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You were so small we you came in my life only 2 pounds, I never knew I could love anything so much.
I hope you have fun in your new life free of pain. For a small boy you had the grouchy personality of a bear.Emma loves you very much, take care of Ty,Tigger, Lucky Lou,Spatz and Cain.
Until we meet again Love Mom. 08/16/10 I picked up your ashes today Dr. Chuck and Kaylyn will miss you so much. It has only been 1 day and seems like forever I look for you when all the other guys go out. I see you in every place in the house and want to feel you little body and watch you scratch your back on the floor and be a grouch.8/17/2010 Its been 2 days and I miss you so, how I would love to hold you just one more time. Ozzy is trying so hard to make me feel better but its not you. Hope you are happy and playing Love you so much Mommy. 8/18/2010 3 days now and I still do not know what to do without you.I miss you baby. It has stormed the last few days and I didn't have to worry about you being scared I know you are safe. I saw a rainbow after the rain Emma said you sent it to us. Love Mom
08/19/2010 Hi baby boy thought about you a lot today and missed you so much. Emma will be 7 tommorrow and wants to hold you one more time. I spent my first night alone last night without you Daddy had to work, I left the light on for you. I brought treats back from the resturant tonight and it was so hard to only make 4 so I gave Clyde the extra bite.Love and kisses Mom
8/20/2010 Today is Emma's birthday we looked at your page together and want you to look after her baby boy squirell that fell out of the tree and crossed over this afternoon. I cleaned house today and remembered all the places you would scratch your back and roll around on the rug I have not opened the patio door since Saturday morning when I realized our time was running short, baby boy I miss you so much I cry everyday thinking of you and if I could have done anything different. Be sweet and I love you Mommy
8/22/10 I missed sending you a note yesterday. It has been a week today and I miss you more than ever I see your face in every room and want to see your little face today was the first day I went in the back yard and I could hear your little whine when you wanted back in the house and it broke my heart. Play and run with all the other furbabies. Love you bunches Mom
8/23/2010 Hey Sweetie Mom loves youXOXOXO 8/25/2010 I haven't woke up to your little dance in the mornings for 10 days and my heart hurts so much until we meet again little LeeLee Kisses Moma 08/29/2010 My sweet baby it has been 2 weeks now since you left us and I think of you every day and want to see you I look in all your old places and hear your little whine and realize it is only a memory and you are not coming back. I thought I was ready for that day how wrong I was. Be happy where you are playing. Until we meet again Love Mommy
9/5/2010 Its been 3 weeks since you left and my heart aches for you everyday I think of all the good times we shared and wish we had more. I hope you have made many new friends over the bridge. We had a bad storm this week and you did'nt have to be scared of the thunder. Miss you sweet baby Love Mommy
9/8/2010 I saw you standing on the bed last night and you made your little whimper noise to wake me, you looked so healthy and happy and I know you were telling me not to be sad. I have felt more at peace today Thank you little man. Love Mommy
9/12/2010 It has been 4 weeks since you crossed over and I miss you so very much. I will never forget all of our times together good or bad. I saw a new baby Jack at a rescue last week that was so you but I just did not have the heart to replace you it is to soon. Sweet dreams Love Mommy
11/25/2010 I have.ny left you a note in a while because reading this makes me so sad. Well today is Thanksgiving day and the first without you, god it is so hard to cook without you begging for a bite. Everyone will be here for lunch and I will set aside a special plate for you and give it to Clyde , he is so old now he can not hear anything and is very grumpy. I love you baby boy think of mommy today when you run and play.
02/07/2011 I have'nt talked to you in a while the holidays were so hard without you. Freckles crossed over the bridge to be with you please look after him. He went for a run and never came back I looked for him for days in the snow and prayed thast I could at least find him even if something happened to him. Daddy and I found him in the snow about a mile from home not sure if a car hit him or what happened. We took him to Dr. Frieda and he will be home soon to sit by you, Spatz and Lucky. Happy Valentines day baby Love Mom 05/02/11 Hi baby boy you are on my mind so much this week Chance is moving home for the summer and the last day I got to spend with you was when we moved him to school last fall. I miss you so much , daddy said your are probably so grumpy maybe they will kick you out of the bridge and you can come home, how I wish that was true. I love you baby boy Mom 08/02/11 Hi baby I can/t beleive it has almost been a year since you crossed over and I miss you so much we are remodeling the house and as we took out the old stuff I would remember special moments we shared in each room. Baby I wish I could hold you again. Love Mom 8/15/11 Well baby it has been a year since you left and you have been on my mind so much I miss you Daddy and I looked at your picture today and talked about all the memories of you. I know you are in a better place and free from pain. I love you so much !!!8/2016 I love baby boy!
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