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Memories of Mango
"Beginnings are never easy, endings are usually sad; it's the in-between that matters the most, remember that at each new beginning..."
Hope Floats, 2001

"He warmed people's heart's and put a smile on their faces, simply by; "being Mango."

Mango a.k.a.
-"The Little Dragon"
- "Cousin Mango"
- "Lil' Gremlin"

April 23, 2018; began as a sunny, 63 degree Spring morning in Boston. Mango was scheduled for a routine dental and he needed to be dropped off by 8:30 a.m. I walked Mango and Bailey, took a quick shower, fed Bailey and then put Mango into his harness, kissed him on his forehead, said "I love you..." and we walked out the door. We were both enjoying the walk over, with Mango frequently marking his scent along the way. When we arrived, there was a French Bulldog in the front yard and Mango stopped to say "hello." We then walked-in, checked-in, signed forms and the technician came to take him; I began to walk out the door, Mango wasn't moving and he was looking back at me, I turned around and said..."Go, Go...I'll see you this afternoon."

Looking back, it was as if Mango was saying "good-bye" to me and I didn't realize it. Mango trusted me and I let him down.

Mango passed away at 12:40 p.m. after suffering a massive stroke post-dental in recovery.

I received a call with the devastating news. How could a routine dental take Mango's life? I blame myself. He had a dental 4 years earlier; his primary veterinarian said he needed another, his ophthalmologist agreed. I then took him for another opinion and was told that based on the purple/black molars at the back of his mouth, it was necessary.

Mango was a happy, spry, loving dog with no previous health/medical issues.

I arrived at the veterinarian's office within 20 minutes. I wanted to see him. They brought me into a private room and shortly thereafter, they brought Mango in wrapped in a white blanket looking at peace. I prayed over his body, I kissed him and told him that Grandma, Beaumont, Bentley and Buster must have already greeted him over Rainbows Bridge. I kissed his stomach and his forehead, the same spot that I kissed hours earlier when I promised he would be home this afternoon.


Mango WASN'T my dog.

My Mother purchased Mango at 12 weeks old from a breeder in Western, MA. I knew him from the time that he joined our family but he lived his first 8 years as a pampered pet in Auburn, MA. My mother suffered a stroke in April, 2013; Mango relocated to Boston to enjoy an urban lifestyle with my dog, Bailey; whom Mango knew after years of weekend visits and sleepovers in Auburn, MA.

From DAY 1, he ADORED his new residence; the admiration and attention that he received by simply walking down the street; ballerina's (Boston Ballet is on our block) with "selfies," parents with young children, teenagers, adults and seniors ALL stopped for HIM.

Mango had a PRESENCE.


-Mango drove Mom CRAZY. She didn't realize what she was getting herself into by purchasing a puppy. Moms' previous Pekingnese lived to 14 and 13 years' of age. It was decade's since my Mom had a puppy. They made it work, Mom would bring Mango to "puppy daycare," several times a week to burn off his energy and he would come home exhausted.

-Mango LOVED car rides and trips to Sturbridge Lake with my Mom. They would sit by the lake for hours and my Mom would read and Mango would make new friends. :)

-"To live on in the hearts we leave behind IS NOT to die."

- Mango was 13 years, 2 months and 5 days old.

-A little dog; 16 lbs., with a HUGE personality.

-Mango was the family connection to Bentley, Buster, Bongo, Bronx and Bailey. The only spaniel that Mango didn't meet was Beaumont; Mango wasn't born yet.

-He was ALWAYS the "perfect" gentleman for ear cleanings but would never sit still to be brushed.

-Whatever toy Bailey had in his mouth, Mango would walk-up, FEARLESSLY; take it away...then RUN !!!

-Mango RARELY chewed his food, he eagerly anticipated breakfast/dinner/treats yet he would simply swallow. I remember giving him small pieces of leftover chicken and he would have his mouth open in anticipation, I would drop it and he would inhale it; he NEVER even tasted the flavor of it.

-Mango was like an Energizer Bunny, he re-charged overnight ☺
Every day was a new adventure; he had a zest for life.

