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we got mackie when he was 6 weeks old. he already had such personality. he was the most handsome boy you had ever seen. in 2006 i accidentaly ran over him. he spent 6 weeks in the hospital and ended up loosing his right back leg. it didn't slow him down a bit. he loved people and people loved him. he acted as if he was born to give love and pleasure to others. on august 6 2008 he was bitten by a rattlesnake that was lying by our back door. the doctors tried hard to save him but the venom was too much and he died. his dad and i miss him so much. our lives are a bit empty now without him. we know he is in heaven now and whole and running and playing with his friends and family who went before him. mackie we miss you and love you so much and we can't wait until we can all be together again. we love you mack and we will see you soon. mommy and daddy

9/12/2008 mackie i miss you so much. i just want to be able to cuddle with you and hug you. daddy misses you too. all the ladies at work were so nice to me. they all collected money so we could buy you a nice urn. miss martha says for you to give her sugar a big hug. we have a hurricane in the gulf and aunt vick took some great pictures at the beach. at least you aren't afraid of boom booms anymore. mackie i love you so.i would give anything just to be able to hold you right now but i know i have to wait. oh mack i love you, mommy

10/12/08 and sometimes late at night that mother would take that baby boy and she would rock him back and forth and back and forth and she would say "i love you forever i like you for always as long as i'm living my baby you will be." i miss you mackie so so much watch over daddy because he hurts and misses you so. mommy

1/28/09 it's a new year mack and i still miss you so. you had a big birthday this month. you turned 10 years old. we all sang happy birthday and wished you were here with us to celebrate. we have a new horse. his name is takoda and his is painted. you would love him mack, he can puul a cart, and he would be able to pull you in your wagon. aunt christian had a baby boy. i told miiss maggie it wouldn't be long before he was running around and pulling her tail. we miss you mack and love you so much. you be sweet and take care of everybody until we can all be together again. i love you, you are my life. mommy

8/6/09 mack, it was a year ago today that god took you to be with him. i hurt just as much today as i did then. i miss you so much. maggie and scooty are doing fine. they miss you too. we have a new little girl with us now. of course you know that because you sent her to us. she is 7 months old now and she is so sweet. thank you. she has been a comfort but nothing can take your place. mack i would give anything just to be able to hold you now. there is a big hole in my heart and i don't think it will ever heal. daddy is going to oklahoma next week to see rob graduate from basic. i worry about him, but he seems to be doing ok. mackie you are my heart and my life and i will not be complete again until i can see you and hold you tight. give everybody a big hug and kiss from mommy and daddy and we will alll be together soon enough. god take care of my baby until i can be there to do myself. i love you mack you aremy life. mommy

1-22-10 mack,i'msorryi,m a week late to tell you happy birthday. we all sang happy birthday and we so wanted you with us. oh mackie i miss you so much. you were my best friend and my secret confidant. little lisa has grown into a buitful girl. the 2 of you would have so much fun. we had big boom booms yesterday. i was so glad you were in a safe place and not scared. i love you mack and hurt still, but we will see each other again soon enough. until then know i love you and miss you greatly. mommy 9/24/10 hi mack i'm soory it'sa while.. things down here are going ok. daddy retired from the phone company and is now farming w/uncle daniel. we have 2 new additions. we have a border collie named teddy bear and a bird dog named roxy. teddy was my idea but roxy was daddy's. life is good mack but it wpold be so much better with yo here. i still miss you so much. you are my heart. dozie has been coming to visit som. aunt vick is going thru a rough time so watch over her for me. you are my preciuos angel . so mack until we can be together again just know i love you and miss you so. all my heart mommy 8/4/11 mack it's benn almost 3 years now and i still miss you so. we are all doing fine. daddy is working in north carolina. scooty and i went to see him last weekend. aunt vick baby sat for me, bet that was a hoot huh? we have 3 more babies at home . teddy bear is a border collie and he tries so hard to take away the hurt of missing you. roxy is a lab mix that daddy found at the river, she is a mess. you would like her cause she is so pretty. and sox had a baby. hername is dolly pearl and she looks like her mommy. she is so sweet. she would get you though. thank you for looking out for everyone. tell travis hello and that tracy is making daddy very happy but she's no travis. i lovve and miss you so much. until we can be together again know i love you and will see you soon enough. love mommy

Aug 9 2012 Hi Mack, it mommy. I still miss you so much. Sox has anothr baby. His name is ollie earl and he is so cute. you and he would have so much fun. Aunt Christian had another baby boy. His name is grayson and he is precious. Mack look out for Daddy. he misses you so much. Miss Maggie is so beautiful now. You wpould be so proud of her. I miiss you and love you so much until we see each other know you are always in my heart. love mommy. august5 2013
mack it's been almost 5 years now and i still miss you so. i talk to you all the time i hope you can hear me. mimi had surgery and is in the nursing home for rehab. miss maggie is getting older and has some arthritis and gets around abit slower but she is still your girl. daddy is working hard. he misses you so much.shadow has come to see you and you take good care of her because she is loved and missed so. i love you mack and miss you so. please keep looking over us until we see you again all my heart and love mommy

8/5/14 Mackie I miss you so much. My arms ache to hold you again. I am so empty now. You were the light of my life. I know that you are now whole and happy,but I so want you here with me. You were my rock. When you were with me,I knew i was safe ,loved,and protected. I miss you Mack. Maybe it won't be too long before i see you again. I love and miss you so! Mommy 8/7/15 Well Mack I made thru the day. I still miss you so much. Miss Maggie celebrated her 10th birthday last week. It semm as it was just yesterday that you went and picked her out. You knew she was going to be special. She is showing some age but still can put everybody in ther place. Daddy is thinking of going to truck driver school. You sure would enjoy going with him wouldn't you? Look over all of us for me. Be good to Dozie ZAZA and Bubba. Show them the ropes and until I get to be with you again forever hugs and kisses and so much love. Mommy 8/6/16 Today i miss you more than ever. I know Lisa is their with you. Love her and take care of her. I love you so much. My days are so lonely without you. Miss Maggie had a birthday. She is showing signs of age but is stii spry.Daddy misses you too.He sends lots of love and kisses.One day baby we will all be together again. I know life goes on but sometimes iIwonder why. Oh Mack I love you so. Keep being my angel and watch over me till we meet again. I love so much. Mommy

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