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Memories of MADDIE
I read this at one of the residencies here and thought it was so beautiful I thank the loving parent who allowed me to use this to help describe our love for our precious girl Maddie..

She was our eyes that saw above the clouds, our ears that heard even above the winds. She was the part of us that reached clear out to the sea.

She told us a thousand times over that we were her reason for being; by the way she rested her head against our legs, by the way she thumped her tail at our smallest smile.

When we were wrong she was delighted to forgive us.

When we were angry she would clown just to make us smile.

When we were happy her joy was unbounded.

She was loyalty at it's best.

She taught us the meaning of devotion.

With her we knew secret comfort and private peace.

She brought us understanding where before we were ignorant.

Her head on our knees could cure any human hurts.

Her presence by our side protected us against all our fears of unknown things.

She has promised to wait for us however long it takes for us to complete our journey on this side.

She was our Maddie always and forever more.

I have made it thus far baby,this is so hard, Kaizer and you in less then 3 months sometimes the heartache is alot forgive me for not finishing your story as this moment. It is hard I will write as my heart will allow me to. I do know this my precious one you were the best of the best, never ever did you ever cause one ounce of trouble always willing to please and obey. Mine and daddy's special girl, always and forever.
Happy Thanksgiving in heaven baby, this one is hard. Our home is so much less happy on this day because we have lost you and Kaizer, the one comfort I do take is that you, he and your sister Princess are together again in heaven. Oh my there are days that my heart hurts I miss you so much. It is amazing of all our furries you were the one who as daddy puts it, "we never knew was on the place", with the exception of dinner time. You and Kaizer were our first children together our blended family, I am so happy when I got daddy that you came with the package just as I know he is happy that when he got mommy Kaizer came with his package. We love you baby girl and we hold you up to the heavens today, with grateful hearts that we were able to have been touched by your love and devotion. Love mommy
Yesterday I was so sad I missed u so much, I got the video of you out the last one it was then that I realized that it was time for you to go to meet your brother you were so sick even laying with your toys you just didn't have the spark in your eye, you were so tired. I know that now that the cancer was bigger than your spirit but now I do in my heart that you are once again restored to perfect health and are once again running and playing in the fields of heaven
This morning I realized even though you in all the years you were with us never got into any trouble not one time, you never had to be corrected, the worse thing you ever did was to use the bathroom in the house when you had a kidney infection. My beautiful girl, it is amazing to me even with 6 left here how very empty our lives are without our precious Maddie. We love you girl and today especially I think of you it is snowing and mommy always knew how much you looked forward to our daily snow trips outside. Gosh I just wish you could have stayed a little longer you know like forever!!! We miss you baby girl
Good morning baby girl,as you know your mommy thinks different than most peoples and today I am thinking that if I could I would move to the most remote part of the woods with my puppies and daddy and sit on the porch watching them grow old and thanking God each minute for them and the love they give. Life is tough and sometimes I miss you and brother so much, I still have your brothers and sisters here they get me thru the rough days. The holidays are hard for mommy I feel so alone without my mom and daddy and without you and Kaizer and Princess, they seem so empty now. Some days I wonder will that ever change, who knows but this I do know that I feel honored and blessed to have been loved by you , and the other babies. Nothing can compare to the love you get from your puppies.
Love you Maddie to the moon and back
Today baby girl was the best day of the year for me , today we are snowed in 27 inches and counting and I thought of you and bubby and our last years "snow adventures"..in my heart I knew it would be Kaizer's last Christmas snow but I never thought it would be yours . You were sick then but you wouldn't let on your beautiful loyalty showing thru to us .... you hiding your pain. Mommy loves you baby girl and this morning we missed our girl with us on our snow adventure, mommy loves you as much as all the snow in the sky.
Merry Christmas baby girl.
