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A beautiful story about a beautiful boy ~Manley Ed~ ...
3 1/2 years ago was the day we will never forget, the day that we met our boy Eddie. Left at our Veterinarian for 2 months, having led a life of being nothing more than a 'show dog' and when retired, being given away because you don't get along with the 'new puppy'...after 10 faithful years...their loss, our gain! You came home with us and immediatly became one of our family, like you had been here for years. You gave all the love you could possibly give and then some and all of it unconditionally. You loved it when Hunter would rub your ears and moaned to show your appreciation. You gave us kisses and hugs and always tried to pull me around by the hand with your soft, gentle mouth. You followed me everywhere I went and always waited anxiously for me to come home. Everyone used to tell me you would cry like a baby whenever I would leave our house. You grabbed me by the heart strings Eddie and you haven't let go!
I remember the first time you went with us to the beach...absolutely loved it and acted like you had never done anything like this before. You loved it when we would go on camping trips and out for errands or pretty much anywhere we would go. You were eager to just hang out with the family or go on a walk around the block. Always eager to please, always eager to make everyone happy. What you needed to always know is that you always made us happy, no matter where we were or what we were doing and that everyone that ever had the opportunity to meet you, felt that same thing. What a god sent you were. We all agree though that we wish you could have come to us years before you did. We would love to have more time to do a lot more things with you but unfortunatly, you couldn't do those things anymore...time set in and so did the pain. I didn't mind feeding you Eddie, we didn't mind helping you walk. It was our pleasure...you always gave and now it was our turn but, we couldn't stand to see you unhappy. I felt that you had done all you could possibly do to keep that doggy smile on your face but it was fading...not the feelings you gave from your heart but the ones that showed how you felt on your face. This is not the end, Eddie...only the beginning for you, time to run on the beaches again without pain, time to eat really great foods again without the pain, and one day...time to grab me by the hand again when I come to join you at the rainbow bridge. Until that day Eddie, please remember all the times that we all had and know that we will have them once again. We love you so very much and that will never end, you will always be within us all, by our sides, in our hearts and souls and never ever forgotten. We don't bid you Farewell Eddie .... only 'See you later'! Love mommy, dad, Hunter, Kendra and the girls...
4-9-09 - I miss you so much Eddie! The pain I feel is so deep and I am having a hard time not seeing you when I get up in the morning...I know that you are doing really great up there and not having pain anymore though so I feel good about that. Shasta is looking for you wondering where you went. I tried to explain things to her so hopefully she understands that she too will come to be with you again one day and you can run on your beaches together. I tried to find some pig ears for you in your store but they are out of stock right now. I will keep checking...until then, I left you a few other things I know you will love. Please send me a sign Eddie, something that will show me that all is well for you and that helps me put my heart at ease. I love you forever...love mommy. P.S - My hand is to my side, waiting for your touch...
4-9-09 - Hi Eddie it is me dad, I miss you so much. It is hard to do anything without thinking about you! I know that you are pain free now, an that is important to me. I want you to find if you haven't already Uncle Chris I know he would love to walk with you Chris loves dogs especially you!! I remember when we first got you. I worked swing shift. When I would come in the bedroom. You would get up as quick as you could and start barking ferociously. Until I put my hand down so you could smell me. Then I could pet you and give you a kiss on the head. Then we could go to bed. Only for a couple of hours then you would be smiling and panting in my face letting me know you had to potty! It was very comforting to know that you were on the job protecting our family when I had to work until crazy morning hours! I Love you Ed. Love dad
4-9-09 - shasta and me and evrybody else is sad i wish you could come back i miss you.love kendra.
