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Memories of Malinko - "LINK"
Link, You are my guardian angel. I have always known this in my heart.In deep sorrow, I can't believe this has all happened so fast MY LINKY BOY. You are and always will be my VERY BEST FRIEND in this universe. This is the toughest time of my life. I miss you soooo very much baby boy. I will do anything to have you back. I told you what I would do for you buddy and I mean it...At least I know that you are in Heaven with Shap. I Love You Linkers! Merry Christmas Malinko and Shah-Pa seems like yesterday miss you both so much... This is the first Christmas without either of you. I still can't believe it. I will make sure to leave treats out for you two since you are delivering gifts with Santa, you can have when you stop by here. It just isn't the same without you guys wearing the antlers or jingle bell collars. I can still see you both opening gifts and eating treats out of your stockings. God bless you Malinko and Shah-Pah. Goodnight, I love you with all of my heart! Hello Malinko just wanted to say I love you and miss you more than ever!God bless you Link. You are the Falcon in the sky above us all. You will forever show us the path to follow, the path that you followed. The path that keeps us righteous and the way you left us. We are so ever grateful for the lessons and insight that you have instilled upon us. We can never be as great as you were, but only hope that we all can be one half as great and honest of a person that you were. Malinko, you will always be fearless in our eyes and in the face of danger. You were extremely courageous in the feats you surpassed in your time with us. As we look onward towards the path that you paved, You taught us many virtues, you were honest, sincere, brave, and the most loyal being a man could ever receive. Malinko and Shap-pah, fly high with the Spirit in the Sky watching over our family, our Mother Earth, and Father Sky. Malinko and Shah-pah, spread your wings and soar with the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka. Until we meet again, forever in sacred peace,I Love You both, Dad. Hey Linky doodle and Shappers! I miss you both so much! I would give anything to have both of you guys back. It seems just like yesterday we were going on walks and car rides. Our houses have been so quiet without either of you guys around. Link, I still have you bed right beside mine buddy. I can hold your favorite leash and still smell your scent on it. Link and Shap, Des and I are getting ready to have your little baby brother Wyatt any day now. I feel so fortunate that you both will be in Spirit in the delivery room with us watching over us and protecting us, helping us in our new and exciting journey. God Bless you Malinko and Shah-pa. I've been helping Grandma with your other little brother Bullet, he misses you! I Love You Malinko and Shah-pa, Dad. Easter 2013-Happy Easter Link and Shap! We all miss you so much and wish you both were here. I know you guys are probably chasing the Easter bunny around in a field! I miss you both more and more everyday. I wish you two were here to meet your new little brother Wyatt when he arrives. He will be a falcon just like the three of you. You all are his guardian angels and I'm so proud to say that. Your other little brother Bullet misses you a bunch and wishes he could play together again. God bless you both everyday. I'm so glad you have each other to play with and keep company. Brothers! I love and miss you both that only you two know how much. DAD :)Malinko and Shah-pa, Happy Birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy Birthday Linky and Shappers Happy Birthday to you! I miss you both so much! It been an even more difficult day knowing that neither one of you guys are here to share your birthdays but we will do it in spirit, in remembrance. Wyatt is finally here and doing well. He would of loved you both so much and would've been best friends! Happy Birthday Link and Shap I Love You, DAD :)Good morning Link! I'm missing you pretty bad buddy. It seems as just yesterday I was picking you and Shap up at 6 weeks old. I can still smell your puppy breath. Remember that time you chewed a hole in the wall down stairs at Reems Creek? I remember cleaning up all of those piles of puppy poop, there sure was a lot of those. One of mine and your favorite parts of the day is when I would get home from a day at work and you would be jumping all over me and I would hug and kiss you and tell you I love you as gave Bill Jack treats. That always made my day! That is one of the hardest parts of my day now is coming home and you're not here anymore. Malinko, what keeps me going and happy is remembering all of the wonderful times and great adventures YOU and I had. Wyatt is doing good. I talk about you with him all of the time