Our beautiful quiet angel we missed you so much, for Christmas this year. Mommy couldn't hang the stockings because it was too painful for you not to be here, to lay and whine because you knew your treats were in there. My smart girl you were the only one who ever knew. Gosh we miss you but are forever grateful that we had you to love.
Our beautiful little girl,this morning I was upstairs getting dressed and I heard a bark, well you know mommy knows everyone's bark, and it was your bark. I ran downstairs to see what if I was crazy then I smiled I knew it was you sending mommy a sign to let her know that you are still right here with me in my heart. We love you sweet Maddie Girl never ever ever were you one ounce of trouble you were the perfect girl maybe this is why our hearts are still so heavy or maybe not MAYBE the love is just so strong that it would be impossible not to miss you and feel our grief.
We love you baby girl forever and always.
Good morning Maddie Girl mommy was just sitting here thinking of what a good girl you were, we miss you so much daddy and I are going to work in the yard today, you always loved to lay and watch us except when it was hot. We would always laugh at how you would go out to do your business but run for the house and the air. You were so good even when you were sick, you never let on how much pain you were in. In my opinion every human should know the love of a golden retriever it makes you a better person. We love you baby.
good morning angel today mommy was thinking of the most present memory in her mind of you and it always comes back to the first year we put up your stockings there were only 4 of you...Kaizer , you, Lucky and Buddy, you layed there in the floor whining and we couldn't figure out why. We knew something was wrong you because you never whined or complained about anything. Then you daddy discovered it ... the bone in your stocking you were whining because you knew it was in there and you wanted it ....that was the cutest thing ever. My smart girl, God I miss you. and your quiet spirit. One day my girl we will be together and I know you will be the same sweet girl you were here. We love you and miss you oodles.
My precious girl it is snowing here today and I was just thinking about how much you loved the snow and the roaming around in it. Old Girl has taken up your part in that. I was watching her this morning and it came to me that everything is for a reason. How ironic that we gained two the year we lost you and Kaizer. Old Girl is so much like you with her humble spirit and her love and affection. She is also a loner like you were. I think that you and bubby knew that daddy and I needed to have two special ones to help our human minds be occupied as to their needs so we would not be so sad ... thank you honey you did it we do all this for each of you that we lost. We love you and miss you but count ourselves blessed to have been loved by you.
Hello baby girl, mommy is a very sad girl right now, as I sit here I close my eyes and think of Chancey she was a beautiful girl that passed in a horrible accident, and it has devastated us. Please send prayers to us today. We love you girl of ours always and forever.
Our life does go on but a little less sweeter because you are not in it. I wish or how I wish each of you could live forever but just as we will not be able to do that I know you won't either. Love to you precious baby I hope you are enjoying every step you take in heaven. Cancer free, healthy and whole once again. I love you baby girl our innocent angel
Love Mommy
Our beautiful baby girl, we miss you so much. It seems that everytime there is a TV commercial that a golden is on it. Gosh you were the best dog ever and we miss you more than ever. It is so hard to believe that you have been gone almost a year. I am thankful and most grateful that you were allowed to be our beautiful child for as long as God lent you to us. Mommy and daddy miss you alot. I wish you a happy Spring in heaven.
My beautiful baby girl mommy misses you so much. Yesterday at the lake I saw two beautiful goldens they reminded me so much of you. The quiet angel our friend. Maddie our dear human friend Sharyn has joined you please greet her at the gates so she can follow you to the beautiful meadows to see all her loved ones both human and fur let her know that we will always be grateful for her love and devotion to those beautiful lost souls on this side. We love you Maddie Girl always have always will...
Love mommy
My beautiful baby girl it is so hard to know that you have been gone one year today. It doesn't see so to me but I know that is because the love and the bond we share will live on forever. It seems as though each of you show me a sign on special anniversaries usually in the form of a rescue. I thank you my dear sweet gray faced lady for being the kindest and most noble dog I have ever had the pleasure of loving. I miss you baby more than words can ever say
