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Memories of Master Beau Geste
I remember when we got you it was my 30th birthday and you were my special baby.
You came into our lives; so white as snow,happy and care free. Placing your Paw Prints on everyones Hearts and double on mine. Simply loving everyone and everything. You learned so fast and quick each day you amazed me like ringing the bell to go out your happy smile warming hearts of all you met placing your Paw Prints on my heart Playing with friends at the dog park ending in you needing a bath blowing bubbles in you water bowl letting kids pull your hair never being afraid of anything letting wheelchairs rolling up to you so the person could pet you. Placing your Paw Prints on everyones and my heart. Being sick with diabetes two shots a day for ten years never being disobedient about anything hips not working as they should taking a pill so long as it was in cheese eyesight leaving and then totlay gone Placing your Paw Prints on my heart you taught yourself how to get around with a little help from me right, left, back up, step up and step down. always there no matter what happy sad or just okey you lost so many friends human and animals Placing your Paw Prints on my heart even on your last day you could hardly breath and you sat with me looking at me as I cried Because I was losing you. You Placed your Paw Prints all over my heart. You will be sadly missed and life will be sad and lonely without you For you placed 13 and 1/2 years of your Paw Prints on my heart My Faithful Companion Beau Master Beau Geste my dog my best friend who gave me true love. Through good times and bad always beside me Placing Paw Prints all over my heart. I can only pray that God saw how great you were and gives you your angle wings so you can still Place your Paw Prints on everyones heart. I pray you can see and take walks on the beach and sit in pools as much as you want Because you were the smartest dog I've ever knew For you have touched my heart with your Paw Prints and life without you will never be the same.
Mommy wrote this for you to place in your scrapebook on the 22Sep2010 I still am crying everyday about losing you coming home isn't the same you left your Paw Prints on so many people. All your nick names bobo, pooh, poohbear, Mr. Beau, bubba, so many I had for you and you would come to all. You would lick my slipper so when I placed my foot in the morning it was so wet and cold. You always got me with that one. You were happy to go anywhere even the vets and you placed your Paw Prints on many of the girls over there.
Well I'm back at work I don't want to go but I know I have to I miss you and love you my bobo bear

Tomorrow will be a week my dear friend I still miss you Grammy can't look at this without crying where this makes me feel better knowing your in haven with papa and all the others loving on you until mommy comes to meet you I can't wait my dear friend the only thing that turely loved me. Miss you hugs and kisses mommy.

I wish were here I'm so sad life is falling apart you always was here for me to dry my tears you could just look at me and make me feel better. I'm losing everything my mind is going crazy. Oh my sweet prince please come to me in my dream I need you to let me know your good. The one and only true friend that gave me true love. Please God let my buddy come to me in a dream tonight. Love ya mommy.

Well its one week I really only have this website for support those who say they love me don't want to hear any more about it. So do they really understand or is there no one in my life that really loves me. I miss you so much your not there in the morning your not there at night. Making all the sounds that put me to sleep. Still crying because no one will give me support which I need so bad I need a hug I need held You use to let me hug you and hold you. Hugs and kisses my sweet baby missing you.
The vet sent a sympathy card. I know they will miss your happy face you never minded going there I think you knew they were there only to help you. I still feel your paw prints all over my heart hugs and kisses baby have a wonderful night sleep well.
I wish that people that say they love me would read this I've sent it to them a few times I would hope that would sign the guest book if for no other reason than to help me. I'm going to see if Grammy will sign the guest book she's getting better not as many tears when I talk about you or when she sees the scrapbook. Love you bobobear sweet dreams watch over Shamus from haven and guide him to be good. Hugs and kisses.
Well another. Day I am feeling better knowing you have so many friends there I only want a sign that your happy. Please anything. Love ya baby. Just one sign please God I need to know.
My sweet puppy I'll always thing of you as my sweet puppy mommy did a candle light Monday for you. It was so nice everyone was in the same mind set as I was and I was so sad at the beginning but by the end I was feeling a little better. Life without you is going to be hard. But I will wait until the Lord calls me home to be with you but I still would love a sign that you are happy. Please dear Lord just one sign. Love you baby.
Mommy's car is in again I have no money to fix it I don't know what I'm going to do baby I have all the beach trips in that car everyday it something else I really don't know what I'm going to do we have no money and things are not looking good I have to go up to hr again they are not letting me do my Dr appointments if I can't do it on my lunch than I can't go mommy being sick isn't helping I keep praying for God to take away this illness but it isn't going away and things keep getting worse I don't know what I'm goin to do I don't have my baby to hold any more. I love you and miss you so much. Hugs and kisses my sweetness I hope your happy. Love mommy. Your ashes are in Sept.29 I can't receive your gone
The last day if Sept. The leaves are falling and they are not in my home they would get stuck in you hair and fall all over the house I miss you. The vets office was so nice they all lived you they said you were a joy when ever you came in. I sat you on the front seat next to me onthe ride home just like when you were baby going to puppy class. You were the best even though you had a lazy sit they all loved you to. Hug to you my little baby love you mommy.
Goodnight my sweet baby I miss you night time treats have been given out I wish you were still here to get yours I miss you do much I love you give mommy a sign your okey please dear Lord show me a sign God bless you Beau Hug and kisses.
I LOVE YOU MISS YOU MY SWEET BABY. Hug and kisses goodnight kiss everyone for me. Love mommy.
The Bichon is a sturdy, small white power puff with a merry temperament. Gentle mannered sensitive, playful and affectionate, it is adadtable to many situations. Bichons are well suited to people of all ages and lifestyles. Happy, friendly and lively, Bichon Frise make attractive, fuddly pets. This outgoing little dog's popularity has grown steadily in the last 20 years. Easliy trained, the Bichon loves human company. This bold, dignified and intelligent dog is very popular in the show ring as well as the home. The Ever Faithful Companion of Kim Master Beau Geste