and tell him how amazing you are. I lay Wyatt down to change him and he sits and stares at your pictures on the wall. I know in my heart that you and him are talking to each other. It's a great thing to see. Well I wanted to stop by and leave something for you and Shap. I know that you both are very lucky to have one another to keep company. Have a great day! I Love you both! DAD :)Hi Link! You and I have been meeting up in my dreams. It is so great to see you buddy. You were always and still are the most beautiful and best friend! I miss you more everyday! Des misses you too. We are all doing well. Wyatt is 4 1/2 months old now which is very hard to believe. He is growing so fast. I know you and Shap are watching over us all from the heavens. I know you and Shap are keeping each other plenty of company. You both always had good times together. I would do anything to have you both back here with me. We keep Bullet from time to time and take him on walks. A little bit of him reminds me of you and Shap. Anyway, I wanted to write a little. Take care buddy, I Love You both. DAD. (11/16/13) Hey Linky doodle, I miss you. I truly can't believe it has been 1 year since we parted. I miss you soooooo much day after day. I would do anything to have you and me back together. I tell Wyatt about you all of the time. I tell Wyatt how awesome you and Shap are and how great you and him would get along. I Know you and Shap are always looking over all of us from Heaven. I talk to you and Shap every night and feel blessed. I know you and Shap are having fun with each other, you are probably tackling him right now. Bullet is doing good. He is a good boy. He misses you guys. Link I wanted to cook you and bacon and eggs with toast this morning and have breakfast with you and Shap and remember things just the way they use to be with you both eating breakfast. I remember you guys cleaning your plates and then coming and looking at my plate wanting some more and I couldn't resist but give you the last I had. I always said would sacrifice anything for YOU buddy. I really really miss you! Wyatt is almost 8 months old and doing great! Wyatt is healthy and happy and he looks up at your pictures and I am sure he is talking to you Linky doodle and saying how much he loves you! I really wish you and Wyatt could've met and you would've licked him in the face and made him smile and laugh and tell you that he loves you! Malinko, I miss you and LOVE you very much. Des and I took you on a ride today and I know it wasn't the same as it use to be buddy, but I figured that was the most genuine, honest, and sincere thoughtful thing i could do for you baby boy! I found a t-shirt of mine that you buried a long time ago. I also found a treat you had buried and I swear I know that you left that stuff for me to find. I WILL SAVE IT FOREVER ALONG WITH ALL OF THE OTHER ITEMS YOU LEFT FOR ME DOODLE! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND SOUL! Malinko and Shap,until next time, I LOVE YOU, DAD :-)... Merry Christmas Malinko and
Shah-pa! I know you guys are resting after a long night delivering gifts to animals and children with Santa. I can't believe this is the second Christmas without you both here, sharing ham, and opening toys and treats together. I was looking at pictures of you both the other day. I found a video of you Link when we had that big snow a few years ago. Remember the snow was so deep that even you were hopping around like a deer. You were running around like it was summer time. I love watching that video, it will always be one of my favorite times in this life. Thank you Malinko!The house just isn't the same without you both here to celebrate the holidays together. Grandma, Grandpa, Jamie, and Bullet came by to spend Christmas with us. It was nice to have them and your little brother Bullet here to spend time with. I love you both so much and glad you guys were here with us today. I hung your stockings up on the mantle with ours just like always. Wyatt is over 8 months old now and growing really fast. He is an amazing little boy. He is very happy. Wyatt is always looking at your pictures hanging up on the wall, I'm certain that you and him are talking to each other. I know you would love him so much. being the great protector that you are. I tell Wyatt that I wish he could've met you guys. I know that y'all are always watching over us and taking care of us and I am forever grateful for that. Forever grateful to have had two wonderful boys like you and Shap. God Bless you Malinko and Shah-pa. Merry Christmas! I love you both and miss you a ton. I would give anything to have you both back again. At least I know you are both always here with us in spirit and always on my heart! I miss you sooo much boys, I constantly think about all of the great times we had. Take care of each other. I LOVE YOU