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Memories of Mandy
Our Sweet Mandy!! The runt of the litter proved that small in stature can still have a huge heart. She loved her belly rubs, her "Monk-Monk" slipper, her walks, chasing tennis balls, Frosty Paws occasionally and peanut butter bones. But most of all she loved her "Sissy"- the two were inseperable from day one.
We miss her terribly but know she will be waiting to greet us on the other side of the "Rainbow Bridge"!
Until then, Mandy we will smile every time we think of you- our sweet little girl.
We love and miss you!

Mom, Dad, Sissy (Kari), DJ, Tim and Lexi

Mandy also had the privilege of playing with Tyler, Callie, Prince and Podo! Skippy, Tyler and Podie met Mandy as she crossed the other side of the bridge.

05/29/06 Happy Memorial Day Mandy!! I put a little flag on your grave site, I hope you like it.
We still miss you so much and our hearts ache for you- but we know you are happy and are not in pain. Sometimes I find small things around the house that remind me of you and I cry. But then it makes me happy to remember you and your cute little ways! No one will ever "be pretty" like you!!!
I have to go today baby, but will be thinking of you always.I love you. Mommy
10/04/08......My Baby Manda! Thinking of you Sweetheart on this anniversary of your crossing the rainbow bridge. We know you are safe and happy, but we miss you so very, very much. Just remember we will see you one day soon when we join you on the other side! Can't wait 'til that day comes
Skippy, Tyler, and Podie will be there too!
Love you forever and ever my baby girl.
06/06 It's Mommy Mandy! Thinking of you baby. I'm going to remove the flag for now and place
some red roses for you. My roses on the side of the house have bloomed and are so pretty again, you'd love them! I hope you're having fun and playing with all of your friends, until we see you agian. We love you honey. Mommy
06/27/06.......Hi Manda! I've been thinking about you a lot, we've had some bad storms lately.....you don't have to be afraid of any more storms do you sweetie?
I wanted to tell you about our new little sister (Bella the kitty), you would love her! She's very cute but very naughty sometimes! She stays in the house all the time, but wants to be outside. I had an idea, and got out your big cage you loved to sleep in ~ I put that outside for her and she oves to go in it once in a while.
Lexi came over to the cage and sniffed and sniffed- daddy and I both think she was smelling you and it was sad, she misses you too.
I love you sweetheart!!! Have fun playing with everyone!
06/28/06.....Oh Mandy girl! Your photo is now on your headstone and it is beautiful!! That little bit of dirt on your nose is soo cute, you loved to play in those leaves!!
Loving and missing you,
09/30/06 Hello Baby!! Sissy was here yesterday and we were thinking about you. Almost a year since you crossed the bridge. We miss and love you every, every day!!!
I thought I'd leave some red apples for you for fall. Not that you ate them, but remember how we would watch the deer come to the apple tree? That was fun!
Hugs and kisses Baby Girl........rest well.
Love, Mommy

10/06/06 Hi Mandy girl! It's been a year now since you've been gone. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and other days it seems like forever ago. Thinking of you especially now, missing you, loving you. We'll be together again soon baby! We'll play and play, then sit and just cozy up, how does that sound?
Until then our little Manda girl........

12/22/06 Hello Manda girl and Merry Christmas Honey!! I can't stay on here too long today, because I'm feeling very sad, missing you.
I'm going to give you some Christmas things to play with. I pray you're having fun, no worries, no pain. I love you forever. Mommy