Love you Baby. Hugs and Kisses.
My baby I git a Dr. Bill today and they want 70.00 a month or painting full they no long will take my 10.00 a mo. I don't have have the 70.00 or the 3800. Either what am I going to do I have taken everything I had in my IRA I don't have any money my illness is killing me mental and physically I don't know what to do I've tried to get a better job and no luck I had to take out another loan to pay for the car I nerd my babies hugs and kisses right now I'm at Rich's and these stick bugs are making me crazy the bed room is so bad I can't even rest I got a natural spray they die but not fast they keep booming me. They can't fly right but keep trying they are everywhere we had to try something. No one knows how to get rid of them they are so bad. They smell bad they make me have a hard time breathing but I haunt seen him much since mom broke her arm. You helped take care of papa and then you helped with mom but now your gone.Grammy wants another Bichon I wish I could get her one but I can't pay my own bills so how could I get her another Bichon they so much money I'm sorry I got sick I really only slept because that was the only time I wasn't in pain. But since you left the pain is coming back and with the weather change its worse I was hoping for your help with Shamus he has the basics down so long as no ones there. I hope the sign I got today means your ok the saying I bought about Bichons I scaled it and the Paw Prints on the glass are seen on the mat is that my sign? I took as the sign it hasn't been a month and I still miss you so much I'm hoping like all other grieve that in time I'll be able to look at your pictures and remember without crying but a smile with the joy you gave me of 13 & 1/2 yrs. This makes me feel like I'm talking tog you we've had such good talks, Cries, and laughter. I'm worried when Xmas comes and I pull your stocking out its coming so soon. Hugs for tonight cause if these bugs keep this up I'm going have to leave which Rich isn't going to understand I've had them in my hair and you know how mom is about bugs in her hair. Hugs and kisses my sweet prince I love you.
Grammy's cast comes off tomorrow she is really missing you she want. Another Bichon I found a little baby buy for sale she wants to go see him if she wants another baby than she'll have one she should get one she deserves whatever she wants her heart will still live you don't you worry we both will love you always sleep well my sweet prince Hugs and kisses mommy loves you Grammy loves you and Shamus and Molly loves and misses you.
Another day without you it was a bad day for mommy it took all u could to get thru work I cane home and fall asleep Shamus couldn't wake either Grammy it I and had an accidents in the house wish he would ring the bell like you the pleaded please that he does you can't hear when your sleeping. Please help Shamus learn to ring the bell. I love you sleep well my baby X O X O to you my love. Live mommy tell everyone I love them and miss them.
I'm sorry I've been not feeling well my sweetness its been raining plus we got a new baby even though its grammys hr follow me around the way you did. His face looks like yours he is a little bit bad which you were not his name is Kallen Power Henry I still miss you so much we would lay and hurt together Shamus true but I think he wants to play more I wish I could the baby wants to play with Shamus and Molly I'll tell you more later my sin pills are kicking in.
I'm back my baby I've been working than coming home and I'm done. We had our picture taken for church last night after working for 8hrs than we had to be there at 7 I was done with work at 6 we didn't get home until after 9 I was done still had to feed the animals and went to bed. The pain has been hard to handle lately your book is going well looking real good telling nice stories about you. You would like it I miss you so much. I think you and Kallen would get along once again a very smart baby. Not as good as you but I think he's going to be a good dog lots of training to do but he's getting doesn't try to go thru the fance like Shamus did. He loves to be held but don't snuggle at least with me he's been trying with Shamus who want not to do that he still missing you to snuggle. He plays well showing who's above him in the pack.love ya XOXOXOXO GOODNIGHT BABY LOVE AND MISS YOU...:( STILL SAD I lost you but I know you are better and playing once again no pain no illness have fun and welcome everyone that are new and missing their mommy and/or daddy.
Oct 17 one month since I lost you I watched Rich put carrots into his stew and thoughts of you came rushing back its been bad day all around this morning I hurt so bad I miss you still and found out about a new dog after death he was named Jake please play with him and welcome him. He had no nice humans in his life play with him every day have papa give him hugs and lots of love be his best friend and make sure he is save. Love and Hugs my sweet Poorbear.

