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Memories of Mango
Mango, you are missed by all of us and you will never be replaced. The house is so quiet without you and we miss all the cute things you used to do. I only wish that we had more time to spend with you and wish that we could turn the clock back. Bambi, Snoopy and Felix also miss you. I must say that going to the park without you is not the same. We know so many people who miss you and they really miss giving you treats as you used to walk by. I know that you are in heaven and playing with the other doggies and we only hope that you have also found Chi Chi. We love the both of you and miss you both very much. Our lives will never be the same. I wanted you to know that we had an artist do a picture of you and it is hanging up in a special place. Let Chi Chi know that we planted a tree in her memory and it is the nicest tree in our backyard. Anytime you and Chi Chi want to come by and visit us, we would love to see you both again. We have decided that we are not getting another dog. We realize that you and Chi Chi could never be replaced. We were so lucky to have had the opportunity to have the both of you in our lives and just wish we had more time to spend with you both. We love you both. Until we meet again.

Mango, it is over two months since you have been gone. I miss you as much today. Whenever I look at your food bowl or your leash, I burst out crying. Christmas is coming soon and it will not be the same without you. I still can't believe that you are gone. Our time together went by so fast and I wish I could have you back again. I will never ever replace you with another dog. You were so special and you were loved so much. You were my sweet girl and I will never forget you. Please remember if you and Chi Chi want to come by and visit, I would love to see you both. I am going to start to cry as I am writing this. Please take care of Chi Chi and remember we will meet again.

Hi baby, it has been 10 months since you have been gone. I miss you as much today as I did then. We have kept all of your toys and I take them out and look at them and start to cry. You were such a sweet dog and I will never forget the day that I brought you home. There has been so many people in the neighbourhood asking about you. Some people are so surprised that you are gone. I was finally able to go to the park for a walk and I was looking at all of the areas that you used to walk in. I was picturing you there and smelling of the different things in the park. Mango, I look at your picture that we had painted of you everyday and I talk to you. It might sound silly, but it makes me feel good. Every night before I go to sleep, I always wish you sweet dreams. I hope that you have been able to find Chi Chi. I also want to let you know that Bambi misses you. When we go up to the trailer, it is not the same without you there. Please take care of yourself and remember we love you and miss you very much. You will never be forgotten and we just wish that you had more time to spend with us. The years went by so fast. We love you Mango.

Mango, it has been over a year now since you left us and it is not getting any easier. I look at your pictures every day and I talk to them as well. It might sound a little weird, but it makes feel better and almost like I am actually talking to you. Bambi, Felix and Snoopy also miss you and hope that you have met Chi Chi and that you are spending time with each other. Grandma said that she saw you about a month ago. She said that you were really tired and you were panting. She heard a voice say that you were tired from running and playing with some of the other dogs, but you were doing fine. I was so glad to hear that you paid her a visit. I still hope that you come and pay us a visit with Chi Chi. It is weird, but sometimes at night I can hear you walking in the house. If it is you, it would make us very happy. Please take care of yourself and Chi Chi and always remember the both of you will never be forgotten and we love you both very much and
always will.

Hi baby, you left us almost 2 years ago & I have been thinking about you alot lately. I hope you and Chi Chi are having lots of fun together. I want the both of you to know whenever I go to the park for a walk, I picture the both of you there with me. I still talk to your pictures and tell you that I love the both of you very much. Mango make sure that you do not run too fast and get tired. You and Chi Chi used to love running in the backyard and playing with each other. Don't forget that we will meet again and when I call you and Chi Chi's name, make sure the both of you come running. You were both my sweet little girls. Bambi misses you very much. I am going say goodbye for now & I send my love to you both.

Hi Mango, I am so glad that we finally were able to get your picture posted. A very nice lady helped me. The more I look at your picture, the more I cry. It has been a little over 2 years since you have been gone. I hope you are spending alot of time with Chi Chi. You both were the best dogs that anyone could ask for. I want you to know that I pick up your collar and just stand and hold it. Let Chi Chi know that we kept her little food bowls and I also look at those and think of her. I want you both to know that we miss you very much and our home is not the same without the two of you. Please take care of yourselves and we hope that you both are making alot of friends. Love you both very much.

Hi Mango, we hope you are having fun with Chi Chi & the other doggies at the rainbow Bridge. I wanted you know that Felix went to the vet today because he is really sick. I am not sure what the vet said, but I will let you know. I also want to tell you that we might be moving & I want to make sure that you & Chi Chi come to the new place to visit. I miss you both very much & we couldn't of had better dogs. We will never forget you both. I will write to you & let you know what happens with Felix. Take care. We love you both very very much.

Hi Mango, we want to let you know that Felix will be joining you and Chi Chi. He was very sick & was suffering. Please look out for him & take care of him. We love you guys very much & please remember that we will be together again one day. Take care & I will continue to write to all of you. I will also let you know if we are moving so you guys can come visit.

Hi Mango, Chi Chi & Felix. We hope you have all found each other & are spending time together. I wanted to let you know that Snoopy will be joining you. He will be looking for you guys, so please take care of him. We really miss all of you & wanted to tell you that we moved out of the house. Please come & visit us at our new place. I am very upset about Snoopy. She was really suffering. I will write to you guys soon & please take care of each other & we will all meet again. Love all of you.

Hi Mango, Chi Chi, Felix & Snoopy. I really hope that Snoopy found you guys & that you are all together. We are still waiting for guys to visit us at our new place. We miss you guys very much & wish that you were still with us. We didn't get enough time to spend with all of you. We want you all to know that you were the best pets that anyone could ask for. I know that we will all meet again & be together. Please take care of each other. Love you all very much.

Hi Candy, Tiger, Frosty, Kitty Cat, Mango, Chi Chi, Feix & Snoopy. We hope that you guys are all together in heaven. We think about all you very often & really miss all of you. We are in our new home & wish that you guys would come by for a visit. Bambi wants us to say "Hi" for her. She misses you guys very much & she gets lonely sometimes. Grandma also sends her love to all of you. I wish we could start over & have all of you guys back in our lives. Things have not been the same since you all have left. Christmas is coming soon & our new place will be lonely. We want to send all of you lots of hugs & kisses & please keep each other company. We will meet again.

Hi babies. I am sorry that I haven't written for so long. I hope you guys are all doing well & having fun playing. Bambi misses you guys. We adopted a bird & she actually knows how to say a couple of words now. We really miss you guys & are so grateful that you were a part of our lives. I am still waiting for you guys to visit us. We would really love to see you guys. Please take care of each other & I will write again soon. Love you all so much.

Hi babies, how are you doing? Your dad & I were talking about you guys the other day. We were saying how much we miss all of you & what great pets you were. We were so lucky to have all of you in our family. We want you know how much we miss you & we think about you all of time. I guess you guys are busy playing with each other. Bambi is now 10 years old & sleeps alot. Mango she really misses playing with you. You were a good friend to her. Chi Chi we are very sorry that we had to keep you in the kitchen when you were sick. We just didn't want you falling downstairs or walking into something. We will be together again one day & i know you all will be waiting for us. Your grandma says "Hello". She misses all of you. If you can, please come & visit us at our new place. We would love to see all of you. Take care & I will write soon. Love Mom!

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