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Memories of Marc Tom
マーク Marc, You were such a Special Soul and my One and Only Beloved Brother. We shared some priceless moments together, as we both aged and matured from child to adult. But of course, you aged faster than I and went on to the Rainbow Bridge before me. I cried and wept realizing our time here on Earth had finally come to an end. I want to believe we will meet again once I cross over to the other side with you.
You lived a good long 17 years from the day I came to pick you up at the pet store in Kichijoji. We bonded as brothers in our quaint house on the hilltop in Yamate-cho. Me and Dad/Mom invited my friends to celebrate your birthday. We took you to the dog festival in Motomachi. I taught you tricks in Japanese and you caught on quick. You were such a precious puppy and even in old age your good personality illuminated my heart.
But as I changed schools in middle school, Mom and Dad started fighting more and our house fell in disarray. I had to go to Hawaii and leave you behind but I promised myself I would come back.
As tension escalated between Mom and Dad you were finally taken in by the Aoki's after Dad moved out and Mom started to lose it. You stayed with them for about 8 years total but they got so attached to you because you were just that special and charming. Hitomi-san was like the mother you never met and she loved you as dearly as I did. You even had to get surgery for your rectal hernia but you pulled through with the love and support from the Aoki's. I was so happy when we were reunited after I graduated a life changing 4 years from Mililani High School. I loved you so much, I even transferred colleges from Hawaii to Japan just to spend more time with you. Family meant the world to me, and to this day I don't regret transferring colleges. Unfortunately I fell into a deep depression during my college years but my resolve hardened as a result of all the hardship.
Eventually I decided to move back to Hawaii and withdrew from the prestigious International Christian University in Mitaka. I think the Aoki's felt that Marc should spend his later years with his original owners and let you live with me for a short while as I started my first job at Manyo Club. As a result, I regained my sense of purpose while living with you in Honmoku. I felt so happy, even though I hated Mom and Dad at the time because I had you.
You saved me from the darkness. You meant so much to me that the Aokis and my Dad went through the hassle of flying you over to Hawaii in June 2017. We were inseparable at that time. You flew over from Hawaii to Japan and boy was I happy to see you again. You adjusted well, as you met my Dads side of the family. Early on you even escaped a good distance away from home to Kipapa Gulch! Luckily someone found you and contacted us to return you back home. Maybe you were looking for a way back to Japan, looking for the Aoki's and especially Hitomi-san. I still remember how happy the Aokis were to see you when they came to Hawaii a good 2,3 times. I think they specifically came to see you because you were just that special.
But alas, old age caught up as you eventually succumbed to doggy dementia. Your eyes started to become bad, as you fell in the pool more frequently. We were always there to save you but I could tell you were starting to weaken. In my grief, I went to Japan to buy another dog so that I would not be so sad when you died. Yes, all for you Marc. You meant so much to me that I went back to Japan to buy a new dog. Cream is my precious daughter but you Marc are even more special than her. You changed my life, you were more than just a friend but a irreplaceable brother. During my 4 month stay in Japan with Cream, I realized you were getting older and weaker and came back with Cream. I cried when I came back because I felt bad for not being there with you. You looked saddened that I was gone but in the last year I nursed you back to good health by taking you for long walks. You probably thought I was annoying by the way I always hugged and carried you but I knew you knew it was my way of showing brotherly love. However, my human destiny is different from yours and I got busy and you only got weaker and slower. Yet, I never abandoned you and stayed with you as I waited for the day for Cream to fly over to Hawaii. I'm glad Cream was able to meet you even though it was only for like 2 months.
Now the time is April 2019 and you had to move outside because you were soiling the carpet in the house due to your old age. I think this was a big mistake. Because. On May 12 on Mothers Day you fell in the pool. You somehow found a space to escape from your cage and fell in the pool. I don't know how long you were swimming there but I felt so bad. I felt bad because I left with Cream to live on my own closer to work just a week before you died on Mothers Day. I didn't expect you to die so I didn't even say good bye. If only I waited, I could have made sure the cage was secured on that day I was not there. I was angry at my Dad for not being careful but in the end my Dad was your master and you liked him the most. He didn't have ill intentions so I forgave him. I know you don't hold grudges but forgive me for not being there for you in your last moments. I heard that you were still alive in the pool as my Dad dived right in to rescue you. You died 5 minutes later in your Masters arms. You held out just to see him again even if you knew your frail body could take no more. I was so devastated when I heard the news and it still haunts me when I see the picture of your corpse. I didn't want you to die so tragically drowning in the pool. But fate decided that you would die fighting hard on that Mothers Day. It was perhaps all meant to be.
With you gone from my life, I will pray and wait to see you young and fresh at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you so much that I cried three times already. I hope that by me reflecting and writing my thoughts on you I can bring closure to your departure. I know we will see each other again. Your spirit is still around us. You will never be forgotten and your tale will be heard to the next generation of people in my life. I am now 25 years old and you were 17 years old when you died. You meant so much to me. Please Marc, grace me with your spirit again. I miss you and will love you for all eternity.

My Precious Brother May You Find Eternal Happiness in Heaven. Please guide me so I end up in the same Heaven as you when I die. I love you.


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