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Memories of Major
I have had many wonderful animals share their life's with me but my major boy was my true soul mate. From the day a went to get a puppy, was the start of our bond and journey together. I sat on the floor with about 8 puppies and he was the only one that kept coming back to me kisses me and getting in my lap. He made the choose so easy, he picked me. From that day forward we were stuck together like glue. We went camping, walking, boating, just everything together. When I was sick with a high fever, Major was right by my side and would not leave. He would put his nose on my head like he was taking my temp. I had 104 fever.
Major was always there to protect me on our walks as well as home. Every time I got up to leave the room. Major would follow me where ever I went. I could just go on forever about Major and our life together. I have never had this kind of bond with any of my other animals. It was as if he was truly part of me. The hardest thing I ever had to do was that awful day when he was 14 1/2 and after he ate, within a hour he got that dreaded Bloat. Rushed to the vet and Xray showed his gut had twisted. He had some other health problems like cushions ,hips getting weak and a small tumor on his chest. With all of this plus his age I had to do the right thing for him and put him to sleep. I know the odds are only 50/50 even with a young dog, that the outcome is good . That was so hard, I hurt so bad , I wish I could have received needle right along with him to go to sleep.
In the last few seconds of his life he gave me 2 last kisses on my nose to say goodbye. The worst day of my life. This happened 2 days after my birthday. The funny thing is when I fed him that last meal, I started crying and said out loud to my boy, " I don't know Major, I don't think I will have you much longer" . After eating his food he went and got in his bean bag bed and I laid down with him and felt so much sadness and told him how much I loved him. Within the hour he started getting sick with all the signs pointing to bloat. I just had the feeling our time had come to a end ever before he got sick. That was the bond we had between us. This July 2nd 2009 will be a year since the loss of my boy but I do want to tell you, he IS with me every day in Spirit. I have felt him a few times brush up against me. I can hardly get a photo of my other German shepherds without Orbs in the pictures which I have never had happen until his passing. If I throw a ball or toy of his, I take a picture and I get a picture of a big bright Orb by the toy. I take pictures of his favorite bean bag bed and low and behold a big bright Orb in his bed. My other dogs don't go in the bed but I can't get rid of it as Major still uses it. I also see my other dogs looking at the Orbs often, I get my camera and sure enough there is a bright Orb in the picture. So please everyone KNOW that your beloved pet will come back to you in Spirit. I have all the proof I need . Feel free to email me at my92rs@roadrunner.com if you want me to email you any of my photos. I am so at peace now knowing my boy is at my side still and forever
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