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Memories of Mandy
Mandy was the most loving cat we ever had with the most beautiful blue eyes. She most always met us at the door when we arrived home each day and could not wait until you sat down so she could jump in your lap for a love session and a long nap. She was the most lean and athletic cat we ever had. She could jump so high and when she played she was so funny, sort of clown-like, but so cute. Mandy was only 6 1/2 yrs old and 6 lbs when she died. Sadly she spent the biggest part of her life (the last 2-1/2 yrs) fighting pancreatitis and kidney disease. We gave her subcutaneous fluids for 2 yrs. She was such a fighter and a warrior. She depended on us for her care and was usually very tolerant when time for her meds, but other times she would hide and we'd have to search for her which made it difficult for us. Although I don't really think it hurt her, she just didn't like sitting still for it. We estimated we probably stuck her with the needle about 800 times. That was so heart breaking for us. We learned all of her hiding places and unfortunately there was no escape for her. But in turn for the love and care we gave her she gave back to us endless unconditional love. There is such a void in our lives now. Even though we still have her litter mate, Misty, and an orange tabby named Sherbert, they cannot compare to Mandy. They are both sweet and special in their own way but nothing like Mandy. Christmas was difficult without her. We only pray and have faith that she truly is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for us to come home to meet her. We truly hope and keep the faith that her health has been restored and she's having a wonderful time in her afterlife. We imagine her playing happily with all the other furry friends in her new family and forever home. God bless you our dear Mandy girl. We miss you so much and will be there soon to live with you forever together. Love, Your Mama and Daddy.

12/30/13 - Dear Mandy,
Today's been especially hard for your Mama. From the moment I awoke I thought of you. But of course it's been that way almost everyday since you left us. I remembered how we used to spend time together in the bathroom before I would go for my coffee and breakfast. You'd call for me until I would get out of bed so I would come pet you and then get you a fresh bowl of water. I always kept an bowl on the counter next to the sink. You were always so thirsty. You liked to sit up there on the counter and watch the water go down the sink drain while I washed my hands and brushed my teeth. Some mornings I'd make time to sit with you in the bedroom recliner by the window so you could lie in my lap for a while. It was our favorite thing to do, just spend time together. And as soon as I got home from work at the end of the day and after you'd have your meds (and a treat) we'd head back to the recliner so we could spend our quality time together again. Sometimes on the weekends I'd spend the whole day with you in that chair. I'd read or watch TV while you napped after you got your affection of course. That was a routine we repeated over and over. Sometimes I would lay hands on you and pray that God would heal you through me and restore you back to 100% health; and there were a few months there that I thought he did! Some days you would be so active and playful I really thought for sure you were healed! I prayed it would continue, and it did for awhile. I miss all those times together and wish I would have had more time with you my beautiful girlfriend. Love, Mama.

1/3/14 - Dear Mandy,
I cried for you again last night after dinner. You weren't there in the bedroom waiting for me to sit down so you could lay in my lap. I guess you're lying in God's lap now surrounded by the Angels. I miss our time together so much. But, I am so grateful that we had that time together. I miss you my beautiful girlfriend. I hope to see you soon. Love, Mama.

1/22/14 - Dear Mandy,
I cried for you again this morning, although I still do alot. You aren't there with me in the mornings when I get ready nor there to greet me when I get home in the evening. I just miss you so much and think of you often. I am so sorry we had to let you go but you were so miserable and unhappy because of your illness. I did not want you to suffer any longer. I hope you can forgive us for sending you away. I hope and pray that God will allow us to be together again. If that is his plan then I will never leave you again. Love and miss you my girlfriend, your Mama.

1/29/14 - Dear Mandy,
I still miss you very much and think of you daily. Sometimes I smell you when I walk in the house or walk into the master bathroom. I imagine you are there on the counter drinking your water. I keep a cup filled for you as if you were still here. Sometimes I think you are. I also have a little Siamese cat statue and an angel statue holding a cat that sits there and takes your place. Although, there's no thing that can take your place my little angel. I finally took the Christmas tree down this weekend, although it only had lights, the ornaments had already been removed. I had placed your pretty little box with your ashes under the tree because you loved to lie under the Christmas tree. I had a really hard time bringing myself to take it down. But I finally did and now your little red box is on the sofa table in the living room for all to see. I still need to have a plague engraved for it. I hope to get to do that soon. It is getting easier, time has helped, but I will never ever forget you girlfriend, I carry you in my heart always along with my other babies. I hope you are enjoying your new home with them at Rainbow Bridge. I will see you soon. Love, Mama.

12/15/14 - Dear Mandy,
It's been a long time since I've been back here to share my feelings. I apologize, but you know I talk to you a lot and I still keep the statue of you on the counter in the bathroom along with the angel holding the cat. They both remind me of you many times daily.Plus I see you out of the corner of my eye occasionally and feel you on the bed sometimes in the night time. I can't believe that in two days it will be the anniversary of the day you left us. But on a happy note, I have some great news for you, although I bet you already know because we think you had something to do with it. You know I've gotten involved with our local feral cat organization, Alley Cat Advocates, well we've been successful in trapping 3 cats (1 male, Spot & 2 female, Sophie & Stella) in our neighorhood. They're all doing well except for Spot. He's gone missing, so I pray he's ok. Maybe you can check in on him for us? Back in late August a light buff colored kitten showed up out back. Literally crying for help. So I left her food two times and the third time she came right up to me, let me pet her and then proceeded to follow me up to the back door. She had had kittens, but there were no kittens to be found,:( She was just 6 lbs, dirty and not very healthly. But to make a long story short, we named her Honey (Bee)& she's moved right in and is now a new member of the household. We were not planning on having another kitty and were going to rehome her but she had too many health problems (respiratory problems, etc.) so we have decided to keep her. Have had to give her meds like we did you. But she's doing pretty good now. She does remind me of you a bit, very sweet and lovey like you. It took awhile for Misty and Sherbie to get used to her so we kept them separated (she lived in the guest bedroom) for almost 3 months but now they each one play with her and it's actually brought "new life" into our home. Misty and Sherbie never really liked each other but now they both seem to get along better and Honey has been sort of a "buffer" between the two of them. They play more now and don't just lay around all the time like they did before she came. However, I do think they were griefing for you. Sherbie didn't know why you weren't sleeping in the bed with us anymore. So Honey has been a welcome distraction for all of us. I put up the Christmas tree this weekend and thought of you. You always loved to lay underneath it. All you babies were so good and never bothered the ornaments but Honey is a different story. Maybe cause she so young, only 2 yrs old. She's been climbing in it, knocking down the ornaments and messing up the tree skirt. I had to put unbreakable ornaments on it because of her. She's such a kitten and so playful. I have attached a picture of her, for you to see. I was really glad that you got to see the Christmas tree one more time last year before you left. I hope you are happy and doing well in your new "true" forever home and have lots of friends there. I can't wait till the day we can all be together with you again. I love you and miss you dearly, my special girlfriend. Love, Mama, Misty, Sherbie, Daddy and Honey Bee. :)
Dear sweet Mandy, Today is the anniversary of the day you left us. We still miss you so. We have news. We have another baby, a Persian we rescued as a stray. His name is Buddy. He's something else and very high maintenance. Nothing like you. You were so easy going. I loved you so my girlfriend. I still keep a small statue of you in my bathroom where you used to drink water. I wish you were still here. But I'll see you soon my girlfriend. Love you so so much. Miss you so so much my lap cat. I haven't had a lap cat since you left. Can't wait for you to last in my lap again. See you soon. Love, Mama, Daddy, Sherbie and Honey Bee. Merry Christmas. 💞

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