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Memories of Mallows
At December 27, 2021, I saw you outside our house walking and I called you to feed you. You came near me and you ate the food I gave you, my heart felt so soft because I felt I wanted to have you in my life. After you ate, we took photos together and made some Tiktoks. I took you inside my house and we took a nap together. You woke up and you went out and after that, I thought you will not come back. However, as time passed by, I saw you in front of our gate again. I called you by your name and you entered our house. I fed you again and hugged you so tight. After that, you will always come back to our house and that was when I adopted you. You felt so happy with me because you kept on coming back and treated my house as if you really live here.

I would always feed you and sleep with you. You wanted to go out always and then I would be so shocked because there would be times you will bring rat inside my room. However, I felt very happy because I searched why would cats do that and that was because you treat me as your family and you wanted to offer something for me. I never became so happy in my life until you entered my life. I feel so happy because I never felt alone with you by my side.
Every morning, you would wait for me to wake up before you wake up too. You will wait no matter how long it was. When you felt that I stood up, you will wake up and follow me in the comfort room. You will just stand there and watch me do my things. Sometimes, you will also wait for me inside the room and just stand there while I was blowing my hair. You never did that before because you were afraid of the sound it makes. When it was time to eat , you were sleeping in my room with the doors open and will go down when you hear I call your name. You will keep on meowing and cannot wait to eat. I will remember everything we used to do and I do not know when I will move on from it. You gave me so much happiness I have never experienced in my life before. I will always remember how shocked your face is, every time. I will remember your teeth and the way you smell. I kept on looking at our pictures and videos together on my phone and will suddenly start to cry because I just miss you so much. I kept on smelling your collar because it reminds me of you.

I kept on looking at the grave we made for you in our garden because I miss you so. I feel happy because I feel that you are still near me even though you are gone. I do not know when I will move on from you. I kept on remembering the things you used to do and we used to do. You would play with your scratch post, you would keep on looking at the window in the stairs and in my room, you will be playful when you were in your litterbox, you will look at the camera when we were taking a picture, you were look at me when I call you, you will always be near me whenever I was. You would sit next to me while I was eating, you will sleep next to me.

On August 27, 2022, you were still acting fine as if everything was normal. On the next day, you were having a hard time peeing and cannot walk properly that is why I made up my mind to bring you to vet, it was Sunday. We could not find any vet and there was only 1 vet available. They performed cathether on you and you were in so much pain. I thought that was normal that is why I did not comment on whatever the vet was doing, I trusted them. After that, you started vomiting which you do not used to. You became lethargic. I do not know what happened after we went to the vet. We gave you the medicine and we thought you were making a progress because you drink water on your own, and you were trying to pee by yourself. However, on September 4, 2022, at 5-5:30 am, I was shocked to not see you breathing. I could not cry because I could not accept what just happened. You took the medicine at 4:30 am and was very fine. How could you just be gone? Until now, I am having a hard time accepting it but I know I will. I will because I gave you the comfort you deserve and the happiness you deserve. Please continue being by my side and let me feel your presence everyday. Please continue sleeping and eating beside me. I love you so much.

I will be strong for you, Mallows. I will never forget you. I love you so much.

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