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Memories of Maggie
05/25/2017 My dearest Maggie. You went to the Rainbow Bridge on August 3rd 2016. I miss you so much, more than words can describe. You were my best friend. Remember how I carried you everywhere. You were and still are so special. I would have done anything for you. I never wanted you to leave me. I know how sick you were and I know I had to make the decision to end your suffering. The pain I felt was indescribable. I loved you to the moon and back. We went through so much together. You were by my side as I battled cancer, you were there when I lost my beautiful daughter Kelly and my wonderful son Ryan. Then on July 23rd 2016 my wonderful son Ronnie passed in his sleep. Even though you were so sick you were there for a short time to comfort me. I never wanted to loose you. God knows the pain I feel from the lose of my 3 beautiful children. You were by my side, always giving me little puggie kisses even when you felt so terrible. I never wanted you to die. My little Maggie how I loved you. Words can not describe the pain I felt but you were always there for me. God how I miss you. I will never understand the why of losing my 3 children and then losing you. You are at the Rainbow Bridge with Casey and Boo Boo. I know they were there to meet you when you arrived. God I hope you were not afraid. I know you are still watching me and looking down at me. When I feel pain I know your there. You are forever in my heart. I think about you everyday. Not a day goes by when you are not in my thoughts. I still cry a lot over losing you, you were such a beautiful little puggie girl so kind and gentle. I loved lying next to you. There was never a minute that we were not together. I pray you understand why you had to leave. That was the hardest decision in my life. I never wanted to let go of you. I love you so much Maggie I hope and pray you know how much I cared. You were such a character. There wasn't a day that you didn't make me smile. Ryan left us on September 3rd 2015, he loved you so much. I don't understand why he left the way he did. I know you are with him and he is holding you close I love you Maggie now and forever. Please Remember until we are together again I, will always love you. Mommy 05-29-2017 Maggie I think of you every second of the day. You are missed so very much. I love you little Mags. I pray you are happy at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you are with all my babies who went before you. I also pray that you are with Ronnie, Kelly, and Ryan. Ryan loved you so much I miss you all very much and I wonder why all of you had to go so soon. I hope Ryan is holding you just as he did when you were both here with me. Many people have visited you Maggie, you are so special. I pray you somehow understood why I had to make such a heart wrenching decision when you became so sick. I all happened so fast, I was not prepared at all. I'll never forget the look in your eyes as you passed on while I was holding you. I know that you understood that you were going to die. I can't get the image out of my mind. I have to believe you knew I was making the best decision for you. I miss you so very much. I'll be back tomorrow to talk to you. I am going to visit Casey and Boo Boo now. I hope the 3 of you are running, playing and happy. Until we are together again; remember I will always love you. Mommy
06-01-2017 My dearest Maggie I miss you so much. You and I were constant companions, we were never apart. I loved holding you and touching your soft fur. You would look right into my eyes and I knew that you understood the love I have for you. I also understood the love you had for me. Unconditional love doesn't come around everyday. Our love was and still is unconditional. I miss you everyday and I know that you reside in my heart. I love everything about you. As you know I rescued a dog I named Murphy. He is much bigger than you but yet there is something about him that is so familiar. I honestly believe you live inside of him and that you are here in Sprit letting me know things will be ok. He has so many of your little personality traits. He wants to be with me every minute of the day. Of course I cannot carry him but he thinks he is a lap dog. When I sit on the couch or lay in bed he sits on top of me just like yo. He sleeps under my blankets just like you, he looks into my eyes with pure love just like you. He instinctively knows how There is something about him Maggie, I believe that you and Murphy are connected. This belief brings peace to my heart and comfort to my soul. I love you little girl now and for always. Until we are together again Remember, I will always; love you.... Mommy
06-03-2017 My dearest Maggie, God how I miss you. I miss touching your soft ears, looking into your eyes, holding you and sleeping with you. I can barely stand the pain of losing you. I think about you everyday. Life is empty without you. I pray you understand why I had to make the decision to not allow you to suffer. I know you were scared, I saw it in your eyes. Somehow I think you know we were not going to be together anymore. The pain of that day is etched in my mind. My heart is broken Maggie, I miss you today more than yesterday. I wish there was a way I could hold you again. I loved holding you. You were my best friend and constant companion. Sometimes I don't think I can go on without you. I know I must my job here is not done. Now you have a job little girl, you have to help Casey and Boo Boo take care of Ronnie, Kelly, and Ryan. They need you. Lay your little head in their laps and tell them how much I love them. Send me a sign so I will know that you are all safe, happy, and together. I LOVE you so very Much! I miss you so much. I love you to the moon and back. Until we are together again, Remember I will always; love you. Mommy....