-Mango slept with me EVERY night on a king-size bed yet every morning, I was falling off the side. He LOVED to be touching me. ONCE, I remember re-locating him in the middle of the night and he growled at me...ONLY ONCE.

-One day, we were walking around Castle Island and an older Jamaican woman stopped to admire Mango. He was immediately drawn to her and gave her kisses, she asked his name...I replied: "Mango..." she responded: "Ah...a Tropical Baby."

-Every walk was stairs down, elevator up...

-Most morning's when we walked out the front door, Mango would race to cross the street, I used to tell him that he is going to be the only dog to get
RUN-OVER on his leash.

-I used to say to him..."How does so much poop come out of such a little dog?" A few times, complete stranger's made the same comment.

-Mango is the only dog that I've ever shared my life with that had NO issue with walking THROUGH animal feces on the ground instead of around it.

-My neighbors don't know me, they know Mango...

-Mango was synonymous with "Cher" or "Madonna," you just had to say his name and people knew the canine that you were talking about ☺

-Mango NEVER had a bad day. He was ALWAYS happy, playful, running and squeaking his toys.

-Mango enjoyed his weekend excursions to Lincoln Woods, Ogunquit Beach, Provincetown and Castle Island.

-I remember the time that you were being a "busy-body," running around the back of our SUV and you fell into the well behind the driver's seat. We had to
pull into the next rest stop to pick you up and put you back into your bed ☺

Our home is empty without Mango underfoot, sniffling for treats and running with his toys. I miss him not running to greet me EVERY TIME that I walked through the front door.

April 26, 2018 - At 6:20 a.m., I was awoken to the sound of birds chirping outside my bedroom window; it's never happened before. It lasted for just shy of 5 minutes, ironically; it ended, when I heard Bailey get out of his bed in our Great Room and do his morning stretch and shake. Traditionally, this was "OUR" time in the morning, before Bailey awoke, for us to cuddle.

May 06, 2018 - Alberto and I arrived at Footbridge Beach, Ogunquit, ME at approximately 7:45 a.m. We stayed in Ogunquit for the weekend, to spread a portion of Mango's ashes. Mango's ashes joined Bentley and Buster at the same location. We needed to arrive early to coincide with the tide charts. If we waited until late morning, the location of our other "boyz" would be submerged in about 3 ft of water. We had a bouquet of eight (8) white roses, representing one rose for each "being" Mango had a close relationship with in his lifetime. We dug a shallow hole in the sand, released his ashes and gently placed the roses over his ashes. We then prayed and shared a few "humorous" Mango stories, covered his grave with beach sand and drew an enormous heart in the sand around it. The tide was coming in and it would only be about 20-30 minutes before the heart was submerged. We walked the beach, cried and talked about Mango. It was a cloudy day and at one point, it seemed like the sun was breaking through the morning clouds, it didn't last. In my heart, it was Mango sending us a sign that he was happy over Rainbows Bridge.

May 18, 2018 -- Mango's remaining ashes will be laid to rest along side his canine brothers: Beaumont, Bentley and Buster at Angel's Rest located at Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. He entered my life for a reason and I'm grateful for every day we shared.

February 18, 2019 - Happy 14th Birthday over Rainbow Bridge!!! I'm sure you are running and playing with Beaumont, Bentley, Buster and Mom today; enjoy the warm sunshine and have a hearty dinner for your special day. When I'm walking Bailey, I still pause and reflect about you and your favorite spots along our morning and afternoon walking routes, you had such a presence and made people smile just by being you!!! I love and miss you...yesterday, today and tomorrow xoxoxo P-

APRIL 23, 2019 - ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, it's hard to believe a year has passed since you left us. I think of you often and you ALWAYS put a smile on my face. You had such a friendly, happy, loving demeanor that was enjoyed by everyone you met. Bailey and I miss your presence at home, it's not the same sleeping without my "little dragon." I'm sure you've connected with Mom, Beaumont, Bentley and Buster; when it's my time to crossover the RainbowBridge, I hope ALL of you will be there to welcome me. I love you...yesterday, today and tomorrow. xoxo P-

