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Mario "Poof" April 2006 - June 2, 2023

06/06/2023 - We love Poof. He was the softest and silliest grey and white Scottish Fold around. He was very big, so we called him a Gros Chat. Se ne pas un petit chat, il y a un gros chat. It was so easy to make him purr. He had such round fea tures and was so soft. His last two years were difficult. He survived a rough illness in April-May 2021. The vet said he wasn't going to make it, but he did, and ended up living another comfortable 2 years. At his peak, he was 17 pounds, but went all the way down to 7 pounds during his illness. During his last 2 years, he maintained a weight of 10-12 pounds.

He loved basking in the sun, rolling around in catnip, eating temptations treats, and eating grass.

His last words were "eeeeee."

From Jennifer, Al, Brendan and Brianna.

06/09/2023 - It's been one week since you left us. Seeing your sweet round face makes me sad and wanting to see you in person again, but it also makes me grateful you were here with us in the first place. We are so lucky to have adopted you after your previous owners gave you up for 2 boxer dogs. You are special and we would never have given you up.

06/12/2023 - It's over a week now Mario. I'm growing sadder with the realization that you are gone from us forever. It's painful, but at least you're not suffering anymore. Miss my sweet Poof. xoxo.

06/18/2023 - It's over 2 weeks now Mario. Feeling sad all the time. Miss you so much. We have your tree and other plants, even a palm tree, ready to go for your memorial. I bought you a small cat statue with wings, not sure if I'll put it outside at your tree or keep it in the house with your other stuff. But we miss you terribly. Hope you are well and happy and playing and eating with new friends, maybe even your mom and siblings. Hopefully xoxo

06/16/2023 - Today is 2 weeks Mario. Somehow we have to move on, but it's hard. Missing you more and more each day. I think reality is setting in after the schock. Not a good feeling. Rest well sweet Poof. xoxo

06/13/2023 - Miss you so much Mario, my Poofy cat. Needing to bring you "home" soon. Feeling sad. xoxo
06/14/2023 - Missing you Poof. It will never be the same here without you. Thank goodness for Rainbow Bridge. xox

06/14/2023 - Miss you sweet kitty. Your ashes came home today. Feeling so very sad. But at least youre here with us again, just in a different way. Miss and love you sweet Poof. xoxo. Goodnight.

06/20/2023 - Miss you sweet Mario. It's almost 3 whole weeks. I can't believe it. It is not the same in our house without you. I don't know how to move forward without you. We will be planting your tree soon. Your memorial tree. My sweet Poof. Miss you so much. We will continue the Monday night vigils. Goodnight sweet kitty. xoxo

06/21/2023 - We planted your tree tonight Mario. A pussy willow tree. It's very sweet, like you. A memorial for you. We miss you so much sweet Pooof.

06/23/2023 - It's been 3 weeks today Poof. Feeling so sad without you. Miss you so much. It's raining today, you must have sent that to us since it's a sad 3-week day. You're always with us though. Always. Miss you sweet Poof. Love you and hope Rainbow Bridge gives you health and happiness. xoxo.

06/25/2023 - Miss you so much Mario. My sweet Poof. Your memorial tree looks so nice. We're not done yet though. It's a weeping pussy willow tree. There's white stone around it and other plants. We also hung your framed paw prints in our living room. I just miss you so much Poof. Love you.

06/30/2023 - Well today is 4 weeks since we saw you last Mario. Each day I miss you more, I miss petting you, feeding you, listening to your purr, brushing you. But I am glad you're not suffering with your arthritis, hard of hearing, laboured breathing, inability to eat properly and without medication in it, your inability to sit properly or jump and run. But we all miss you so very much. Love you Poof. We'll continue the Monday night vigils and we have your tree outside which helps us cope. Please be well and happy. xoxo

07/01/2023 - Happy Canada Day Poof in Rainbow Bridge! Hope there are many nice things to celebrate. We will be here missing you on our first holiday without you. Love you Mario. xoxo

04/01/2024 - Another month without my sweet friends. I'm trying hard friends, I need to not cry so much. It is harming my health. I don't know what I want or what to do. But I can't let it go. I can't let you go. I have severe depression over each of your losses. I miss you all so much. Pines, please let that baby live. I know you sent it to us for a reason. Please let it live, watch over it please Pines. And Poofy, watch over all of us for our health and safety, just as I did for you, please my Poof, my comfort. And my Mango, that room is forever yours. We need to get your and Piney's pictures up in there. my Mango-Bird. Where's Mango? Love and miss you all, sleep well my angels. xoxo

04/02/2024 - Exactly 10 months Poof. Coming up to a year. Without my beautiful Poof, my comfort. I'm lost without you Poofy. And Pines, you sent this baby. Keep her alive for us please Pines, please. I need this baby, never to replace you, but to remind me that you sent her to us, you live strong in her. Please Pines, watch over her. And Mango, you are in charge of what goes on in that room. You were first sweet bird. I miss you all so much. Please watch over all of us and help us, make sure Brendan is safe in his car and be our angels. Goodnight sweet friends, sleep well, miss & love you so much. xoxo