My beautiful girl...faithful is the word that comes to my mind today as I think of you. Your new brother Turbo has your faithfulness...he follows me from room to room. He is only two and a handful but once again I thank you and God for bringing me another soul in your honor. We love you baby lots and lots
Today my daddy celebrates his 14th anniversary in heaven and I want you, Kaizer and Princess to find him and to spend the whole day with him. He too loved puppies and I am sure has found all those beautiful babies he has lost over the years. I miss you baby girl our perfect child always and forever
Good morning angel, today the word faithful comes to mind when I think of you..such a good girl never ever did you try to run off or be anywhere but near us. Sometimes I sit and think of how long you were ill and hiding it just so daddy and I wouldn't be sad. Goldens oh my, how they have the loyalty gene like no other. I wouldn't trade our life for a million dollars. I love you still baby and I think of you so very often,we miss you baby
Today it is a chilly morning it will be snowing soon. I looked at the picture of you, Kazier and Bud Jones today Kaizer all buried in the snow and you standing over him.. You two were the first children daddy and I ever shared. Thank you baby girl for the love and devotion you so beautifuly gave to us. We love always
Happy November baby girl...mommy knows this is the beginning of your favorite time of the year. I will miss our snow days together. Love you
11/9/10 My baby girl you were and always will be the bestest doggy ever. I found your blue toy today and put it with your things, we miss you so very much. We love you babies!!
Maddie Girl it is so beautiful here today, the pups and I played outside some we miss you and bubby especially now when Winter is coming it was your favorite time of the year. We love you precious always have always will!!
My beautiful baby girl there is no doubt that you have the biggest brightest angel wings ever in heaven..for you were an angel on this earth. We miss you alot baby and wish you all the good health your body can hold in heaven.
Our beautiful baby girl, another one saved a golden, in your honor. Always will miss you my baby girl, especially on sunny days like this when you used to love to lay outside in the sunshine. Take care of Kai Kai, love now and forever and always Amen!!
Good morning baby girl, I sit here thinking of you today and how you gave to us one of the most simple but yet lasting gifts we are able to receive as humand the "simplicity" of you giving to us your love...which is the most pure and noble thing a golden can give their hearts...and you did baby and you also took a small piece of ours with you that day you left us. May you know always that we will hold you close in our hearts and that you will always be a part of our "earthly story". We love you baby girl and miss you dearly!!
Neil Young has a song, that says..."long may you live my friend..." for you our dear Maddie that will be forever, because you live forever in our hearts, we miss you baby girl so very much
Yesterday daddy and I talked alot about you and Kaizer and how we missed you both so much. No matter who may come and go into our lives there will only ever be one Maddie Girl, so sweet so sweet indeed and never an ounce of trouble or confusion. We love you baby girl and are proud to have been able to borrow you from heaven for awhile
Love Mommy
I left you an extra bone this morning baby so you could share one with Old Girl, she came to be with you, Kaizer & Princess yesterday,this morning was very hard when I fed the others to not have her here to sit with while she ate. She always ate slower than the others like you, watch over her baby in heaven give her lots of kisses from mommy and daddy, we love you very much.
Just thinking about you today baby girl!!
My beautiful girl, you were such a simplistic gal never asked for anything with the exception of that bone we would put into your Christmas stocking each year, you would lay and whine til I gave it to you. Such beautiful memories my angel, I love you forever and ever.
I am just simply grateful to have had you in my life....
My beautiful baby it is so hard to believe that you have been gone from us for two years...we miss you always your kindness and quiet spirit will never be replaced. We will always hold you close in our hearts...we are grateful to have had you to love.
"Amazing" that would be the word that I could use to describe you... what an amazing puppy dog always and forever calm and just GOOD!!! We love you baby girl. Today I ask that you meet a very special gentleman he is SIssy's daddy, Usdi's mom, I know you have met Usdi, help him to the tips of the rainbows so he can show his family that he has made it to heaven where he will now and forever be healthy and youthful. We miss you Maddie Girl everyday.