(02/03/07) Hello my little Mandy Girl!!
Thinking of you and missing you very much. It's so very cold here today, you'd be sleeping all curled up. I couldn't blame you!
Lexi and I were walking in the snow the other day and I thought about how much you loved the snow. You were so cute and funny in it, then you'd eat it, being silly....we'd always laugh. I know it's perfect weather where you are, no problems there. I'm glad you're happy, you deserve to be happy forever my little sweetie. I will think of you and love you forever.
05/27/07....Manda Girl! Happy Memorial Day Honey! Was thinking of you today ~ my roses are blooming on the side of the house, they're very pretty.. I love you today and every day
Sweetheart! Miss you sooo much......xoxoxoxoxoxox
08/26/07.....Manda!!! Thinking about you Honey and wishing you were here, I really miss you! I hope you're having fun in Heaven Baby ~ if anyone accidentally bumps your bell (we still have it on the door!)- we think of you. You were the sweetest darling in the world, and God needed you in Heaven. I can't wait to see you again and hold you. You gave us sooo many fun and loving times, but I feel so, so sad today. I try to just remember the good times. I love you so much Baby. :(
10/04/07....Amanda!!!!! I'm having mixed feelings about you today Honey. Soooooo sad and missing you, but we were all together last night for DJ's birthday ~ and Kari and I were talking about how cute and funny you were!! We miss you so very much, but you put a smile in our hearts that will be there forever. The love you gave us was so pure and innocent. You will never be out of our minds or hearts!!
Love you so much,
Mommy, Daddy and Sissy
12/22/07.....Merry Christmas Manda Girl!! I love you so much ~ I put a Christmas tree and a nice ham bone for you to enjoy.
I can't believe it's been two years Honey ~ my goodness we miss you so much. We know we will see you again one day, Baby!
Grandma Thompson and Pap Brewer will give you lots of lovin' if you'd like. Remember when Pap was here, you wouldn't leave his side?? He loved that! I put the picture of you and Lexi with Santa up the other day, you look so cute. We will miss you so much on Christmas but we know you're happy and are not in pain ~ that helps us to cope with losing you.
Love you forever and ever my little angel.....Mommy
02/05/08....Hi Manda! Guess what? It's almost springtime! And Valentine's Day is coming very soon too! I will give you something nice for Valentine's Day Sweetie. I miss you so much. Mommy is going through a tough time right now, but you know what that is, don't you? I'm sure it'll all be ok, I'll let you know. Lexi is bored, she misses you too. I came across some photos of you on your very last night on earth with us, you were so very sick. But you're not suffering any more Baby!
I love you so much and will be back soon to visit.
Loving you always!!! Mommy
06/17/08.....Hi there girl! Love you sooo much and think of you every day. Summer is here and Mommy's roses are blooming again, they always make me think of you. Guess what?? Your Sissy graduated from nursing school and then got married!! She is soo happy and we are too. Bobby is wonderful, you would love him to death. They have a little Kitty named Polly, she is a sweetheart ~ she is your little sister! Daddy, DJ, Tim, Lexi and Bella are doing well, also Callie and Prince. Thinking of you sweetheart.....Love you forever!! Mommy
02/08/09.....Manda Girl!! Just wanted to say I love you Darlin'! Sissy could really use you right now, she was in a car accident a few weeks ago.....she is doing alright, but she has lost the baby. We are sad, but I know there will be another baby one day. Actually, YOU were her first Baby Mandy!! So many days I want to come on here to talk to you but feel too emotional. Can't wait to feel you in my arms again, Sweetheart!!! Love you sooo much Baby!
04/16/09.....Hello Manda! Mommy loves you so much and thinks of you every day.....I have renewed your Residency here so I can visit you and talk to you, pray and bring you gifts like always.
Sissy is doing well but misses you terribly, still. Love you Baby....Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, DJ, Tim, Lexi, Bella Kitty, Callie, Molly, Meow-Meow and Polly!
10/05/09 Sweet, sweet Manda Girl ~ I love you baby! Your Sissy was here yesterday, but I didn't mention that it was your anniversary b/c she wouldn't have been able to handle it. She still misses you so much, as we all do. Sissy found a cat who had baby kitties, they are so cute Manda! They're very funny too, you would love them. They make Sissy happy for now and help with the pain of losing you.
Well, fall is here and the trees are prety colors. I will write soon, I never forget your sweetness, or your face, ever.....love you so much....Mommy
04/06/2010 Manda, My Love.....I hope you had very Happy Easter Sweetheart! We had a wonderful day with everyone, all the kids and pets.....Callie, Basho, Tilly. We love and miss you every day and think of you all the time too. I left some lilacs for you as they will soon be in bloom; the tennis ball that you and Daddy used to play with, the roses from our back yard that you loved and the teddy bear that you carried around!!! Sissy has been very sick Mandy so we're taking good care of her, she has lots of kitty cats and they are so cute, you would like them very much. I will be back to talk to you soon, Baby....I love you forever!!!! Mommy
02/05/11 Hello my Manda Girl! I love you Hope you're having fun, my baby! I have to tell you that we have two little kittens as of last summer...Tigger and Ava. They were very sick and needed our help. daddy and I are taking very good care of them and they love their new home. Sometimes they're very bad babies but oh so funny and cute! I know you would have loved them to pieces!
We think of you all the time sweetheart and wish you were still here with us.....miss you terribly and love you always... Mommy
05/04/11 My Dear Manda...I love you sweetheart!! We still miss you every single day and wish you could be here with us. I can't wait to see you again some day! Sissy is doing much better and is back at work....she really misses you and talks about you often. Daddy and I are going to Hawaii on May 8th, it should be nice there. Love you Baby!
December 26th 2011 Merry Christmas Mandy! We love you more than ever...it was nice to see such happy pictures of you while going through old photos. You were a very happy girl and are now I'm sure. Every year we put out the photo of you and Lexi with Santa, it's sooo cute!! i Miss you my beautiful girl and will always keep you in our hearts!!
April 13, 2012 Happy spring, Dear Mandy!! The birds are singing and flowers are blooming! We now have Lexi, Callie, Tigger and Ava...you would love them all, they are so sweet... The dogs love to go outside in the nice weather. Tigger and Ava stay in but look out the window from their tree-play house. We miss you so much Mandy and will never, ever forget the love you showered on us! I know you're happy in Heaven playing with everyone. Love you Manda girl!!
8/05/2012 Happy summer my Angel! It has been a very, very hot summer here for us. I sure will be glad to see fall and the cooler temps! We've stayed in a lot where its cool...we still have Lexi, Callie, Tigger, Ava and are watching Topher for Tim while he's away...the kitties all have fun playing together! We love you Sweetheart and will be so glad to see you when it's my time...Love you always, Mommy xoxoxox
02/17/2013.. Manda girl!! Hello Sweetheart!! We love and miss you soo much! I know you are happy and safe and that makes us happy too.. Winter is still here but spring will arrive soon we hope! Sissy will be having her baby boy Eli in April!! He would have loved playing with you! I will let you know when he is here! Until then, sleep my angel..!! Love, Mommy
04/01/2014 Manda!!! Hi girl!! Our baby Eli is so sweet and funny! You would love him ! He's going to be a year old this Thursday, April 3rd. Time goes so fast!
We miss you beautiful girl....I know you are happy though and that makes me happy. Spring is here and it's getting warmer finally! We miss you every day sweetheart... We will join you in Heaven one day!! Love you forever baby girl!!

