sometimes and we have to save him. I think Kerby just does it to aggravate him. The neighbor's cat hangs around the door - we named him "jules". I feel sorry for him, out in all kinds of weather. You do know that no one will ever replace you - you are so very, very special. I'm thinking of you always, Love Mommy 04/19/2011 - I Love You, Matilda, and I Always Will. I wish you were here to talk to - you always were such a good listener. I miss you so very much. It has been a long 4 years without you here. xxoxo 11/20/11 - Hi, Scooter. Miss you so much. Mr. Floyd is with you girls now and I hope you are all getting along. Kerby's diabetes is all over the place, can't get him regulated. You would love Kerby - he's a very happy little boy and a real trooper, just like you. Please know I miss you every day, Tildey. xoxo Mommy 12/24/2011 - Hi, Tildy. Missing you a lot tonight. I hope you are all getting along - I'm sure you are. Santa will be coming to see you tonight and tomorrow morning you will be so excited! Wish we were together - someday. I love you so much and always will. xoxo Mommy 04/18/2012 - I can't believe that it was 5 years ago tonight that I kissed you good night for the last time - I miss you so much and always will. You will always be the best friend I ever had. I can't talk with anyone the way I could with you - you were such a good listener. I love you so much. xoxoxoxo 04/19/2013 - Oh, Matilda, where did 6 years go? I miss you so very much and I need you more now than ever. I miss talking with you so much. You always made everything easier and things made sense when you were there to listen. I wish you were here right now. I wish I could have helped you to feel better when you were so sick at the end. Please know how much I love you, how much I miss you, and how I will never, ever forget you. xoxoxo Mommy 04/19/2014 - Hi, Matilda! Oh, do I miss you more than ever! You were such a good listener, and I could really use that right now. Kerby does try. You would love him; Jules would get on your nerves, I'm sure. No one will ever take your place. You were the best girl ever and I will love you forever and ever. Love you, my little scooter. xoxoxo Mommy 04/27/2015: Hello, Matilda. Oh, how I miss you so much! Things here are just not the same without you here. Everything has been going okay. Kerby and Jules are still with us and keep us very busy. Kerby's diabetes has been running very high. We had a very cold and snowy winter - you wouldn't have like it one bit! Spring is starting to show up now, daddy's flowers are starting to come out. Please know that I think of you every single day, not a day goes by that I don't miss you. I love you, Scooter. xoxoxo Mommy 04/19/2016 - Oh, Matilda, I can't believe it has been 9 years since you passed over the Bridge. I think of you everday, and miss you more than ever. I need my little girl so much. We went through so much together, good and bad. I pray that you are happy, playing in the grass and eating as many Fancy Feast slices as you want everyday. You will always be my little Scooter, my BFFF girlfriend forever. Never will I have a girlfriend as precious as you. I love you always and forever. xoxoxo Mommy 04/19/2017 - I can't believe it's been 10 years since I lost my precious little girl. Matilda, Tildey, Scooter - you meant the world to us, and you still do. I miss you every single day. Please know that we love you, miss you and so want to see you again. xoxoxoxoxo Mommy 04/19/2018 - Hi, baby girl. I don't know where 11 years have gone. Please know that I do miss you every single day, keep you in my prayers every night, and love you more than ever. I know you are happy and pain-free now. Please wait for me to join you. I love you, my little scooter. xoxoxoxo Mommy

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