Today I was looking at the face of a Golden who worked as a rescue dog in the 9/11 attacks..it made me stop to think what a wonderful rescue dog u would have been with all your perserverence and your compassion..you were a rescue dog to us our dear sweet Maddie girl, you never said a word when we would "drag" in another lost soul who needed us ... you would just teach them that you were the "queen" and that you would be nice to them and teach them manners and play with them but that they had to have respect for you was the most wonderful thing to watch...you were never mean, just so human-like in your actions. We miss you my girl....you and all of you ... we miss you so
As I get ready today to take four beautiful dogs to a rescue I think of you and how you were one of the lucky ones...you never saw the pain and the neglect that many see...I thank you Maddie for being ours and for giving us all the joy and love our hearts could hold. Please watch over all the wonderful angels here on earth as we each start this journey with these babies to a hopeful and better life ... Watch over each of us from heaven sending favor and grace to these beautiful souls.
My baby girl mommy had to erase for the first time tonight so I could make room to write more to you, I will always hold you close in my heart . I love you my precious one forever and always
Say a special prayer for us today, I am taking Beasley back to the Doctor for a check up...our prayer on this side is that he is doing better...if not that he will understand that we just don't ever want to see him suffer. His daddy spent most of the day Sunday with him, I could tell Maddie he was saying "good-bye" in his own way...he has been a good friend to us and we are grateful to have been part of his life.
I left you a stick to play with at your site, that stick reminded me of how you and Sadie would play for hours with your sticks, now you both are in heaven.. I miss you baby girl, another Christmas is coming without you, although our home if full it is a little less happy without you here for the holidays. We love you always dear sweet Maddie
I love you
My beautiful girl sometimes I sit and look out the windo here to your favorite spot and I can just see you and your beautiful golden tail like a fan, as you would stroll along the yard. We miss you baby girl
My angel your human brother is leaving for Afghanistan in 9 days, please send your light and love to him, watch over him Maddie...we need to have him back home safe with us. I love you my girl
My dear Maddie I was reading a litttle of your residency, it is amazing how time passes, the sun is so bright today, a very unusual January here it is warm....last year this time it was cold and snowing...you loved to play in the snow, I can close my eyes and see you rolling in the snow like you loved to do. I miss you Maddie always.
My beautiful baby girl, another beautiful senior is finding it's home in Culpepper Va today, I do hope you are smiling down from heaven on us . I love you baby girl always and forever.
My beautiful angel, Summer has come and left is mostly by now and sadly once again with the passing of the seasons we lost two more ....your brother Buddy and Belinda ..both due to old age and health, I will write their residencies as soon as my heart will allow ..I guess once again I must say that is the price for loving and old dog..but it was so worth it. I love you my precious angel and I miss you so each and everyday.
My beautiful girl, today I am rejoicing thru some wonderful people we have found a hiome for a golden..I am sooooo excited about getting this girl out of the situation and intio a good home. May all the angels with fur in heaven rejoice with me today ...as another one is saved
My love today once again my mind came back to the Christmas stocking story...I miss you so much Maddie Girl, always in my heart forever and ever.
Today I sit here as Jack lays his big white head on me..thinking of all the love and devotion that has been given to me over the years in the form of a dog...no matter what or who enters into my life I do know that beyond God there is no more precious love than the unconditional love between a man and his dog.. I love you Maddie.
Hello Maddie Girl today it is raining here and I can remember how you hated the rain you would quickly go out and right back in. Thursday I will be rescuing a beautiful little golden that had a really bad start to life, but thanks to Ms Carol at the golden retriever rescue is now going to get that second chance. Love you baby girl always and forever
My beautiful girl , it is snowing here today and as Scooby who is 17 now sits outside loving the snow fall I can't help but think of you and how much you loved the snow. We miss you always our angel of fur. I am doing so much work with the golden retriever rescue now and each time I think of you! Thank you for just being you the most gentle of dogs I will always hold you close in heart
Good morning baby girl mommy has left your candle for the service tonight I will see you at 9 pm , I will be thinking of each of you tonight. I love you baby girl