April 6th 2015 We love you Mandy and miss you very much! We will see you again one day!
Our baby Eli is getting so big!! He would love playing with you!! I hope you are having fun playing
with everyone, with no pain or sickness... I love you Manda girl with all my heart!
October 4, 2015 Our Dear Mandy, I can't believe it's been ten yrs since you crossed over the Rainbows Bridge. We miss you every day but we know you are happy and are no longer in pain. We love you so much and can't wait to see you again some day.. Lexi and Callie are with you now too. Thank you girls for being so loyal, and for loving us. We will love you forever!!! Mommy
April 5, 2016
Dear sweet Mandy!! Daddy and I were just talking about you today. We miss you sooo much!
We remember how you liked to "Be Pretty!"
And how much you love your Monk Monk!!
We feel so blessed to have had you in our lives.
You would love our little Eli! He is three now, big boy!! He's just so cute and funny! He would love you too, I'm sure.
I know you're happy in Heaven and are romping and playing w all the other pets.
We love you baby girl and will never ever forget you or how much you have blessed our lives!!
We will see you again when we cross over the Rainbow's Bridge! You will be there to welcome us! What a day that will be!!! Love you forever!!
Mommy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
April3, 2017
Mandy girl, we love you so very much and miss you every day... Remembering the good times helps a lot.
You were the kindest, sweetest girl we could ever have asked for. Our Eli is 4 yrs old today!! You would love him and he'd love you!! He keeps us very busy!
I love coming to your page Manda, it helps my heart when I'm sad and missing you..
I can't wait to see you in Heaven one day!!
Love you w all that I am...❤😘🙏🏻❤ Mommy
07/27/17 Mandy!! Our beautiful sweet girl!! I know you are having a wonderful time in Heaven! I can't wait to see you some day.
You would love our little Eli! He's so cute and very funny!!
He would love you too I'm sure! ❤️
My back is feeling much better after so many surgeries.
Daddy and I are going on vacation in Sept, I hope all goes well and we are safe and have lots of fun.
I will never stop loving you, and missing you, baby girl.
Until I see you in Heaven, I love you with all my heart!!❤️

