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Memories of Marc Antony (Markie)
07-08-2012 To my sweet angel Marc Antony "Markie". You have been at Rainbow Bridge 3 weeks now and I find it so hard and painful to write my memories of you. There are so many beautiful memories you have left me with and I have come here many times to share them and my heart has just been hurting to much to do so. I remember the night you left me for your journey to the bridge. I remember very vividly holding you in my arms as you lay wrapped in your favorite blanket. You looked into my eyes and I cried wondering if the decision I had made to send you off to the bridge was the right one. You see you had just been diagnosed with Cancer in May of this year. You had a tumor that was growing right behind your front paw in your shoulder area. They called it soft tissue sarcoma and your doctor told me that it was caused by your kitty vaccines. You had to have many tests done including an MRI to see if we could remove your cancer with a operation. But that was not a possibility as I was given the news that the cancer had spread and had invaded your sweet little chest wall and was in your lungs. Removing the tumor surgically was not an option. I was told there was nothing that could be done for your illness. Not even Chemotherapy would of helped at that point. I decided that there was something that I could do for you and that was to take you home to spoil and love you as much as I could until it was time for you to go the bridge. I turned everything over to God to keep you free of pain and watch over you while he was waiting to take you to the bridge. I let your sister Cleopatra know that you were ill and that she should be on the look-out for you. We just took one day at a time after that. Mom has to go now I promise to come back and write more. I miss you so much much and I know you are with our Cleopatra now and I miss and love her dearly also. You are my angels now and I know you are both watching over me. Pink nose kisses to you both. P.S. I hope you are both finding time for birdwatching, remember "watch only" Love Mom

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