06-15-2017 Happy Birthday my little angle girl. God how I love and miss you. I honestly believed you would still be here with me on this day. It is so painful to know and so hard for me to believe you are gone. I miss you so very much. I'll bet you and the kids, Ronnie, Kelly, and Ryan are having a big party for you. I also know Boo Boo is with you to give you the piggy hugs you loved so much. I'll be Casey, Ryan and Ronnie are gobbling the cake I sent you. I miss you so much little one. I wish I could hold you one more time. Kiss you a zillion times rub your soft little ears. Remember how I'd hold you and tell you how much I love you. Its so hard here without you. I pray everyday that you are ALL together waiting for the day I join you. It will be a big celebration! I never wanted to lose you Maggie, and I believed you would be here on earth with me until you were 20. I am so sorry you got so sick. It just doesn't seem fair. I find comfort in knowing you are no longer suffering. I would never have let you suffer, I hope you know that my little one. You were so very special. I look at your pictures and although I cry, I smile under the tears because you were so loving, so, pure, and so beautiful! God Mags I miss you. You go romp around and play with the kids and all my fur babies who left before you. Tell them all how much I love and miss them. I hope you love your birthday gifts. You are the very best little girl. God gave me a gift when you came into my life. Eat your cake and all the treats I sent. I hope you are happy my little one. Please send me a sign, I need to know you are happy and healthy. I need to know you are all together. Tell Ryan to send a rabbit tonight, for then I'll know your not alone. I love you to the moon and back. Until we are together again remember; I will always, love you... Mommy
August 2, 2017 My beautiful Maggie God how I miss you. It will be one year tomorrow since you went to the Rainbow Bridge, I honestly hope and pray you are happy and romping around like you did on earth. I love and miss you more everyday. I miss holding you and sleeping with you. I miss your soft fur and ears of velvet. I especially miss your little puggie kisses. I miss everything about you. We went through so much together. I loved you so much Maggie and no matter how many fur babies I have in this life none will be as special as you. You hold a very special place in my heart now and forever. I miss you so very much. I can't think of the day you left it brings so much pain to my heart and tears to my eyes. I pray you are with all of the kids and that Ryan is hugging you and holding you as he did when you both were here. I hope and pray you are playing with Little Boo, Casey, Drufuss, Brandy, and Gretchen. They went before you but I have a feeling they were all waiting when you arrived. I love you so very much. If I only had one more chance to hold you, kiss your fur and hug you one more time oh how special that would be. But one day I'll be there to join you and if there is an eternity we will spend it together. I love you now and forever, over and around the stars to the moon and back, Until we are together again remember, I will always love you....Mommy
8-26-2017 My Little Maggie how I miss you. I loved you so much. You were my best friend. I miss holding you everywhere we went. I miss your little puggie face, you were the cutest little one. We were inseparable. I love and miss you so very much. Ryan loved you so much too. Now he is in heaven with you, please take care of him. I hope he is holding you like he did on earth. Words can't describe the pain I feel. I miss you all so much. I pray you are all together. I have a feeling Ryan was waiting for you when you arrived. Can you please tell Ryan to send me a bunny? That way I'll know everyone is ok and that you are all together. I'm pretty lonely here. But I think I still have a job to do. Maggie you were and are the best!!! I love you to the moon and back. I sent you an apple pie for Ryan and a football so you can watch the Bronco game together. I love You now and always. Until we are together again. Remember, I; will always love you...Mommy
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