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Memories of Maggie, aka Magpie
You were an angry unwanted shelter cat with a short, slim rat tale. You hated everybody. When you walked, you kicked your back legs out to the side. They looked like gray pork chops. You had the softest fur, like petting warm silk. Every time I went to bed, you raced me. You flattened your ears and rushed in front of me. I often said "mush" in my mind because you looked like a dog in a sled race. And then you would scratch and claw your way up onto the bed - not easy as you developed into a pudgy little thing - and settle into the sweet spot. When you would lay down next to me on my bed, it's like every bone in your body dissolved at once, and you would smash into me. You were so cute. You never played with normal cat toys, but you loved your iPads. You had more than one. When I talked to you, you would answer me with an annoyed cranky little squeak. You loved catnip and to be brushed with a little soft brown brush. I miss you.
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