BOTH! DAD... Hey there my sweet Link and Shap! Its the 3rd of March 2014. I keep thinking about both of you all the time wishing you could be here with us all. Bullet got a new little brother and is non stop. Poor bullet doesn't get a break. Anyway, Wyatt is growing fast! He is crawling really good and recently starting to stand up on his own. I can't believe it. He is a really sweet boy. He is always looking at you guys pictures. I know you both are talking to him, i just know it! I always tell him about you and Shap and how awesome you are! Wyatt, Des, and I are getting ready to take a trip to Florida for a couple of weeks to do some camping and relax. It should be nice. I remember you both going to Florida for a trip. Out send like only yesterday. Pretty much Everything i know about you guys seems like yesterday. Well i love you both very much. Thank you both for watching over us. Take care of each other. I love you, DAD :)...Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Linky and Shappy, Happy Birthday to you! I can't believe today is you guys 14th birthday. Even more difficult to think you both are gone. I think about both of you all of the time. Link I hope you had a nice vacation with us the passed couple of weeks. I know how much you loved going for car rides, although maybe not a 12 hour ride :-) I'm just glad to be home so we can relax. Wyatt had his first birthday a couple weeks ago, he is growing up so fast I can't believe it. It's almost like watching you and Shap grow up, seems like only yesterday. Send us a little sunshine down from heaven Link and Shap, we need it. I'm gonna send a big hug and some kisses with some liver treats to you guys! I'm grateful to have the both of you watching over me and my family! I hope you both have a wonderful day, your BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU LINK AND SHAP! DAD... Hi Link and Shap!(6/2/14)I miss you boys sooooo much. I think about you both constantly. It is still very much difficult to think that you both are gone, but always present in spirit. I look at your pictures and seems like only yesterday. I dream about you at night. Link, i wake up in the morning after you visit me in my sleep and I'm so grateful that you came to see me, yet it hurts at the same time because i feel like your here again with me. No matter what buddy, I'm so happy you visit me:-) Des,Wyatt, and myself Were walking at the park yesterday and I saw another puppy swimming in the pond. He was having so much fun doggy paddling. I closed my eyes, and i could hear you talking to me through his excitement, I know you were talking to me Linky boy. I shed a tear because I knew you were there with us just like you always are. I'm here for you both like you were always here for me. Take care of each other, I will see you again one day. Until then, God bless you both. I love you Link & Shap!Dad. November 10, 2014. GoodMorning Link And Shap! I Miss You Guys Very Much. I Think About YouBoth All Of The Time. Dad Is Very Sick In The Hospital Right Now, Not A Good Situation. The Holidays Are Upon Us. I Wish You Both Were Here For It. Ill Talk To You Soon. I Love You!DAD. (11-16-14)Linky Boy...I can't believe it has been 2 years since you have passed. I think about you constantly. I think about the pig ears you loved to eat. I think the Biljac ones were youre favorite though. You went crazy over those. I still think about you and Shap wrestling around on the floor, and how you would pin him down.Shap didn't like that very much but he always loved you and you him. I WISH YOU WERE HERE buddy. I know you would be playing with Des,Me, and Wyatt with all of his toys. He would be lucky to have a BIG brother like you and Shap. Big Jon is still in hospice. He is doing OK. We are trying to get him out of bed and moving around so he can come home. Better than being where he is at now. I will be glad to see you and Shap again one day. I love when you come to visit me in my dreams dude. I remember Thanksgiving with you and Shap. I am so thankful that we all had time with eachother everyday. I still cherish every minute we had together. Beautiful, beautiful, Malinko. Beautiful, Beautiful Shah-Pah. I love you both as big as the sky! I'm glad you have each other up in Heaven, Brothers. Until we meet again, I Love You, DAD. