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Memories of Madison
Thank you Madison for so many things. For loving me unconditionally, for always being happy to see me, for making me feel better when I was sad, and for just being. You gave me 18 1/2 years of happiness. I hope I made you feel the same way, and never made you feel unloved or neglected. Words can't express how much love I have for you, a piece of my heart will be missing forever. I will treasure every second we spent together, and we did have alot of fun! One of my favorite memories will be the dozens of times driving in the convertible to get ice cream and you and I sharing it, you loved the wind and of course the ice cream! 18 1/2 years is alot of memories I just wish we had 18 more. You were an angel on earth, such a loving fur baby. I don't know how to get on without you? I want to believe with all my heart there is a Rainbow Bridge, so we can be together again, and you can be with Ginger, Tiny, Toby, Annie, and Panda healthy and playing. Goodbye my sweet furangel! I love you always, Mommy

Hi Baby, It's been 1 year since you left me! I am still missing you very much. I hope you hear me when I talk to your picture, and hope you are watching over us, and getting a good laugh over your new brother and sister, they are quite the handful!!! They make me happy, but I am still heartbroken over losing you. It's been a strange year learning to live without you. I pray you are happy and healthy at Rainbow Bridge and making new friends to keep busy until I meet you there one day!! You are gone, but will always remain in my heart forever. I love you more than ever sweet baby. Mommy xoxoxoxo

Hi sweetpea!!!2 Years ago today you took your last breath we me and grandma holding you soooo tight I thought I would break you, I just wanted you to feel how much I loved you once last time. I'm crying today as if it happened today??? These moments are less and less of course but I do think of you almost daily with happy thoughts!! I will always miss you and cry for you from time to time but that's ok!! Alot has happened in the last year which you know and I'm praying you are taking care of little Mason like a good big brother!! Please Maddy, play, protect, and love him as he was just a baby who should not have been taken so soon from us. You and Toby were so lucky to have had so much time on earth, but he wasn't,but I feel better knowing he is with you and Toby just being a happy healthy puppy. You will always have my heart, as you were truly my first "soul mate". Im going to take the mustang for a ride with the top down and go get ice cream, and pretend you are with me like you always were, licking the cone!!! Love you forever and ever!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo Mommy

Hi Baby! just stopping by to say Hello! It will be 1 year sunday, that Mason left us, so I want to write him a letter, but wanted to visit with you first. I really really miss you, and think about you and Toby always! I hope you guys are taking great care of little Mason and you are all having so much fun together, I picture this in my head all the time and pray it's true. I wish you would come visit me in my dreams!! Give Nanny and Papa a kiss for me, I know they are with you and so happy to have you! Can't wait to see you, hug you, and kiss you again one day. I love you more and more every day your not with me. xoxoxoxoxoxo
Hi Sweetpea! 3 years today!!!! It just plain sucks! I think about you a lot, and still miss you so very much, but I have my 2 other little ones to help me, but there still not you. Hope you are doing great playing with nanny and Papa, I know they are with you so that makes me feel better, but still wish you were here with me just being the angel you were. I would love it if you could play with Lola and Tyler it would be so cute to watch you all. I hope you have lots of doggy friends and a big yard with no gate!!! Please know that we all still love you, miss you, and think about you always. Lots and lots of love, Mommy

6/2014 Hi Angel, can it really be 4 years??? Miss you like crazy. You will always be my first true love even if I have a hundred more dogs!!! I tell Lola and Tyler stories about you all the time, I love to talk about you. Hope you are enjoying playing and being free, are you hanging out with Toby and Mason??? Hope so! especially Mason because he is still a baby and needs a big brother. I wish you would visit me sometime. A little sign would be great if you can??? I love you, I miss you, I can't wait to see you again. Love and kisses always-Mommy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Please also visit Mason.

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