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Memories of Marlette
I always wanted a beautiful black female schnauzer. Marlette will always be imbedded deep in my heart as my beautiful little girl. Even though my desire was to give her the very best of life, she experienced much pain, suffering, abuse, trauma, and cruelty at the hands of others. I will let that go, rejoice that she is loved and safe with her Creator who, in time, will make all things come together for His glory. I love Marlette and she deserves this beautiful memorial. I know she is at peace, experiencing joy unspeakable, and anxiously awaits my homecoming. I thank God for the precious gift of Marlette. Even her name is unique and beautiful. It Don't you think so? She suffered because she was a child of the Most High God.

6/6/23-It has only been a month since you left me, Marlette. I have released you to the Lord, but am still hurting so much. Dr. Gill and his staff sent me a lovely condolence note. Your life was significant, Marlette. Your life counted. I will never own another black schnauzer...you will always hold that special place in my memory. As I look at our picture together, the one that Melissa took of us at Thanksgiving when you were only two years old, I am so grateful that a professional photographer took our impromptu photo. God knew how much this photo would play a major part in my life. Our picture will always be displayed in my home for the rest of my life. Play joyfully today, Marlette. I love you and miss you!

6/7/23- Hi Marlette, it's Mama. Aunt Mary tells me that Millie goes to your recliner every day to look for you. Then, she goes to my recliner to look for me. Then, she goes to my room to look for both of us. Millie and Mary have a wonderful new life, now. No more nasty neighbors breaking into our house hurting you and Marlette, feeding you toxic foods, stealing from us, and throwing poisonous food over the fence into our backyard to try to entice you to eat harmful substances. I am praying Romans 12:19-21 against any person that broke into our house or car, stole from us, tortured you or Millie, fed you or Millie poisonous food or drink, touched you or Millie with the intent to cause harm, tapped our phones, tapped out televisions, used subliminal messages against us, devised harm against me, you, Mary or Millie, set out to deceive us in any way, set out to destroy our peace, serenity, set out to destroy our reputation, instilled anxiety, fear, sleepless nights, destroyed our health, raped my finances by forcing me to take you to the vet over and over again when they were breaking in and beating you and feeding you poisonous foods and drinks. They destroyed your mind and your, Marlette. You were unable to enjoy your life because of their cruelty over and over again. They will not get away with it. God will avenge me. God will avenge your suffering and early death. He will destroy our enemies in His time and in His way. He will force the enemy to repay me 7-fold for all of the money they stole from me. They are evil incarnate and will be severely punished for the harm they brought to God's children. He will open His wrath, anger and judgement against every individual who planned, was involved in, or caused us pain, suffering, anxiety, harm, etc. They laugh at and mock our pain and suffering. But, God will avenge us. In the meantime, sweet girl, run free with Jesus, the angels, our departed loved ones, departed loved pets, and all your new furry friends. Run little girl in your perfectly healthy body with your beautiful black shiny coat. I see you are happy, full of peace and joy because you are back with your Creator who absolutely adores you. We will be together for eternity. Please send me kisses through the wind and sun on my face!!! I love you and miss you and am so happy you are safe tucked in the arms of Jesus.

6/19. Hi pretty girl! I miss your sweet company sooo much. God has been very merciful to me. He has put opportunities in my life for me to dogsit beautiful animals for short periods while their owners enjoy a vacation. I am so grateful, Marlette. It's helping fill the void of losing you in my life. Also, I have moved to the beautiful mountainous region of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. I know you loved our long walks in the cool Fall weather, and the peace and safety you felt here when we visited for that 30-day period. I can still see your fascination with the deer and other wildlife. I just feel deep within my soul that you would still be alive if I had only taken up Aunt Dorothy's offer to move here a year ago. It's heartbreaking to know that regardless of what I did, I was ultimately helpless to help you. God allowed you to be the sacrificial lamb. I don't understand His reasoning, but I do know that He will avenge your death and both of our sufferings and torment. I have placed your memory in this lovely Residency where you will be respected and honored along with so many beloved pets. I also bought a beautiful hand crafted, personalized memorial photo frame which will hold our favorite photo together until the time I join you in Heaven. Aunt Dorothy helped me order a lovely engraved and personalized memorial garden stone that will sit in the garden path in the front of the house close to the entryway. Every visitor will see your stone, Marlette, and will know how much purpose your life had and will always have for eternity. I bought a beautiful new Victorian style ornate iron bed and am changing all of the bedding and accessories. An artist on Etsy is creating a beautiful throw pillow with an adorable miniature schnauzer which embelishes the front. When it arrives, I will take it to an upholstery shop that sells beautiful beaded trim so I can hand sew the trim around the perimeter of the pillow. It will give the pillow a rich antique feel, and will sit in a pretty chair where I will enjoy needlework and Dr. Charles Stanley's sermons. How I miss you contently sitting next to me for hours while I sewed. I hope you know how much I loved having you in my life, Marlette...such a precious treasure and gift from God.

I have commissioned another Etsy artist to paint a lovely picture of an angel holding a black schnauzer, with natural ears, securely in her arms. Everytime I look at the painting, I will heal a little more knowing how safe, happy and secure you are in Heaven. Finally, I am seeing a therapist who specializes in victims of PTSD. We were constantly traumatized in Lake Charles due to the cruelty done to you and Millie and the persistent criminality Mary and I experienced from the individuals in that horrible neighborhood. But, Marlette, let's forgive their ignorance because they really don't understand the deep repercussions of their actions. While they arrogantly believe they did their filthy deeds in secret, our Lord has recorded all of their actions and names in His book of judgment. They WILL reap what they sowed,only MORE than they sowed and at a later date. They don't understand spiritual law like we do, but God's laws are immutable and there are no exceptions. True, they destroyed your life, but the price they are going to pay will bring enormous agony, suffering, torment, loss, chaos and confusion into their lives. None of them will escape the horror they will bring into their lives because of the choices they made. God will not be mocked.

My Mother and Father love animals so I know they are playing with you and all of our animals till we join all of you. We had a house in the city where we had several dogs growing up. But, we also had a beautiful farm on the city's outskirts where alongside a pretty pond was a barn, pasture and riding circle. We had bulls, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and horses. It was a peaceful, beautiful place where we kids could run, play and enjoy nature and the animals. That is one of the reasons why I placed your Residency near a lake because I thought you would enjoy the sound of the rippling water and the cool breezes coming off the water.

Jesus loves animals, Marlette. I know you have already experienced His delight with you as He has held you, gently caressed you and laughed playfully with you. I envy you a little because you have met and spent time with your Heavenly Father who, at this moment, is working out EVERYTHING for His divine purpose for eternity. Play with the angels today...you are cherished. Mama


Dear Marlette,

I still have deep pockets of grief when I think of the suffering you experienced at the hands of EVIL criminals. They have been judged, Marlette. Their punishment is here. Psalm 37 has arrived for them. What they have done in the dark and in secret will be revealed. I thank God for His justice. He has heard every prayer, felt our pain and is suffering, and is now ready to pour out His wrath upon our enemies. You are a soldier of Christ. You fulfilled your purpose here on earth during your short life. Sarah told me you were my "gift." I know that is true. God is slowly healing me. He will replace any sadness with joy when I remember how much love, tenderness, compassion, healing and endless companionship you so selflessly gave to me.

Please give me signs that you are with me, Marlette. We will spend eternity together. I love you. Mama.

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