Hello sweet baby mommy loves you, there will never be another Maddie Girl so quiet and so angelic...you were the perfect dog. There are so many out there I just wish I could save them all, but there are days when it seems that none will be in this path.
I had to erase for the 1St time baby girl, so I could write to you more...I love you always and though some of the words had to be erased from your page you will never be erased from our hearts. I love you so
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight I love you always
Mommy has left your Valentine's stuff I hope you have a beautiful day of love with all those babies that have gone on. And especially with all your siblings there. We love you
Mommy was just looking at the video of you that I took the day you left us. You were so sick baby girl, you just lay there so sweet with your toys. It was if you were saying, I am tired mommy it is ok. I am ready. I miss you baby especially today when the snow is really deep, you loved to play out. You and Old Girl both. I hope you find some snow in heaven and play til your heart can play no more
You were the perfect dog...never ever did anything but love ...oh how we miss you
Mommy changed your residency to Spring today, I planted my tulips I know how much you loved the sun. We love you baby and miss you s o
My beautiful angel girl, I miss you everyday. Sometimes this old world can get a person down, but I always knew and know now with the others that there is unconditional love...that we can receive on this side...the love of our animals!!!
Mommy has left your St. Patty's Day stuff, I hope you and all the babies enjoy a very green and beautiful day in heaven on St. Patty's Day
Mommy has left your candle for your service tonight sending loves all the way to heaven
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight
Another week has come and you are there and we are here. Left your candle for the service tonight
Happy Spring my angel
Here I am again to leave a candle. Your brother Scooby came to be with you last week. I will begin a residency for him as soon as my heart will allow
Hello sweetness today it is storming and I think of how you used to be so afraid. It is a comfort to know that you are no longer in a place where the thunder can frighten u. Rest well my angel.
My beautiful girl I miss you so much your beautiful spirit fills our hearts and our home always and forever. I wish you and all the others a beautiful Summer in heaven.
it is almost 5 years since we sent you to heaven , it seems like yesterday. I miss your sweetness and your kind spirit everyday.
My baby I left your candle for your service tonight.
Sometimes I think of you old babies and how you would handle Bella Sue and all her energy. Oh my she is such a plaything. I remember when you and Sadie would wrestle like she and Turbo do now. I love you baby and miss you each and everyday.
Happy New Year my precious beautiful baby. I miss you always another year has come and gone without you.
Six years ...my oh my it sure doesn't seem that long. You were and have always been my special sweet girl. Turbo has the black color and your brothers eyes but he has your golden hair he looks a lot like you when he is walking through the yard. He is so special. Lucy is 15 now and the only one of you left. I miss you Maddie. I had the pleasure of transporting a beautiful sweet English Setter this past week and she was so gentle. Her spirit reminded me a lot of yours. I think of you often my girl and I love you always and forever.
It is snowing today, you always loved the snow. I miss you my quiet precious angel.
Beautiful girl all this snow reminds me of you so very much . I wish you were here to enjoy it but I know we all have an appointed time to leave this earth. I am just forever grateful that you were one of the lucky ones. From the day you were born you never lived on a chain, or suffered. You were loved always. Thank you my precious, I know you gave me so much more to us than we gave to you. I love you always I miss you each and everyday.
My beautiful girl, watch over mommy today. I am off to get another beautiful one to it's foster home. She is a 7 year old English Setter named Callie, she has lived most of her life outside, now she is going to make her home in the mountains and the arms of a foster mom in WV. I am so excited for her and her journey. I am also so thankful my beautiful girl that you never ever had to endure any of the horrors that I see in rescue and that some of your siblings have seen. I love you my precious golden girl forever and ever more.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight.I love you baby girl. It is snowing I am thinking of you.
The snow has melted, I hear your daddy having a big conversation in the next room with Bella. She has been outside enjoying the grass. LOL She isn't like you, she isn't very fond of the white stuff. I miss you baby girl.
My love my baby girl I think of your gentle spirit so often.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight
