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Memories of Mandy Lil Princess
To Mandy :
My love, sweetie pie, honey my love, my little princess, mommas lil angel, mommas girl, lil darlin, and always my twinkle toes and little black panther. I love you and miss you so much since you had to go. I thought we were gonna be together for a couple more years!!! I just can't believe you had to go so soon. I think you're still here sometimes. I guess you just missed Garrish too much😭 I miss her , too. Everyday. I know she was so excited to see you and you to see her.
I also will never forget after Garrish passed I was so sad and you wrapped your paws around my arm and rested your head on my arm. I know you were hugging me and you too were sad. And when Garrish was dying how you put your paw on her to comfort her 😭😢You were truly very special I think about you all the time how cute you were too and such a good girl. I miss kissing you I miss holding your little paw while we slept-you loved that, and the toe massages-which you didn't alwayslike/-ticklish little feet!! You were so smart , too and so wise, you knew so many words I loved when you talked to momma ( such a cute meow) and what an honor it was when you wanted to spend time with me and daddy. I'll never eat a meal again without thinking how you wanted st least 1/4 of it. -- meal times are not the same now without you 😢. Some say you were spoiled I say you were loved.
It's Christmas 🎄 now and I can't get with it this year. Everyone around me is getting ready for the holidays but I wish you and Garrish were here-- it's just not the same. ☹️I look on the left side of the bed and you're not there And how upset you would get when Daddy wanted to lie down in your spot. You were so difficult one night that poor Daddy had to sleep on the floor🤣.i. Enjoyed everyday with you and you were so silly when you would take my hand to fight with you😂. Also when I kissed you so much you pushed mommy's face away with your paws-/so cute. At 🌈 Rainbow Bridge, be nice and don't bully, you can be top cat, still just be nice about it-- my love 😉. There was still so much for us to do and experience together. I wanted to take you places, well now you can go with Garrish. I know she was so happy to see you. You both will have so much fun together now.
Daddy says hello and that he misses you very much and how he used to play with you ( you were so excited to see him). Daddy misses how you would lie on his bag and his 👕 shirt . 😙 and 🤗 from Daddy.
You were such an angel 👼 and a 👑 princess-- my lil Mandy I'll always love you my love and think about you everyday and look forward to the day That all of us can be together. I'm gonna go now, but come see Momma from time to time. You can visit me in my dreams. Give Garrish a big hug and kiss from me and tell her I miss her and love her, too. I know you are having so much fun with her running and playing and eating. I'll see you two later-- my Xmas kitties --my babies😢!!
If Mandy were here she would also like to say thank you to Grandma Viki who helped out and UMikey. She'd also like me to tell both of you she would've liked to get to know you both--but she was a shy girl.

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 my Mandy. I miss you. Christmas wasn't the same without you. I went to your grave today and put beautiful Christmas 💐 bouquet on your grave. I thought I'd be buying you presents not flowers for your grave 😢. I hope you had the best time today with Garrish and your new friends. I love you my Mandy

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