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Memories of Maddie
Miss Maddie,

As I set here trying to decide what exactly are the right words to say about you I realize there are no right words. I can never explain to anyone the bond we shared. I am sure many know or think they know the kind of love we shared.
When I first saw your picture on the spca website I knew in my heart you were going to be mine. I could not get past how such a beautiful pup was in a shelter and no one had adopted you yet. So that's where our story began.
The time from submitting my application to holding you in my arms as we left the shelter was 1 week. I thought as I walked out carrying you "oh my , my life is about to change." And change it did. I looked forward to the next 12 + years with you. Never did I imagine it would be cut to 3 1/2. Maddie you were such a stubborn little girl. You always did exactly what you wanted when you wanted. But not a day went by I didn't laugh at you and the silly puppy antics. As the summer passed you grew into the most beautiful girl. I would set and watch you run the fields so care free. Those days melted my heart.
Then the day came you were just 2 years old. I put your flea meds on you and it burnt your skin. From that time on you spent most of your days with very little fur or none at all. That didn't matter to me because in my eyes you were still my beautiful Maddie Moo. Together we fought this skin infection for the rest of your days with me. For reasons even the vet couldn't figure out your fur just wouldn't grow back. It wasn't until the day I let you go to Rainbow bridge that we finally knew why. The skin infections never healed because your meds were fighting so many other problems.

The day you left me was just like any normal day. You had your breakfast and I went to work. Britt called and said you weren't feeling well and you were stretching your tummy like a dog bloating does. I wasn't too worried because I knew you were tacked for bloat, I just figured you weren't feeling well. After work I went to a charity event for Easter Seals. Had I known how sick you were I swear my love I never would have gone. When I got home I took one look at you and knew something wasn't right. So off to the ER vet we went. Thankfully Dr. Crystal was on call. Maddie I never expected to lose you that evening. Dr. Crystal x rayed to see what was going on and what she found shocked me. I never once imagined you were so very sick. I am usually very intuned to how my fur kids are... I can't help constantly asking myself "How did I miss this?" Dr Crystal found a mass in your colon so big it was pushing your tummy towards your chest cavity causing it to bloat. She found your heart defect... your heart never fully developed and you had a stage 4 heart murmur. Baby girl you were dying before my very eyes. It was then I knew I couldn't let you suffer any longer. It was time to let you run free at Rainbow Bridge.
It breaks my Heart Maddie to know I will never see you on this earth again and to know I can no longer hold you or kiss your nose. But I find great comfort knowing that you are waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge and together we will cross into Gods kingdom.
Rest Easy sweet girl... your forever in my heart.... I love and miss you so much.

I fell in love with a Great Pyrenees
Right from the very start
When she looked into my eyes,
I quickly lost my heart.
A breed of highest courage
A rescue dog of old,
Intelligent and devoted
With a heart of purest gold.
Sprawled beside my chair at night,
Or sharing play outside
I cant imagine life without
My Maddie by my side.
Today I lost my beautiful sweet girl
life will never be the same...but she will
live on within our hearts
where she will never die...

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