4-11-09 - Good Morning my baby boy..Well, it has been 3 full days since you crossed the beautiful bridge into 'pain free' land. I think about how you must be feeling and running and jumping and having so much fun again and it puts a smile in my heart. The smile on my face will come in time but for now, I miss you so badly! I miss picking you up and holding you like a baby and cuddling on the couch while you sleep on my shoulder. I miss you being hot all the time and your panting noises. I miss seeing you on your bed in the mornings when I get up. Yesterday I planted some flowers in your food dish for you and they or on the table out back. There are 2 types of ground cover for your feet to walk on and some narcissus for you to sniff. They will continue to grow and come back every year. I can't bear to put any of your things away so I thought it might be ok for Shasta and Bella to use your bed. Remember how Bella use to come down and lay right next to you on it? She loved you so much even though she only knew you for a short time. The day after you left us, Shasta came down and layed on your bed..next to me. I think that inside, we were crying together. We all miss you and love you so much Eddie! Oma is here for the weekend and I am sure that she misses seeing you as well. She isn't one to show things on the outside but I know it is there. I will write more tomorrow my lovely...until then, chase some butterflies for me and maybe grab me by the hand real quick to show my you are still with me in some way. I love you..mommy
4-11-09 - I miss you Eddie.I will love you forever.kendra
4-12-09 - Happy Easter my boy...just not the same without you. I soooo wish you were still here with us and I miss you so! It is cloudy out today and has been since you left us. A part of you will be coming home to be with us forever as we will be picking up your ashes this week to sit on the mantle of the fireplace and watch over us. It may help give me some strength somehow, knowing that I still have a part of you here with me, to remain with us forever. I know that you will always be in our hearts as you will always have a major piece of my heart with you. I wish that I knew what you were doing right now, how you are feeling. I do know that wherever you are right now and whatever you are doing, you have alot of friends surrounding you. You are so special and dear to me Eddie, I am just not sure I will get past this feeling anytime soon. Please smile down on me Eddie and give me the strength to smile again knowing that we will someday be walking together again. I love you so very much my boy...love mommy P.S...I hope you found the pillow for your head that I left for you under the tree!
4-14-09 Good Morning baby - I just left you a couch (as close as your store had) for you to lay on. You always liked doing that and would snooze for hours! I also planted some beautiful flowers in your food bowl so you can smell them when you come home to us. We all miss you so much Eddie and that will never ever stop. I think of you in everything I do, everywhere I go, all that I am is for you...I can't wait to have a part of you here with us again. Please always know how we feel and keep that beautiful smile upon your lovely face my fuzzy boy. I love you always, love mommy~
4/14/09 Hi Eddie, I am glad that you seem happy and don't hurt any more. Maybe when you see someone you know they can scratch your ear for you. You seemed to like that. Maybe they rub your but and you stretch and a poopy pops out. Maybe not though since you are young and can controll it. I keep looking at your bed and thinking that you should be on it but I know that you are happier there than you've been for a long time. I know that you're not here, but I also know that as long as we have the memory, you're never truly gone. I hope you are having fun. Love, Hunter
4-16-09 - Hello there my boy...I am feeling a little better today since we brought your remains home yesterday and you are now sitting on the mantle overlooking your family once again. Things will never be the same around here without you but at least part of you is here to share our day to day routines with us. I have put your St Francis in your box as well to help protect all that is you as it did when you once wore it on your collar. We love you Eddie and not a minute goes by that we don't think of you in some way. I can now tell you good night again and good morning. Your flowers are beautiful in your bowl and I also have to say thank you for taking me by the hand on Saturday. I know that it had to be you that encouraged Shasta to take my hand 2 times in a row, showing me that you are really still with me to make me feel better. She would not have done that without your encouragment as she has never done that before. She acted a bit confused for a minute or so after the 2nd time but I am sure that you explained it to her. I love you my dear boy and always will and please do show me your love every once in a while by taking my hand....It comforts me so! Until tomorrow....mommy loves you.