Mandy!!! I love you sweetheart and miss you every day.
We all miss you very much. I hope you're having fun in Heaven playing w all the doggies and kitties.
Eli is 5 now! Getting so big and is so smart. I wish she could meet you but he'll see you in Heaven.
I look forward to seeing you to one day.
I love you always Manda girl!! ❤️🙏🏻🐾💔

Our sweet Many!! Sissy and I were just telling Eli all about you! How sweet you were, how you would 'be pretty'
and how you could ring the bell when you wanted to go outside! He's old enough now to understands. You would have loved him sooo much and he'd love you too!!
Mommy had another back surgery in Jan but I'm doing much better now.
We have such great memories of you sweetheart that will hold us over until we see you in Heaven!!
I love you forever!!! 😘❤️🥰🌷✝️🙏🏻🐶

December 16th 2020
I love you Mandy girl and miss you soooo much!!!
What a year we've had w Corona virus...
Sissy has been sick. She's going to have tests done to see what's going on.
Christmas is almost here, I wish you could be here🥲
Daddy, Sissy, Tigger and Ava and I love you so very much!!
Soak up the Sunshine in Heaven sweetheart!!🌲♥️🐾

March 16, 2021
Mandy!! I love you my sweet girl!! You have a little boy to play with named Eli!! He would love you sooo much!!
He would throw tennis balls all day for you!!
We all miss you so much.. I miss your "Sit pretty!"
You were always the best girl, never to be replaced.
Love you so much!! Mommy.. It's almost spring! 🌷
April 4, 2022
Our Mandy Girl!! My how we miss you... we talk often about your sweetness and also how funny you were!! 🙂 Eli turned 9 yesterday!! Can you believe it?!! He would have loved you soooo much!!!
We had a small party for him yesterday.
I know we will see you in Heaven sweet Mary Girl! I can't wait! I love you forever!!! ♥️🐶🥰🙏🏻
Our sweet Mandy, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! We hope and pray that you are safe and happy. We will never forget you or forget the love and sweetness you brought to us!!
Love you so much!! ♥️🙏🏻🎄🎊
Manda girl!!! I love you so much and miss you!!😢
I was looking at pictures yesterday and some were of you playing in snow and playing with a ball!!
We just came home from Eli's soccer game. He loves soccer and they won!!! You would love him so much and he'd love you like crazy. You'll get to see him in Heaven some day!! Rest easy my girl!! I love you to the moon and back!! If you see Tigger in Heaven, please give him some licks and hugs.... He's a good boy and we miss him too, very much. Love you forever!!! ♥️🐶🙏🏻💕🌷🌞

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