04/04/2024 - Goodnight my sweet angels, o my Pines, there are 2 now. I really need you to watch over them. Baby Pines & Baby Mango. My sweet babies sent from you guys. I am really worried about my foot and ankle Poof. Please help me and let everything be ok. Please watch over me that nothing serious is happening. And thank you for bringing Brendan home safely once again. Please friends, you are my angels, please watch over us. I really need you all so much right now but you're not here. I'm really worried about my foot and ankle. Please help friends. Sleep well my friends, miss & love you all so much, xoxo

04/05/2024 - O my sweet Pines, Mario, & Mango, I am so sad tonight. I miss you all so much. Pines, we lost a baby today. What happened sweet bird? Did Tika not feed it? Only you know, Pines. We still have baby Pines. I hope Tika can handle it and keep feeding her. Please watch over and help her Pines. It's your sign to us, sending baby Pines. I miss you so much Pines. I can't get your last few days out of my head. I am traumatized over your death and your suffering, but we did the best we could and love you so much. I hope you know that now and that you felt it when you were with us. And Mario, I need you so much now, my comfort Kitty. I miss you so very much Poof. And Mango, all I can say is I'm so very sorry. My first sweet bird, this didn't have to be this way. Goodnight sweet friends, sleep well, and Pines, watch over Baby Pines, and Poof, watch over us all, and Mango, you are in charge of that room, always. Love & miss you all so much, take care of each other, xoxo

04/06/2024 - Goodnight my sweet angels, o how I miss each one of you so much, I am struggling every day. Pines, I know you sent Baby Pines. Please watch over her that she survives Pines. I need Baby Pines. I miss you so much Poofy, Pines, and Mango, please be with each other and help each other. Watch over us friends, watch over Baby Pines, I need her. Please keep sending signs, friends. Poofy, I need your comfort. Pines, I just need you, and Mango, watch over that room pls. Sleep well friends, love & miss u all so much. xoxo

04/07/2024 - My special friends, I miss you all so much. Please know that I loved and love you all so much and no other friend can ever replace any of you. Pines, please watch over Baby Pines, I need that baby bird, you sent her to us. Please let Tika keep her alive. And healthy. I miss you so much Pines. My life has been destroyed over your passing. And Poofy, my forever comfort. I cannot stand not having you here. These 3 cats will never hold a candle to you. and my Mango, I will forever be sorry and live in regret, my poor, first, sweet bird. Where's mango? your last sweet words. Watch over us my angels, sleep well together, love you all xoxo

04/08/2024 - How was eclipse day in RB friends? I hope you stuck together and enjoyed it. O my Pines, Baby Pines is very active. Continue to watch over her please Pines. She was sent from you, so I need her to survive. Poofy, I've had a bad heart day. Please don't let anything happen, help me with my anxiety, please. My comfort kitty. And Mango, watch over that room pls. I'm haunted by what happened to you sweet bird. Where's mango will forever haunt me. And frozen blueberries. My sweet friends, Poofy, watch over Brendan when he drives around and to Strathroy, please. And all of us. Sleep well friends, miss & love you all so much. xoxo

04/09/2024 - Pines, I'm so afraid of losing touch with you, of forgetting holding you, your struggle, the bananas, just all of my Pines. How do I do this? How? What if I forget your ways? But you sent me Baby Pines at least. And Poofy, I need your comfort more than ever. I really need help with all of this sorrow. And my Mango-Bird, I haven't forgotten you of course, so I won't forget my Pines or Poofy. I've accepted your passing Mango, I need to accept Pines & Poof, but it's too early, especially with Pines. Poof, please watch over Brendan driving to Strathroy on the 22nd. It just doesn't seem safe. Please watch over him, and Breezy travelling with her training too. Sleep well friends, miss & love you all so much xoxo

04/10/2024 - O my Pines, please watch over Baby Pines tonight. Al sprayed a windex cleaner in his room and I'm so scared of what it could do to Baby Pines. Please keep her safe, I need her Pines, she's sent from you. Please let her be ok. Ty Pines. And Mario, please watch over all of us on the road, let us all come home safely, and Brendan on the 22nd to Strathroy. And Breezy on the 20th. I'm counting on you Poof. And Mango, please watch over that room that is yours, let Baby Pines be ok, please. I need her. Sleep well my friends, miss & love you all so much xoxo

04/11/2024 - Goodnight sweet friends, what can I say anymore? There's nothing I can do to bring you all back healthy. I just need to know that I did everything I thought was right and best for you all. Having a bad heart night, it's hopefully anxiety, idk anymore. Miss u all so much and I'm sorry for anything I did wrong, I tried, we all tried our best. Please Pines watch over Baby Pines and Tika, and Poofy pls watch over Brendan when he drives, particularly to Strathroy on the 22nd.

04/12/2024 - Please help me friends, my anxiety over my heart is through the roof, I need each one of you to help me through my anxiety over my heart. O my Pines, Poof, and Mango. If you were all here I'd cope better, but you're not, so I need you to look over me and help me through this. I bought some relaxation audio and it really helped, but I need to feel each of you presence. Miss you all so much, every day, all day. My Pines, Poof & Mango. Watch over all 3 next Saturday pls and bring them home safely. Sleep well friends, miss & love you all xoxo

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