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Memories of Maddy Walsh
Today is Thursday Feb 25, Maddy left sometime Monday morning. She was only six, in good health, saw a vet frequently, stayed inside, and wanted it that way. Maddy is a sweet, loving, gentle, good friend. Never harmed anybody, or anything. No reason, no explanation. My Dad now has great friends. I hope David, Maddy, and PC are all hanging out with him. I hope Little Jack is there too, and Scaredy and all of Big Jack's Cats, YASHI and TEDDY and Chief and Gracie and Jack the Dog from Det L, the sweet Nora from next door hopefully has found a crew in all of you. She is a Sweet and Gentle Life, I can still see sweet Violet mewing at my bar door thinking it was hers. I miss them all. I miss seeing the incredible super deluxe Pen Big Jack made, all Cats should have that.
The best part of my day was seeing you and Abby in the morning. I Hope Shamus will find you, she took care of me when I was a Kid, Jack the Dog will help too, he lived with me up on the Mountain top in the DMZ, in Korea. He is brave and strong, a good fighter, he will love and protect you. I still feel you in my mind, and always will. .
. Do not eat too much. I keep thinking about the first time I saw you and Abby, in a cardboard box on the kitchen table. Abby looked at me and meowed. You never said much Maddy. We brought you guys to Dr. Norelli to get checked out, and he said that you had been taken from your mother too soon, and that shots would have to wait. How did you guys know how to use the litter box? That always amazed me. Everything about all you Cats amazed me. Thank you for sharing your life with me, and being my friend, it was an honor. Every cat I see is my friend. Poochie is Dad's dog from when he was a kid, Freckles also, they will be your friends and help guard you. They are Brooklyn Dogs from Sand St , strong and brave. I have been thinking about you all day. I did my taxes on-line today, you are usually snoozing on the bed behind me as I do that. When I come home from Florida, the best part of getting back to Shirley, is having you and Abby come up to say hi, as I come in the house. I remember always being amazed that you knew Ed was home when his truck pulled in. How did you know it was him Madd? It was a crappy house, but it had two true friends, unconditionally happy to see me. .. I miss the way you danced as you walked and tried to trip me, as I stumbled to the bathroom at night. I miss saying goodnight, I will see you in the morning. Most of all I will miss seeing you every morning of my life. I remember sitting in the green chair in my room in Florida, and thinking about you, and suddenly I felt I was looking at the house in Shirley, thru your eyes, I could feel your deep purring, felt you were smiling, and allowing me in. I was, and am, delighted, and astounded by this experience. This happened maybe three times, and if it was not real, it sure fooled me. Maybe all of you special, magical beings, have this connection. I would like some old cat nobody wants,. I like cats a lot more than I like people, generally. It is a lot better world when a cat chooses to share their life with you. This only happens to very lucky people.

many good friends gone in such a short time, so sad, with each passing the world is a much colder and more lonely place. good friends and gentle, magic companions. Knowing them all, has changed me for the better.

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