September 5, 2019 - Mango, at the time of this posting, I'm sure you have already reunited with Bailey. Bailey crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today at approximately 3:30 p.m. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure on April 4, 2019 and through medications we were able to "control" if for 5 months, he lost his battle today. We left home at about noontime and I carried him down the stairs to the car and put him on his bed in the car. We drove over to Castle Island and spent 75 minutes sitting under one of the big oak trees across from the ocean. Bailey enjoyed the fresh air and his ears blowing in the wind; he knew. We traveled to the veterinary hospital and I was by his side kissing his body telling him how much he was loved and that Grandma, you, Beaumont, Bentley and Buster would be there to greet him. He passed from this life with peace and dignity, the way he lived in this realm. I'm heart broken, my only consolation is that when it's my time to cross over, I'll be reunited with all of you for eternity. I love and miss all of you!!! yesterday, today and tomorrow....Daddy Paul

February 18, 2020 - Happy 15th Birthday!!! I pray that you are reunited with Mom and celebrating with Beaumont, Bentley, Buster and Bailey; you drove ALL of them crazy!!! You loved it whenever we would visit you and Mom on weekends :) You would chase them around the house and yard until ALL of you were exhausted; then you would manage to escape the yard and run around the neighborhood until we caught you!!! I love and miss you...the thought of you always puts a smile on my face!!! Rest in Peace until we are reunited for eternity. Much Love xoxo P-

April 23, 2020 - TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY, it doesn't seem possible this much time has passed so quickly. I still remember that fateful morning taking you to the veterinarian for your "routine" dental procedure. I never thought your passing would be hours away :( I love you little man. I know that you are with Mom, Beaumont, Bentley, Buster and Bailey; one day I will see ALL of you again :) until that day; rest, run, play, love and eat well!!! I love you xoxo P-

February 18, 2021 - Happy 16th Birthday!!! I know in my heart that you celebrated your special day with all of our fur babies and family that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge before me. I love you and miss ALL of you!!! much love, P-

April 23, 2021 - THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY; we traveled to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to volunteer, visit Angels Rest and lay Bailey's cremains to rest beside you. Beaumont, Bentley, Buster, Mango and Bailey are interned at Angels Rest; a beautiful canyon full of nature, quiet and peace located in Kanab, UT. We love and miss ALL of you; I know in my heart, we'll all be reunited one day for eternity. I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow!!! xoxoxo p-

February 18, 2022 - Happy 17th Birthday!!! I'm sure that you've already welcomed and reunited with Bongo over Rainbowsbridge, he transitioned on February 5, 2022. Celebrate your birthday with all of our family over Rainbowsbridge, I love and miss ALL of you...yesterday, today and tomorrow. All my love, p-

April 23, 2022 - FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY; we traveled to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in April to lay Bongo and Bronx's creamains at Angels Rest along side ALL of you!!! So much loss over these past 9 years :(
We love and miss you...yesterday, today and tomorrow XXXX p-

February 18, 2023 - Happy 18th Birthday my little dragon!!! I love and miss you; your personality was infectious!!! You were the star of the neighborhood on every walk!!! All my love, p-

April 23, 2023 - FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. I can't believe it, time has passed so quickly; so much loss over the past ten years :( Beginning with Mom, 2013; Aunt Vera, 2014; Aunt Barbara, 2015; Uncle Kenny 2017; Mango, 2018; Bailey, 2019; Bongo, 2022 and Bronx 2022. I love and miss you ALL...yesterday, today and tomorrow...XXXXX p-

February 18, 2024 - Happy 19th Birthday...Gentle Little Man!!! I think of you often, your favorite spot at the BCA Garden and greeting everyone that crossed your path!!! I hope you're happy and celebrating with Mom and your cousins that have passed. I love you, miss you and think of you...yesterday, today and tomorrow. Much Love, p-

Please also visit Bailey, Beaumont, Bentley, Bongo, Bronx and Buster.

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