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Hey little "Boo" I fell in love with you the minute you came thru the door, and then fell more in love with you each day after. It is beyond words how unfair it is you were taken so soon. Only 2 years on this earth, and only 1 with us. I can't understand it? Daddy and I love you soo so much and miss you terribly. Lola is going to be very sad without you, so please come visit her to help her get thru this. We see you everywhere, and we can't stop crying. Even though you gave Daddy a hard time when I was around because you were my little protector, he really loved you and is having a very hard time without you, he never lost a furbaby. 1 year was not enough,but it was a great year for me and I think for you, Since you never knew love before you came to live with us. I hope you heard me when I tucked you in every night? I would kiss your tiny nose and head and tell you I love you with all my heart. Oh Mason, I miss everything about you. You were such a hancdsome guy. I miss you growling(talking) at me to play, watching you and Lola steal each other's cookies! playing hide and seek under the covers, seeing you go crazy when I got your leash, and just watching you and Lola play made me so happy, and of course how happy you were to see me even if I went out for 5 minutes and I was just as happy to see you always, but most of all when I would look out the window and see you sitting outside with Daddy. It was so sweet to see a 6ft man cuddling a 2 1/2 lb yorkie!! I loved watching him be so sweet and gentle with you because you would attack him when I came home, yet he tried so hard with you in spite of it, and it made me love Daddy more than ever!! So I thank you for that! I also thank you for letting me into your heart and trusting me, I know how hard it was for you. Grandma and Grandpa are very sad too, I'm glad they got to see a little of the "real" you, it took time but you were starting to trust them too. I only wish you were here longer so everyone else could see what we did, a precious, sweet, smart, funny, and adorable furbaby. I was so lucky to have you!!and treasure every second we had together and there were alot becuase I would always rather spend my time with you, Lola and Daddy then do anything else. I am so glad I did because now you are gone too soon. Lola and I are going to be so lost without you on our weekend outings that I look forward to with the both of you. I hope you are at Rainbow Bridge happy, healthy, and playing. I pray Nanny and Papa met you to scoop you up and take care of you for me until I get there, and I hope you found Madison and you are the best of friends, that would make us so happy. I know we will stop crying one day, but will never stop loving and thinking of you sweet baby. I would give anything in the world to have you back and be hugging and kissing you, but until the day we can, remember how much we all love you forever. xoxxo Mommy& Daddy& Lola

Hi my handsome little baby!!! One year has passed since you took your last breath in my arms, it was truly the worst day of my life. Not a day goes by without thinking about you and wishing like crazy you were with us. Sometimes I still cry so hard I can't take it,because it is so unfair that you didn't get to live a very long spoiled life. I have gotten your "signs" loud and clear!!!! Thank you! they make me feel so much better. I picture you snuggling with Nanny and Papa, and playing wild with Madison and Toby and stealing their cookies!!! you were a little terror with a giant personality!!! and so cute you almost didn't look real. I finally was able to give your clothes away to another dog that would acutally fit it them!! but I had to keep your tiny harley t-shirt and hang in on my visor in the car, so a piece of you is with me always. Do you hear me at night when I talk to you? I hope so. Lola sends her love too! Sometimes when we are playing, I swear I can feel you with us. I can't wait to see you again and give you all the hugs and kissess you deserve. I think you were too sensitive for this world and had to find another to be free of all the stress and worry you had here, so I hope and pray you found freedom and happiness, and lots and lots of animal friends!! I miss you so much my sweet angel furbaby. I love you always and forever with all my heart!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Mommy

A little guy who came to us all the way from the west coast. He was as cute as could be, but a little crazy as everyone could see!
He loved his mom and his sis, but gave his Dad a big old DIS!
His face was handsome, his body small, his personality was like he was 6 feet tall!!
I loved this pup more then I knew, and everyday my love grew. Although he showed some teeth, I knew all he wanted was some peace.
Sadness still remains, and I wish I had another chance for one more "prance", As tears roll down my face, I want to say
I love you MACE!!!

6/14/2013 Hey handsome! how is my tiny terror doing? Hope you are crazy happy and playing with all the other furbabies!! Havent had a sign from you in a long time??? I need one boo!!! I think about you so much and the sadness is too much to bear sometimes. I truly miss you sooooooo very much! I just wanted to stop by and let you how much me and daddy love you and wish you were still here. I love and miss you!!!!! Mommy

10/14/2013 Hi baby!!! 2 years today :( I woke up soooo sad today, and just wanted the day to be over.I have been missing you much than usual this week. I gave lola your favorite toy to play with (the purple fish) and she seemed happy. She sends her love too. I still get very upset looking at your pictures, and angry that your not here. But of course we all have good days too. Tyler is the only good thing that came of this tragedy and he makes me very happy! Nothing else to say boo boo except the usual I miss you, I love you, I will always be heartbroken over losing you. Can't wait to see you again, in the meantime I hope with all my heart you are happy, free,playing, and being taken care of and spoiled as you should be. Love you forever and ever little Mason, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

10-14-2014 Hi sweet baby boy!!!3 very long years have passed without you. :( Still just as sad as ever thinking about you and missing you tremendously! I still talk to your picture like a crazy lady, I hope you hear me and are laughing at me! I was telling Lola stories tonight about you and her, you 2 had so much fun toghether, I miss watching the 2 of you play and tease each other. You were such a good brother and loved her sooo much. I know she misses you too very much. I got another car and made sure to put your t-shirt on the visor so I can look at it every day and think of you, not that i need a reminder, because you are always in my thoughts and forever in my heart and of course you have the piece you took with you when you left. I love you with all my heart my sweet little furangel. xoxoxoxoxo forever, Mommy

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