Mommy has left your Easter things. I love you my precious . I was able to pet a pretty golden last night.
Almost 7 years, it seems like yesterday. I miss you Maddie. You were the most gentle soul. I love you to the moon and back three times over.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I can only imagine all of you gathering your love and light to send to all of us down here, I love you
It is a dreary day here , a good day that you would love to be snoozing on the couch. I miss you precious golden girl
I remember you so often my girl. You are and always will be the bestest dog ever. NEVER anything you did that wasn't to please us.
My beautiful girl, you were always the one that just was so present in the moment. Today your sister Bella has decided to spread the ink from an ink pen to the carpet. But My angel mommy still cant' be mad at her...I think as I sit here, not one thing you ever did that I had to yell at you. You were my angel baby always
I know I go on and on about your gentle spirit but it was so amazing...I could go on and on forever. You were so sweet Maddie, I miss you so. I think of all the fun times we had as I put up the Christmas stockings how you would whine because you knew your bone and toy were in there. I put them away after you left us. I wanted that to be our tradition. And it will be .
You always made me smile. Never had a bad moment. A typical golden girl. I miss you my precious girl
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I love you my precious.
My darling angel I never fail to think of you at Christmas and how you would whine at your stocking when you knew you had a toy in it. I love you Maddie always and always and always
Christmas is nearing ... a whole remains where you were.
You were always our calming force here. You never got excited. I sit here even now thinking back and I can't even think of one time. I love you always
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. I love you Maddie
My precious Maddie, today as I gave Buddy Jones his pain meds I thought of you. I can remember like it was yesterday, you started those meds for your pain management and cancer, only days later we would say goodbye. I look back now and I truly believe that you were sparing us the pain of your suffering. You were always the kind gentle soul and I think of you always. I love you
I always think of you as I cleaned your urn today. You were my gentle girl. I am thinking Lucky will be joining you soon. Send us grace and send us wisdom as to when her time will come. As always I pray that they go on their own terms but that hasn't ever been our case. I always think they just don't want us to be sad so they hang on. I love you Maddie
My sweet girl, you still stay so sweet in my mind. I truly can never remember you getting into trouble. You had the most sweet and gentle spirt. I love you my angel girl always and forever more.
Hello precious angel puppy, I have some news for you. Lucky Girl has made her journey to you and the others. She left us at 10 am on the 9th of February. Watch for her welcome your sister. I love you always and forever my gentle sweet girl.
Hello sweetness I hope you had a beautiful Valentines day in heaven. We brought Lucky's ashes home today. She is now in the cabinet with you.
Hello baby it is rainy and cool here all your siblings are napping just like I know you would be. I miss you angel.
My sweet girl, today we have had some bad storms. I think of you and how afraid you were of the storms. I must sit and smile that I know you will never again heart thunder, or feel the storms coming. You now see only sunshine and beautiful skies. I love you my precious golden girl and I miss you always.
My sweet girl I miss you so much especially when there is a sunshiney day. Life goes on but for us it is a little less sweet with out Maddie Girl not here.
The snow is falling here today. I remember so well how you used to get excited to go out and snow play as we called it here. No one left that likes that except Jack. He loves to lay outside with the snow falling on him. I miss you lots pretty girl.
Happy Memorial Day weekend in heaven precious angel. I think of you and all the others and remember you with a smile during this time of rememberence
Happy Fall baby, it is cold here and Thanksgiving will be here soon. The older Turbo gets despite his black coat he reminds me of you so much. How he walks, his battle with his weight because of his immune issues. I miss you baby it is hard to believe it has been 8 years since you spent a Thanksgiving with us. I love you always Maddie Girl.
Happy New Year in heaven baby girl. It is snowy and cold here. Jack has taken your spot. You would love to go out side and lay on the back deck in the snow....he does the same thing now.
I love you always Maddie Girl.
Good morning baby girl the snow is falling...I know you would have been right in it. Yesterday as I was leaving Turbo followed me out...He lay down in your spot and the snow covered him. He reminds me so much of you. If he had yellow fur instead of black a Maddie he would be. I love you sweet girl and I have left your Valentine's Day things.
