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Memories of Maddie
Our Maddie came to our home via a doggy transport when she was 13 years old. We wanted to rescue another senior pup after our Fresca died. Fresca was our first rescue dog and first dog that we adopted, she was 7 years old when we got her and 20 yrs old when she passed. I wanted another toy fox terrier and found our Maddie (who had no name and only a number) via a tft rescue site. She had been pulled out of a closed down puppy mill and had been a breeder. Her chances of getting adopted were zero as she had no social skills, was terrified of everything and was old. I fell in love and she traveled from Missouri to California with a week layover in Colorado. While she was in Colorado she got all her vaccinations, her rotten teeth pulled and bonded with the lady who took her in for the week. It was in Colorado where she received her name, Madeline. She was named after the children's book that tells the story of an orphan girl.
We did not have the heart to rename her and she became our little Maddie.
It was a tough first year. Maddie spent the first 3 months hiding under our bed. She only came out to eat, drink water and to scurry to the doggy door that led to an enclosed dog run to do her daily pee/poop. After 3 months we hired a dog trainer who taught us how to gain her trust.... Maddie started leaving our bedrooms to eat in the kitchen and took to the dog bed nestled in the corner of our family room. She would pee on her food as a way of claiming it, she would eat her poop b/c she didn't trust we would feed her, she hated open spaces. We then decided to rescue a puppy. Pineki entered our life as a ball of energy and love! She taught Maddie how to be a real dog! A dog that trusts its pack, trusts there will be food and fresh water everyday, trusts that random moments of getting swooped up and kissed was normal.
Our Maddie became very vocal about her needs and wants!!! As my husband likes to say, "Maddie found her voice"
We miss her so very much and while I know she felt loved and safe with us I so wish I could go back in time and rescue her when she was a puppy! She had the strongest of hearts and was such a happy little girl.... She was our sunshine❣️

Oh my little Maddie,
How I miss you! This year has been one of many changes and I'm not sure how well you would have coped with it all... we are now living in Kauai...it's been a huge change for your sibs...
Every time I'm on the beach with Pineki I think of you...every mochen the roosters crow I think of you, every time I go outside I think of you. I miss you little one... more than you know... or maybe not... I love you forever and ever

Dear dear Maddie,
It has been one week since you have crossed the bridge and I think I have cried enough tears to fill our pool twice over. I know you are in a better place but the memories of your happy little face break my heart as I can only see you in my mind. Do you remember the road trip we all took to Northern Ca.... it was your first one.... you loved it! Do you rember stopping at the Burger King in Maryville? We had a picnic on the lawn... Pineki at up her burger quickly and you took your time... you decided to leave some behind and peed on it to make sure no other dog would eat it!!! We laughed so hard! I love you little Maddie!!!
Love, mum

Oh Maddie, I picked up your ashes today. The staff at our vet clinic were so so sweet.... you got an upgrade on your box and a special frame from them.... you touched their hearts too! I really have no idea how many people have been touched by your strong and happy spirit.... what I miss the most is hearing you bark every morning at 5:30 am... you would wag your tail and your whole body would shake with joy "it's a new day! Yay!"
Seven days a week little Mads.... holidays, weekends it didn't matter! At 5:30 am a new and happy day was starting and you could not wait to share your joy!!!
I love you

Dear Maddie
It is two weeks today that you crossed over to a better place.... heaven must feel so wonderful to you!
Today I took your sister Pineki to the vets for her last blood work sample.... we so wanted to have you with us when we move to Hawaii....
Pineki and I are driving up to Oregon tomorrow for a month or so before our big move.... our house is so empty without you....
Run with the pups Maddie!!! Be happy! I miss you!!!

Oh Mads!!! Today Pineki and I started our road trip to Oregon. You were supposed to be with us.... I almost cancelled our trip because I felt so sad. I am now very glad that I didn't..... Pineki and I stopped at all your favorite rest areas.... I think your scent is still there...lingering amongst the small pebbles.... at one point Pineki refused to leave and kept pawing at the grass.
We also took a detour to Maryville, Ca. We stopped at Burger King and ate on the lawn.... sad to say the little burger you left behind and peed on years ago was gone.... but the memory found a smile within me...especially as I watched a Pineki roll all over the grass area.... maybe she still smells you....
Maddie, I have had so many people tell me what an old soul you were... and due to the beginning of your life you had to learn to survive quickly.... I feel so honored that we found each other.... I gave you the freedom to learn how to be a puppy and to grow into a dog who has a pack.... you taught me to focus on the moment... to enjoy waking up every morning because it is a brand new day!
I love you so much Maddie! It is hard to know that you are gone from my life.... you will always live on in my ❤️

Dear Maddie,
Pineki and I are now in our tiny cottage in Oregon. I found an old blanket of yours and I swear I can smell you! Pineki has claimed it and naps on it during the day. I don't think you would have enjoyed this trip.... it is cold and rainy. Although, you would have enjoyed watching the rain fall. I thought I wouldn't grieve as much here in Oregon but my heart still aches and I so long to see your sweet little face! I love you Maddie!

Oh Maddie
How I miss you!!! Pineki and I have been here in Oregon for almost a month now... Koa joined us two weeks ago.... he kinda freaked out about his travels and I'm sure you would have calmed him down!
I miss you... I miss that I'm not in our home ... where I know you are there... but I know you are here too.... you loved this little cottage!! We were a definite pack here!!!
Maddie, I feel you slipping away... I don't sense you hovering around me anymore.... I do believe it is our time to say goodbye 💔💞
You brought so much joy and life into our home and for such a tiny girl you had a loud voice!!!
Go on girly!!! Go play with your friends, don't worry about us!!! Go be happy and be loud!!!
I love you little Maddie!!! And always will

Dear Maddie
It has been almost 4 months since you have been gone. Dad finally sold our home in CA and is now in Oregon with me, Pineki and Koa. You remember this home! You loved it! We all lived together in a 400 sq foot cabin and you were so happy!! I've missed you something awful. Pineki and I walk the beach daily and always send a message of love to you little Maddie and the hole in my heart that you left will take a long time to heal.
But, don't worry about me.... go play with your new friends!
I love you little Mads!!!

Little Mads we miss you!! Dad being here in Oregon just made it so clear that you are gone. I miss you!!!! Our move to Hawaii is next month and we so thought you'd be with us. I think of you everyday and miss you so much.... I know Pineki's getting use to being the alpha in our home but you are never far from my heart

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