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Memories of Marley
Marley was an extremely outgoing and social cat. Whenever we had friends over, he was always the one nudging them for love and attention. And, because he was so beautiful and sweet, he often got all the snuggles and pets he wanted!

Marley used to love using the scratchers that hang on our door knobs. When he would do it, he would listen back for us to praise him. We'd say, "yay, Marley! Keep going!" and he would get more and more excited and really get into it. He loved being praised for doing positive things.

When Marley was a kitten, I woke up to a sound that was similar to a demon growl. When I went into the living room, I saw that he had found a mouse and was keeping it away from his much older brother. He was a tiny little ball of fluff, but he thought he was so tough!

Marley and I used to have a bed time ritual. I would lay on my back and he would come up and flop down on my chest. He would purr and purr and I would hold him so close.

Marley was a smart cat! We had a tablet filled with kitty games and he figured them out easily. It was so cute to watch him pop the little digital bubbles.

Marley was playful like a kitten. When we would give him string, a leaf or a feather, his pupils would dilate and he would jump around like he was a baby. It was absolutely adorable!

Marley was always the "favorite" of the house, so he never actually got in trouble. I would watch him do naughty things and say, "oh Marley...", whereas the other cats would be yelled at. He was my special boy!

Marley had a weird obsession with the bubbles in a soda. He would get a dopey look on his face and get amped about all the carbonation. It was really funny to watch him do this.

Marley was a bit of a prude and never liked to cover his own poop in the litter box. He would frantically swipe at all the litter (creating a mess), then leave. One of his brothers would go back in, cover the poop and then proceed to beat Marley up for not doing it himself.

Marley was emotionally supportive for me during many hard times in my life. One time in particular, I was crying and laying on my bathroom floor with the door closed. From the other side, Marley reached under and held my hand with his paw to comfort me.

All of our other cats were constantly trying to get Marley's love and affection. He was a bit of a lone wolf, but they each eventually won him over in their own way. They loved him very, very much and would regularly try to cuddle or clean him.

I could always trust Marley to come out back with me. He was well behaved and listened when I told him it was time to come in. He loved to find flies and anything else that was floating in the wind. He would jump and spin around with all kinds of excitement!

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