Hello angel ...mommy has stopped in to leave your candle for the service tonight....Lead all the others to the service and I will be thinking of you as the service begins
Hello sweet girl, it is snowing here today. I have left your St. Patty's Day things. I miss you Maddie Girl. Your brother BJ is getting very feeble I am sure he will be joining you and the others within this season. I love you Maddie and I want you to meet him at the gate. He is a gentle soul just like you were, teach him where all the great sites are up there and take care of him when he comes.
Hello angel girl Mommy has left your Easter basket. I miss you Maddie. You were such a sweet angel always.
Hello my beautiful sweet angel. Mommy has left you some white roses and a single candle gather at the gate your brother Bud-Jones Jarvis has joined you.
Mommy's heart is sad but as soon as I am able I will give him a beautiful tribute page with the rest of you. I love you my precious angel girl. Now gather at the gate with your flowers and candle so Bubby can find his way to you.
Tomorrow begins Fall, you always liked the cooler weather. We talk of you so often Maddie and what a good girl you were. We miss you and hope you have had a terrific Summer in heaven. Always and forever in our hearts my precious girl, ALWAYS and FOREVER!
My sweet girl, I am just sitting here thinking of you and how you loved when the weather started to change I miss you so much and your sweet sweet spirit.
Thinking of you my sweet angel baby, I love and miss you so very much.
Hello angel baby, yesterday a friend Tia left for the journey to Rainbow Bridge, gather with all the others and meet her so she will feel welcome when she gets there. I have left your candle to light her way.
Hello sweet girl, mommy left your St. Patty's Day things so you can celebrate with all the others at the bridge. I wish you a day spent playing in the green green meadows of heaven.
Have a beautiful day sweet girl. I often long for another Golden just to see the sweet spirit they carry. I don't know though if one could ever have the spirit you did, always so sweet and kind. With the exception of trying to get you out of Laurel Creek LOL ...oh my what a fun day that was and so many memories made.
The sun is shining today I am sure you would have been out there with me, sweet girl. 3,509 days and we still miss you like it was yesterday.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight, gather the others and send us light and love from above
Happy April 1st baby, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight gather with the others and shine light and love down to us.
Baby girl, gather the others and say a special prayer for your brother Turbo. He will be coming to the bridge tomorrow, his legs are done. We are very sad but also very grateful for the time we have had with him. I love you Maddie Girl always and forever.
Hello precious sweet angel girl, mommy has left you a birthday cake today, so you and all the others can gather to help my human mama celebrate her 93rd birthday in heaven.
Happy Good Friday in Heaven sweet angel, may you have a beautiful day with our risen Lord!!
Good morning baby girl, I am sitting here thinking of you and how you were such a sweet sweet baby. Oft times I long for another Golden, we are now a pack of two plus daddy and I so we will wait to see what God has in store for us. I look at Jack asleep at my feet. He is an old man now, but pretty healthy. He is almost 13 and that is a long life for a Pyrenese. You each have given so much I think of you all and each breed becomes the one that I need LOL but I think I will let God do the bidding this time, he will send a baby just for us I know. I miss you Maddis even 9 years later I miss you so much!
Good morning beautiful!! The sun is shining here today and I miss you still and always sweet girl.
The breeze is blowing today, as I sat outside this morning I thought of how you would have enjoyed laying on the porch as the breeze blew in. I miss you sweet girl, thus far besides Bud-Jones there has not been a soul so gentle and sweet in our pack, we love you always girl.
Beautiful girl, I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day in heaven spent with all those who have walked the bridge before us.