4-26-09 Hello my fuzzy boy :-) I miss you so much Eddie...I don't feel like I will ever get past this feeling of losing you. The slightest little things spark it all over again...not seeing you on your bed, not feeling your soft mouth on my hand, not hearing you panting, not hearing you talking to us, just everything is missing. You can never ever be replaced by any other, Eddie...always will hold a huge piece of my heart. I could really use another feeling of you taking my hand...I am sure that it would make me smile again. I love you big fuzzy boy...love mommy!
5-7-09 My baby boy...I miss you so much and wait to feel your mouth on my hand every day. I put the picture of you and Shasta touching noses 'All about Love'...remember that one...up on the mantle along with your box and a bouguet of lilacs from moms 'area'. Sometimes I feel like I hear you and it startles me but I know that you still do talk to me even if you aren't right here with me. Talking to my heart just like you always did...I hope that you are doing well up there and I am sure that you have a ton of friends to introduce me to when I one day arrive at the bridge. I can't wait to see you again Eddie boy...your shiny eyes, your wide smile and your eagerness to be with me and love me all the time. I sooo miss you and everything about you. It has been exactly 1 month now but it really isn't any easier being without you. Please let me know you are still with me in heart and soul..maybe you might find the time to take my hand once again...I love you my boy! Love mommy..xoxo

7-23-09 Hello again my big fuzzy baby boy! It has been a while since I have talked to you here but it is every day that I talk to you here. I know that you can hear me in your heart. I miss you badly my boy and so wish that you could just come home for a while. It was hard going camping without you but it was really hot and I know that part of it bothers you but...we did take the part of you that we have, with us. You were with us the whole time! Whenever I was in the kitchen, I would talk to you a little while making meals, etc. Sure brought back memories of us hanging around together whenever we were camping. I know you loved it and so did we. It seems like yesterday that I saw you last even though it has been a while. After not seeing you in pain for this time, has brought a relief to my heart and soul that you are in the right place now..running and playing with others that you have met and others that were there before you. It doesn't make me miss you or love you any less though ya know. I talk to other people about you often and they also know that you were also a huge part of our lives even though here for a short time. You have left such a big footprint in my heart Eddie...that will never go away. I love you forever and will talk to you again very soon. Love mommy! xoxoxo and scratches too!
10-27-09 My sweet boy...I want to apologize for not writing to you on your birthday but I just couldn't bare to do that...I am still in such pain when I think of you not here with us now. It is coming closer to the holidays and you are so missed my baby. On your birthday I made cupcakes...I hope that you saw me doing that somehow. It is almost halloween and the kids are getting ready but then comes Thanksgiving...that will be hard for me since I always gave you your own bowl of 'feast'! I will still give you a bowl of your faves my boy...enjoy. I love you Eddie and always will and I think about you everyday of my life. I hope you are doing good up there and feeling good too. The weather here is getting to your liking...cooler! Hold on to me Eddie...know that you are in my every thought! :-) I love you dearly.. Mommy...xoxo
6-18-10 Hello my big fuzzy boy! Well, the weather is getting back to your liking again and flowers are blooming in your food dish again. Kendra and I are sitting here wishing you were here to keep us company...we are still so sad that you are not here my baby boy. I sometimes look in the sky while driving and I think I see your silhouette shining down on me...somehow looking over all of us and it comforts me so much. I know you know this already but there is a new fur baby that has come across the bridge and her name is Sascha. She is a german shephard and oh so cute...Eddie, please run and find her and let her know how safe she is on that side and help her to have a great start in a great place. I know I can count on you for that. Please let her know that her family is so lost with her gone but they know that she will be feeling so good there and painfree just as you are. I know what good friends you will be and how much fun you will have together! My boy, I just love you so very much...my heart will never be the same until we are together again...take my hand Eddie and show me the way. I love and miss you...mommy xoxoxo
