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Memories of Marley
Marley was the most loving little dog I have ever seen. He was so sweet and good and I loved him more than anything else in the world. Marley was 5 - 6 years old when I adopted him. He was a special needs dog who had been rescued once before by his Mama Hollie when he was 1-2 years old. Marley had been blind since he was young but was so smart he learned his way around the house and yard and learned how to go in and out through the pet door right away.
Marley loved to go on walks in the yard and down the street on his leash, he was so well behaved and loved to greet other people and be petted. He knew where his treats were kept and would go to the cabinet where they were kept when we returned from his walks. He loved chew bones and would sometimes bury them in the backyard when he first came to his new forever home. He loved to be petted and loved to get up on the couch or in the recliner with Mama and have his head petted and ears and chest scratched. Marley loved to be brushed and loved to go to the pet groomers and kennel when Mama was gone and stay with his friends there. He loved riding in the car and would get in and out of the back seat and Mama would fasten his leash with the seat belt so he would be safe. He would be very good in the car and never bark or try to get out of his seat.
He followed Mama around in the house and would get up on the bed and sleep with her at night.
Marley would sit beside the table and Mama would share bites of her food with him. He liked bites of banana, yogurt, toast, egg, chicken and just about anything that Mama fed him as well as his pet food and dog biscuits.
Marley loved company and would go to the door when someone came so he could greet them and be petted. He especially loved Robin who came to clean the house and Mike who came to mow the yard. If someone stayed to visit he would get up on the couch with them so they could hold and pet him while they were here. He especially loved to get on the couch with his Aunt Gloria when she would come to spend the day.
Marley loved all of his toys and would play with them and chew on them until he got the squeaky out and would play and tear some of them to pieces. He had a special toy that he brought with him from his first forever home in Kentucky and Mama kept it on the bed at his new forever home here in Virginia for a long, long time with his other toys.
Marley was such a sweet and good dog and Mama loved him so much. Mama wanted to keep him here with her so they could love each other and be together forever but that was not to be. When he was 10 - 11 years old Marley's eyes got worse and Mama Brenda took him to the vet. The vet thought Marley should have surgery on his eyes and Mama wanted what she thought would be best for Marley. When he came home from surgery he seemed fine and seemed to do alright for several weeks but then something happened to Marley. He started falling and getting confused and going the wrong way. Mama took him back to the vet and was told he was having neuro symptoms and nothing could be done to help him. Marley improved for a few days after that and Mama though he might be better but then he got worse again and finally stopped eating. When he stopped eating Mama knew he was going to die and she sat on the floor with him on his quilt and sang to him and would pet his head and scratch his chest like he loved for her to do. He died two days later with Mama holding on to him one last time. Mama still cries and cries and will love Marley forever.
My sweet Marley, you have now been gone for over 3 months. Mama still loves and misses you so. Mama has planted flowers on your grave in the yard and visits every day. Until we meet again my sweet boy, Mama will love you forever.
May 09, 2020 It has now been over a year since Marley died. Mama Brenda picked spring flowers and put them on Marley's grave again. Mama still loves and misses Marley so much and thinks about him often.
This past September Mama Brenda adopted a 4 year old black and white cat from a no kill shelter and brought her home. Mama named the little cat Cupcake. She is a very sweet and good little cat. She is a beautiful cat which Mama enjoys having here with her. If Marley were still here at Mama's house, he would like little Cupcake too (see picture).
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