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Memories of Marleigh Mae
Our life with Marleigh Mae began on Sunday October 21 2012 On that day we welcomed our beautiful eight week old Boston Terrier puppy The moment she entered our home our lives were changed forever We could feel the pure love radiating from her spirit, and we made a solemn commitment that we would devote every day to our precious Marleigh Mae (after all, the Lord entrusted this amazing creation of His to us and we were not going to let Him or Marleigh down). Marleigh was a bundle of energy from day one! She chewed through the legs of TWO sets of kitchen chairs even though she had the option of numerous puppy chew toys.Initially we all slept together on a queen size inflatable bed which also served as a bedtime play area with Marleigh. She was a typical innocent puppy getting into mischief and requiring a few unplanned trips to the veterinarian to detect whether or not she had ingested such items as coins, buttons and the like. Fortunately she out grew the temptation to put everything in her mouth. Marleith was a ferocious eater from her very first meal, in fact we had to cement a few objects into her food bowl to slow down her eating and avoid any chance of choking.
As time went on Marleigh proved to be a very happy, contented and playful dog. She loved it when family members visited. She loved to snuggle with each of our grandchildren in their toddler years. Marleigh made friends with everyone from our mail carrier Ben to ant and all delivery persons. Of course she alerted us to anyone approaching our door by providing a threatening bark which would quickly become a friendly body shake as the individual got closer. Marleigh enjoyed laying out on the deck as well as stretching out on her specially designed cot/cushion in our driveway which gave her a great view of the front sidewalk, and afforded her a nice cool breeze on a hot Summer day. On those days when we would grill outdoors Marleigh couldn't wait to check the area around the grill in hopes of finding anything edible on the ground. Marleigh would entertain us regularly with her cute little scooting (both spontaneously and on command). She awoke every day by rolling on her back, kicking her legs in the air and making happy dog sounds.
We did everything that we could to tend to Marleigh's needs and wants with the goal of making every day a special one for her. She had a regimented daily routine, and in the evening she took cues from television to alert her to dinner time (the game show Chain Reaction) as well as when it was time for her evening biscuit (the NBC Nightly News). Of course Marleigh received her preventive medications for flea and heart worm protection on a monthly basis. She had an annual veterinary exam with a routine CBC and all recommended vaccinations. Marleigh's Mom (Sue) was very conscientious about cleaning her ears and trimming hem nails (two activities that Marleigh did not cherish, but that made her feel so special when completed). Her perspective on receiving a bath was even more negative, but after the fact she strutted around so proudly!

In July of 2022 Marleigh had a skin tumor surgically removed from her left side which turned out to be a high grade mast cell tumor. The surgery was followed by a twelve week regimen of chemotherapy during which the strength and courage of Marleigh Mae was clearly on display (in fact she was given nan award as a Shining Star from the oncology department). Unfortunately a second high grade mast cell tumor developed about four months after the final chemotherapy treatment in the same area as the original growth. Marleigh would again be tested with a second more challenging surgery, after which her oncologist did not advise a second round of chemotherapy. We trusted and rejoiced over that opinion, but very soon afterwards our joy turned to heartbreak as a third mast cell tumor developed. Since the chemotherapy drug of choice was on back order there was only option for treatment was daily steroid therapy. In the end the cancer spread to her liver and took our sweet girl from us on January 17, 2024 after Marleigh's brave battle of over 18 months. Over the course of that time period Marleigh Mae enjoyed the same happy and contented life that she had always led, with the exception of those days when surgery or treatments impacted her for a few days.

We loved Marleigh Mae each and every day that she was in our lives! We love her just as much today and we pray that she is happy, healthy and contented once again at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for the Lord's promised reunion with us. Not only did Marleigh Mae teach us about unconditional love, but she provided a shining example of strength, courage and dignity that we will never forget. .


Love You Forever,
Mom and Pop

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