6-18-10 hi Eddie I miss you so much I wish that you were here i wish that we could snuggle i miss your long fuzzy ears i will never get over you leaving us somtimes i just start to burst into tears i wish you were here...kendra xoxoxo
Hello Baby Boy - I know it has been a long time since I last wrote but you know how busy mom gets. No matter how busy that is though, I always have you in my mind...just the other day I saw a cloud over head and thought about how it was shaped like you looking down on us! It soothes my soul to know that you are still within sights. Well, I turned older again this year but sure wished you could have been here to snuggle on my day. I miss you so much Eddie... We had a new addition last summer...you would like her. Her name is Brooklyn and she just followed Bella and Shasta down the road on a walk one day...no owner in sight. We ended up finding the owner but they couldn't take care of her where they were living so of course we invited her in. She is a cuddle bug like you - you will meet her someday I know. She gets along with the other 2 girls really well. I so miss you boy and every once in a while the kids or dad will say the same thing too...we all miss you and love you so much. I will keep in touch more often I promise. The flowers will be blooming soon and giving you the warmth that you so love! I love you Eddie...until next time, kisses and hugs from home! :-) Love you...mommy
04-07-2011 Hello my boy...I wanted to let you know how much I truly miss you and love you...especially today which was the hardest day of my life just 2 short years ago. I feel as though it was just yesterday that I held you so closely while saying 'good-bye for now' ... I really have a hole in my heart since you are gone..something no one can ever repair. I love you so much Eddie...Your flowers will be blooming soon in you dog dish. I love them so much and they make me smile just knowing it is a part of you. Hold on to me Eddie..I love feeling that touch :-) Love you my dear boy...mommy xoxo
04-07-2012 Good Morning my fuzzy sweet boy! I am wondering how you are doing up there in the wild blue yonder...I know you are having a wonderful time romping around and playing and teaching other fur babies how wonderful your new home is. It is still heavy on my mind, the day that you left us but...I know that you are feeling good and happy there. I am getting ready to watch your flowers in your dog bowl bloom again on the table out back. I love seeing them there throughout the spring and summer. I thought I saw your image in a cloud yesterday and somehow know that you are still with me in some way Eddie. I feel that every day and wish I could see you again. Someday....I love you my fuzzy boy as I always have and will...xoxo mommy
3-27-17 Hello my Eddie boy - I still miss seeing and cuddling with you every day. I still love you so much and think of you so often but I know that you are living it up where you are and someday I will get all those hugs and kisses that I have been missing when you come get me at that rainbow bridge. I want to talk to you about something...today my friends lost their wonderful beautiful fur baby. This is so sad but he will be up there with you with no more pain from his cancer and he can be free again. His name is Koda and he is a real gentle loving boy and such a sweetheart as yourself. I know you will just adore him. Will you please wait at the bridge for him or please just call him to you and welcome him with open paws. He will love you as well. Yesterday was his birthday and so maybe you can put together a little party for him. He loves chicken thighs .. Please keep him safe and show him the ropes up there. His parents will miss him dearly. I am going to make one of these pages for him also so they can share his story. I am sure he will tell you everything. Hunter has one of his nieces now, her name is Sapphire. I think she knows he went to join you today. I just know she knows. I love you so much big boy and you always hold that place in my heart and will do so forever. I will come back soon and visit. I love you and miss you and please know that I am sending you lots of loves and kisses and please give one to Koda for me as well. Love you .. Mommy xoxoxoxox
4/7/2019 - Good morning sweet boy ❣️ On this day 10 years ago I found myself holding you for the last time...but in my heart I hold you forever! I hope you are having a great time up their. Once in a while I think back to when we would cuddle and of when you would take my hand or just lay with me...it always makes me smile. I hope you and Shasta are playing a lot and that you will both wait for me at the gate someday when my time comes. I miss you both so much. Bella, Brooklyn and Sapphire all day hi! Yesterday was Hunters 24th birthday, can you believe it! You always loved him so much and Kendra is 17! How time flies! I love you big sweet boy and I wish you were here for me to cuddle...❣️I love you Eddie and will write again soon. Love mommy...XOXO

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