It is so hard for me to believe that it has been almost 10 years since you and KaiKai left us. You were ours, the only two that started our life with us, the only two that were not rescues, yet you both welcomed in those lost souls over the years. You especially with love and kindness. I miss your sweet spirit Maddie Girl, so gentle and so kind. I often think of what we will do when we are choosing another one. I often think I want a golden, then I think I don't know if I can ever find one that will be as sweet as you. But more than likely as always I won't have to worry about that ...they usually find us.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight, guide the others to the bright lights of heaven to send us a shining star to let all of us humans know you are with us always just inside our hearts.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight, guide the others to the light so they can shine it down on us from heaven above, sweet girl Jacko fell going up the stairs last night. I know in my heart that it won't be long before it is time for him to join you and the others. I pray he can just go to sleep. He is such a beautiful and sweet soul, but my oh my the blessing of his life. He is now 13 and that is amazing in Pyrenesse years so watch over him and us as we face another senior leaving us soon.
Good morning sweet girl, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Love you angel and miss you lots.
Today I am sad sweet girl, I miss your gentleness. So many times I cried into your fur and you were always there for me no matter what. I love you angel always and forever.
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight...gather with all the others to send us love and light from above.
Summer is fading fast here, you loved the snow. I think especially of you and Old Girl and how you loved the snow, and oh yeah Scooby, he was a snow dog for sure. I wish you a beautiful day in heaven my golden angel.
Hello, sweet Maddie, I often think of you and how I haven't been lead to a Golden Girl since you left us. Jack is still with us, he is getting feeble and is sleeping soundly as I type this. He like you is a gentle soul and when he leaves he will be the last one that knew you. Of course our Bella is still on the move, lol...oh the joy of a Boxer. She was our first that came to us and in our hearts she can never be our last as she is so full of life. I think back to the time with I had 8 babies in this house we were overflowing with love and personality. But as time passes and you each left us, and we are now older we only have two and soon I fear one. But rest assured even though our age won't allow us to have a pack we will love the one we have with just as much compassion and heart as we loved each of you. Thank you Maddie for allowing us to be your humans!!
Mommy has left your candle for the service tonight lead the others to the bright night stars so they can shine light and love down to us,
Mommy has left you some Christmas things. I miss you sweet girl and I think of you so often. You truly were our angel. Never ever did you do one thing wrong. Soooo sweet. I miss those days of having my pack.
Hello sweet girl, I wanted to tell you that you will have a new friend there. Her name is Molly. She is a yellow girl like you. Don't forget to gather with her and show her all the beautiful sites of Heaven. I know you each will welcome her in and introduce her to the Angels up there. Rest well sweet Maddie always in our hearts.
Good morning sweet girl, mommy has left your balloons so you can help celebrate the close of the year and the beginning of a new decade. I love you always and I miss you always. You will forever be our Golden girl.
Mommy left your candle for the service tonight.
Well angel mommy has now put your brothers Turbo and Jack here with their residencies. You are all together now, we are a family of one furbaby now. I still miss you sweet girl especially at Christmas time. You always loved your stocking.
Good morning sweet Maddie it is snowing here today. Yesterday I was in a store and saw a stocking with a picture of a Golden on it. It took me back to the days that you my sweet sweet girl would whine until we would get your new toy out of your stocking..You loved your toy you would get every year. I miss you and I love you always sweet gentle soul.
Good morning sweet girl daddy and I were looking at pictures of Goldens and we thought gosh I want you back. Thank you for loving us baby girl.
Hello sweet baby girl, it is snowing here today, I love how you used to just go out and lay in the snow. You were and always be our Maddie Girl. I hope you had a beautiful New Year up there in Heaven this year, we miss you like we just lost you yesterday.
Good morning baby, mommy has left your candle for the service tonight. Lead the others to the rainbow so you can send love and light from Heaven to us.
Good morning sweet girl, mommy misses you lots
Mommy has left your things for your Valentine's Day in Heaven. Enjoy your day with all the others tomorrow, We miss you so very much
Good morning sweet Maddie, I just wanted to stop by for a visit today and to tell you that you are missed so very much.
Merry Christmas in Heaven baby girl I miss you always and forever.
Hello sweet angel. Fall is here and I miss you still. I will always remember how you would bury yourself in the snow I miss you sweet girl always and forever. You truly were the best dog we ever had! Rest well baby!
Happy Spring in Heaven my sweet gentle girl!

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