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Memories of Marley
Marley, it has been 10 long days since you crossed the rainbow bridge. It has been 10 long days days since I've got to give you kisses, cuddle with you on the couch or in bed, give you a treat (Frosty Paws, Beggin Strips, Hamburger, or biscuit lol) or hear your bark. I will miss playing outside with you when the weather gets warmer, going on walks, going on trips to Virginia, and just everything about you. I do have all the great memories and was lucky enough to have you for 12 years, but I wanted more. I was devastated to find out how sick you were on 1/15/2023 and the most difficult decision I've ever had to make. I can say that life has changed, home isn't the same, and there will be a void in my heart forever. I hope you are looking down on me and can see how much you meant to me! I will come back often and write more, but this is about all I can write at this time. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and MISS YOU!!

1/30/2023- My sweet Marley, it has been a day over 2-weeks since you left. I miss you more and more each passing day. It hurts knowing that I haven't seen you or kissed your sweet face in that long. Last week I had some good days and some rough days. Your ashes were brought home last week and that gave me some comfort knowing you are back home. I wear my necklace daily with some of your ashes and hold it close to my heart. It's the most special thing to me that I own. You will always be my baby and close to my heart. I went to VA this weekend and it wasn't the same without you being there. I hope you are running, barking, having endless treats and looking down at me and know how much you meant to me and how much i love you. I miss you SO MUCH!

2/12/2023- Marley, I miss you so much! I had a dream that you were in last night. It was so fitting that the dream involved Frosty Paws :) I miss having you around, your bark, smell, and sleeping with you. I miss how much you loved food (especially biscuits), going on walks, and following me around the house. I know you're in a better place now and in no pain, but it still hurts. I often think about our final days together and our final moments together, and it still hurts. I know it will get better in time, and will be a day by day thing. I will never forget you and you will always hold a piece of my heart. Giving you a big hug and kiss baby durl MarMar! Love you so much sweet girl!

3/7/2023- Marley, it's been almost two months since you left, and I miss you so much. I've had some better days, but also some days that are just as bad as when this all happened. I think about you everyday and wish I could hold, hug, and kiss you, once more. We've had some days of warmer spring like weather and those days are hard for me, as I miss taking you on a walk. I will miss the evenings sitting outside on the deck and letting you play your ball and eating a Frosty Paw :( I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

4/10/2023- Marley, you were on my mind and I wanted to send you a message. I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH! I have thought about you a little more often this weekend. I hope you had a great Easter in doggy heaven. It's starting to get warmer day by day and makes it hard at times. I will miss sitting outside with you and you playing with your ball and having a Frosty Paw. I love you my sweet girl!

5/5/2023-Marley, I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I love you and miss you dearly. It's starting to get warmer here on a consistent basis after a cold spell. I still haven't been able to sit on the deck, nor go in your room. In time, I will get the courage to do so. I LOVE AND MISS YOU !!!!

6/15/2023- Marley, I can't believe it's been 5 months without you. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. This is all been hard and I miss you very much. I hope you can look down from dog heaven and see me and watch over me. I will be getting a tattoo of your paw print this weekend and I can't wait to always have something with me that I will never lose. I miss you so much and love you! I so wish I had you back and we could go back in time. I LOVE YOU!!

10/4/2023- Marley, I know that it has been almost 4 months since I have been on to write. I still think about you every day and know you have a special part of my heart and ALWAYS will! I'm glad that I got the tattoo of your paw print as it will be something that I will always have and remind me of you. I still wear your necklace every day with your ashes and will continue to do so. Fall has arrived and it will be getting colder soon. I have been thinking often about you and this time last year, you didn't have very much time left with me. I wish I could just go back in time, even if I know how things would end. In 12 days, we will be picking up a new dog that I'm sure will bring back happy memories of you as a puppy. It's weird how this all worked out and the timing, as I was expecting this to occur in January. I hope you had something to do with this and giving me a sign to start a new chapter. This has been very hard, sad, and happy, for me all at the same time, as I feel guilty and like I am moving on from you, but that isn't the case and never will be. You will ALWAYS be my number 1!! I love and miss you so much! Keep an extra eye on the new puppy Emma from heaven and guide her to be a great dog like you were!

1/10/2024- Marley, I haven't visited or wrote in a few months. You have been on my mind daily and so much as the 1-year of you leaving me approaches this weekend. I'm beyond hurt and sad, as it brings back so many emotions to that heartbreaking day last year. I miss you so much and you will never leave my heart. I missed you during the holidays and often wish, I could go back in time or just be with you once last time and give you a big hug, kiss, and a biscuit. Things haven't been the same since you left, nor will they ever be the same. Some days are easier and some are not. I understand that time passes, but the love for you and the place you left in my heart will never go away. I hope you can look down and see, how important you were to me and how much you were loved. Emma arrived home on 10/16 and is 5 months old now. She reminds me of you in some ways, especially her build, but not as sweet yet. I so wish you two could have met. I think she would have aggravated you lol, but you two would have ended up being close. I know all dogs are different, but my hope is that she will turn out to be a great dog like you were. Until we meet again, I love you, miss you, and hope you will look over me this weekend and especially on Sunday, and send me a sign of comfort. I LOVE YOU MARLEY!!

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