Dear baby help those who are new have papa give hugs and live to those who needs a little more I know you will but I wanted to tell you I won't mind when the Lord calls me I can't wait to see you and all you friends new and old. Be me Angel and let Kallen know I'm only helpin not trying to hurt he's a pistol. I'm that he'll be the top of the dogs he is trying to do the same with me. Testing everyday but he's not going cause you know monmy is the pack leader top dog I wish you were here to help me. Hugs kisses please be our Angel and look over us. XOXOXOXO LOVE YOU BUBBA mommy
My baby I'm hoping your happy having fun I hope you live Nicki loves you bow she was allay afraid of you she was afraid of everything I hope she is calm and happy now too. Kallen is so bad he takes off with my things slippers his favorite must be a Bichon thing. I know he's going to be smart I can se it in his eyes. You had that look that is the true Bichon. You learned so fast. Puppy class was easy because you wanted to please me. That in not seeing in him. No one will ever give me what you did. Give Snowball a big kiss for me. You and her out of all my babies you two are my top two I loved them all but you and Snowy were with me and cared so much. Hugs and kisses.

My sweet love I lost my job today for something I didn't say. I need my Beau Beau to hug so much. my little baby I miss you so much. I'm crying and the other dogies are with me but not you. I miss you so much. My sweet baby to kiss away mommy's tears you were the only one that could do that I miss you so much. Please tell St. Jude to help me I need it so much right now. Please my baby ask for help to be sent to me. I don't know how I will afford any of my meds or even go to my appt.I didn't say what they said I did and I could not defend myself. They all hated me so much. Send me some hug my sweet baby. Mommy loves you and misses you so much.

Winter is on its way baby I hope you can eat and plow snow all day long I'll miss you doing that I love you and miss you so much. Please ask for the Lord to send me help I need it. I've lost everything I need so much medical care and can't get it. My meds cost too much oh baby please ask for our God to help me. I love and miss you so much with you here I always knew I was going to be okey but now your so far from me
I miss you so much hugs and kisses XOXOXOXO Good night sweet baby.

Well the set of three it started with Grammy braking her arm and ended with me losing you and a little over a month my job. I hope this time its only three unlike the year we lost papa it was five life is going along mommy is hurting so bad my baby I don't have healthcare so I can't see my doctors Grammy fall again going after a stink bug she has a bump on her head her chin and eye is black and blue. Mommy I was still in bed Molly went after it and was on the drape. Grammy's ok but she looks bad. It's a week away from two months I'm still crying now more than every the pain is bad and I only take my medicine every couple of days trying to save what I have I had to use my inhealer today even though I used it yesterday leaves on the ground the digs bring them in they just stick to them plus it doesn't help the run and roll but they are sleeping now the little one is such a handful he's got the Bichon sprite good he makes me laugh. Right now I need that. Love you miss you my best friend XOXOXOXO
The 1st holiday without you I love you miss you so much I love you. I hope you had a good one without me I missed you sitting beside me while I made pies waiting for a piece of dough to drop. I hope you were able to have a piece of pie all you wanted I hope you and the family had a good Thanksgiving XOXOXOXO.
My little baby boy I miss you so much I hope you are able to eat pumpkin pie again no more diabetes. Christmas is coming I'll have to take out the stockings not hanging yours will be so hard baby. Hugs and kisses baby.
Merry Xmas my little baby. Mommy loves you missing you.. xoxoxoxo
Happy new years my sweet baby. Mommy misses your kisses on this night. Hugs and kisses love you my buddy.
I got a new job loving it making more money again wish you were here saving to take mom to the beach its going be hard without you.. HUGS AND KISSES XOXOXOXO love you buddy. Miss you so much
First summer cook out without you missed you sitting there watching the grill. It's really hot and only the end of May hugs and kisses my sweet baby.
All summer without you cooking planting all the things we did together all being done without you my sweet baby I still miss you. Shamus and Kallen getting groomed on the 15 which will be Kallen 1st birthday he's so bad he eats flowers but he likes sitting under the tree like you use to do loving the sunny day. miss you so much.
Sept. 17, 2010 one year my sweet baby I still miss you and this year hasn't been the same. I have my other babies but none like you my friend, bubby and forever first love of a furbaby. I have many before you but none like you my dear sweet Beau. You were the best most loving animal God gave me so full of life even with so much working against you you were always happy. I will never forget you. In my heart forever. for you left your paw prints on my heart I am off to church and will light you my baby a candle. I am still working on your scrapbook and am going to do more tonight. Rich is working tonight they are playing out soon and I will be with my baby if only in pictures and memories. My love is never ending my sweet baby I miss you and will always. Love mommy XXXX OOOO. send me kisses back to let me know all is well. The last season of the 1st year its been hard. Shamus is kicking Kallen's butt showing him that he is now the top dog in the house but Shamus still has a lot to learn. Kallen is nothing like you well somethings but no dog could be you. I wish I could have done more with you.
Well baby Bella came to Rainbow today please make here feel save until she meets up. With Kris again give her kisses from me tell her we all miss her so but will see her again when we come miss you so at times like this love you baby XXX OOO
Ms. Grace is with you now please show her around and let her know her mommy will reunite with her some day. We will miss her as we miss you. I remember the days at the beach you and her walking on the beach. Grammy is so broken hearted. We miss all our fur babies. Please heal Kathys heart until they can be together again.

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