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Malinko and Shah-pa! It seems time goes way too fast. I really miss you both sooo much! I wish you both were here more than ever. I think about you all of the time. Link, I hung your stocking up on the mantle next to mine, Deserae's, and Wyatts! It is bitter cold here tonight. Supposed to be below zero. I am sad to inform you both that Grandpa passed away on January 5th at 11:05pm. I miss him a great deal. I hope that you and Shap have found him. Grandpa will be so happy to see you guys, I just know it. I'm glad that you all have each other. Tell him I said hello and I love him. I know you will all take care of one another. I'll talk with you soon. I Love You guys! DAD. Linky boy, I love so much when you visit me in my dreams baby boy. It always makes my day brighter! I LOVE YOU buddy! DAD.04/19/2015 Happy Birthday Link and Shap! Can't belive it is another year. I miss you Link and Shap more than ever. Seems like it was only yesterday that I was rubbing your ears buddy and going for a walk,they were always great! Always remember the walks. I would do anything to have you both back and see you again. I'm so happy that you visit me in my dreams. I hope you spend time with Grandpa up in Heaven since I don't get to see him anymore. You all can be together. Wyatt looks at your pictures and says, Link! He knows who you are buddy. Because you are watching over us from above. Happy Birthday Malinko And Shah-pah! I love you forever. DAD! Linky Boy! I miss you so much buddy. Thank you for visiting me last night in my sleep. I love when you come see me. Seems just like yesterday that we were going for walks and car rides. Those were always a lot of fun. I would do anything to be able to go for one more walk or one more ride together. We were so fortunate to be able to share over 10 years together. You truly showed me how precious life is. Life will never be the same without you doodle. Tell SHAP And Dad that I said hello and that I miss them and love them. Take care buddy. I will see you again one day. Love Dad! Hello Link! It has been 3 years. It doesn't seem like it. I still think about you everyday. I see things that reminds me of you. Or other animals. I'm glad you continue to visit me in my dreams. That always makes me happy. I miss you a lot doodle. I know I'll see you again! We are in our new house now. I'm making a special place for you. Take care of Shap. I'm happy that you have eachother. I'm sending some treats and kisses your way. Take care. I love you! Dad. 12/25 Hi Linky Boy! Hi Shah-pa! Merry Christmas! Seems so quiet in a way with out you around. I would like to see you both here at our new house. It's in the woods and I know you both would have plenty to keep you busy. We are close to clouds and closer to heaven which means we are closer to you both! Tell Dad hello for me. Tell him I miss him too. I know you all are together. I'm glad about that. Des is good and Wyatt is growing fast. He would love to be around both of you! He sees your pics and says Link, Shap! Look forward to seeing you in my dreams! Merry Christmas! Take care. I love you both, Dad. Hello Linky boy and Shap! It is mid Feb and in the low 40s. I'm glad to be glad to be getting snow this year but I sure am ready for spring to get here. We are all pretty good. Wyatt will be 3 in a couple of months. He is growing fast. Thx for watching over us! I sure do miss you Link and Shap! I think of you all the time. All of those car rides. I can still hear you going off Link. I know you were having a blast. I am always thankful to have all of the time we had together. Unforgettable! Take care of eachother. Love Dad! Hi Doodle! Been thinking about you quite a lot baby boy. Life hasn't been the same without you. The weather has been being pretty nice. Remember all those walks we use to take and all the car rides. Those sure were some good times. Always put a smile on my face and yours too lol! Hey Shappy boy! I remember you and Link wrestling around and playing. Love you both! DAD. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALINKO AND SHAH-PA! 14 Years young. So hard to believe it's been that long. I remember you guys being so tiny when you were born. I remember bringing you both home in the front seat of the Mustang. You both grew up so fast. Those sure were some great times. A lot of smiles and fond memories! Sure do miss you both. Tell Dad we love him and miss him. I love you both! DAD :) Hey Linky boy. So hard to believe that it has been 4 years since you went to Heaven. Seems like only yesterday. At least I know you're there with Shah-pa and Dad. Hi Shah-pa and Dad! Link, I think about you often and about how you always amazed me,how smart you are. How you always made me proud. I'll never Forget you Link, no matter what. You will always mean the world to me. I will see you again one day. I love you! DAD.Hey Linky. Hard to believe it's been 5 years. I still think about you a lot. I have a daughter named Adaline now. She is 4 months old. Thanksgiving is next week. I remember how you and Shap loved thanksgiving time b/c you got to eat some turkey and pumpkin pie. I'm happy You and Shah-pa are in Heaven together, you probably get to play a lot. Tell Big Jon I miss him and love him too. I love you guys, take care and I'll talk to you later Love DAD.

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