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Memories of Macy
To the the dog who saved my life 3 times, the walks we shared that would have taken us from Rhode Island to South Florida,who never whimpered while in pain.....please Macy..... let me see you again. Daddy misses you so much! I love you.I don't think that I could ever thank you enough for finding me and bringing me stability. When I came home, you were always the first one to greet me with so much excitement even though I had been gone just for a few hours before.

While I was working you always let me kmow you were close by but never interrupted.

You were a champion amongst champions in the "dog world" but you were just "MACY" to me. I now visit the dogpark often. I reach down and touch your plaque. I left flowers and a message the other day. I can not even whisper your name in private as it breaks my heart.

Please look for me when I crossover, as your eyes will be the first that I look for. I will be looking for the most beautiful black labrador retriever puppy.

Love is not a strong enough of a word to describe the way that I feel for you sweetie.....and I am in so much pain after your departure. Forgive me for the moments I could have paid attention to you and didn't.We fought a good fight until the end....didn't we girl? You will never be #2 to anyone else

Just wanted to let you know a single day does not go by when I don't think about you. Look after Ginger and Calli.. I hope you are all playing in a beautiful Meadow without any pain

I'd give up all I have to spend another hour with you.

Daddy loves you girl and my heart is so broken.

Feb.11th 2013- Macy.....it has been a little over a week since you departed. I stopped at the Dog Park today to see your plaque. The flowers that I put there on Saturday were still there.
Although wilted, the red of the carnations were still brightly showing. They say time heals all but it has not begun on me as of yet.....for I miss you and hurt so much today. Love you girl!.

Feb.19th 2013- Macy......I had someone mention about the butterfly garden that I built .....now in your memory. I went to the dog park and placed flowers on your plaque. Calli is coming along but Macy ...you were oh so special and you will never be #2 to anything. I love you, need you........and oh so depend on our memories to make me smile. Neighbors have been asking about you. Butterfly lites light up at night so I can see and think of you then. LOVE YOU MACY!!!

Feb 25th....Macy I went to the dog park Saturday and saw a beautiful Black Lab that looked somuch like you. She was beautiful and even Calli nuzzled with her. I was so much wanted to believe it was you walking towards me. Love you girl!!

June 14th.....Macy ......As I went by your memorial plaque outside in the garden, the song that always makes me think of you "In Dreams"....came on and played. I gasped as I listened and cleared your memorial off. I just felt the loss over again and cried all over. Calli is coming along still. I take her to the dog park and I always kneel down to touch your name. Although I know I have not been here on this site, you know I think of you everyday. I am doing my best with all the changes in my life.....but you certainly would have had me feel that life goes on as it does. I LOVE YOU MACY!

DEC 31rst......Macy tonight is the one year anniversary when I found you lying in the culvert. It's been one year. I have learned that time does not heal all.....it just makes you adapt. Please look for Ralphie. My friends dog left for Rainbow Bridge Christmas Eve. I told her that I would ask you to find him and put him under your wing and show him around. Calli still see's me talk to you and yes I wept several times this week thinking about today. She does try to comfort me. Do you remember KIM??? She gave me to Lab angel tree ornaments with real feathers. I cried when I received them. I heard that you are with my dad until I come home. You be a good girl for him. I love you so much girl. Happy New Year to you.

January 30th 2014.......Macy....today I was reminded by Rainbow Bridge that tomorrow is your 1 year anniversary of your passing. I started shaking and was upset....not at he reminder but relived that horrible time. I understand from Denise Lescano that my dad is keeping you until I come home. It is raining hard today. The flowers that I planted for you look beautiful. It is colder here.....the type of day that I would love to have you lying on my feet while I drink some coffee. It goes without say how much I miss you and love you girl.....so much.

May 27th......Macy. Today was the day that you rescued me. It was a turning point in my life. It still hurts to not have you around. I speak often but do not know if you hear. But I LOVE you so much. It saddens me when I think of our walks and talks together while listening to IN Dreams by Roy Orbison. You were the last thing holding me together even while you were sick. You went away and it was the toughest battle I ever had to face in my life. God bless you girl Dad loves you till the end. Happy anniversary and THANK YOU!!!!!

January 5, 2015-Macy.....another year went by and I still miss you but you are still my strength. I still maintain the garden. I saw a monarch butterfly at my window. I was sure that it was you. Certain songs make me cry and think of you. Denise Lescano said you come and visit. This site is about as close to staying with you as I can get. Calli is doing much better. I was told you entered the room but because she could not smell your spirit she snarled. Please come anytime.....better yet stay. My dad is watching over you. Please look me up when I pass over. I am not sure why but I feel that time is coming sooner than later. LOVE you girl.

Jan 31:It is your 2 year anniversary MACY and I still hurt when I see see things that remind me of you. You are my heart, your love, and out so much wish you were here. You stole daddy's heart. Love you love you love you.

Feb.5, 2015 Hi Macy......A lot of people who know how much I loved you have asked me about you. Yes..."Tears in Heaven" and on earth.!

Jan.4th, 2016 Hi Macy....Another year has gone by and they says time heals all. I spoke of you today and I teared up. I will never heal. I always tell poeple how I saw 3 butterflies flying over your head the day you passed so it was my interest in butterflies. I know when you visit as Calli looks displaced because she see's you but can not smell you. Please visit more often. I know my dad is with you. I wnat your eyes to be the friest I se when I crossover baby. Love you so much.

Today is January 31 and it's five years. I look up at your photo and I clean up the form leaves around your stone in front of the house. I always hurt when you hear someone has to lose their animal to sickness. Macy there is only one of you and I cannot take any of your photos down even though there are numerous pictures I would like to hang.. Please send me a iMessage that you can hear me through Calli Macy there is only one of you and I cannot take any of your photos down even though there are numerous pictures I would like to hang.. Please send me a iMessage that you can hear me through Callie please?? Love you girl.

January 9th 2017-Hi Macy. As you know I had a terrible Christmas but when I needed to feel your presence I look outside and see a Monarch butterfly. It is a miracle that I survived and know that you are my angel. I still maintain the butterfly area in your memory. Please send me a message again that you are with me. I still weep after all these years. Love you girl.....the love of my life!!!

January 10th 2018 Hi Macy. Another year has gone by and I still weep for your being. The butterfly garden that you inspired now is active and even draws hummingbirds. A neighbors dog just passed over to Rainbow Bridge. If you remember "Shadow" our neighbor. She may need halp getting around. I can not think of a better dog or friend to suggest to show the ropes. Because you are an angel yourself. I never stop thinking about you. I love Calli but I can never love anything like I loved you. Please come by and say hello....please!! Daddy misses you.

January 31, 2018 Hi Macy. Today is the anniversary of your departure. When I got home yesterday a beautiful female cardinal was somehow in my garage. Was that you girl? As this is still heavy in my heart. Say hi to my dad(s) and family and friends. If you are here you know I have tears in my eyes and love you so much.

July 18, 2018 Hi Macy...a frienf mine lost her dog named Kiki. Please look after her and show her around heavan. She could not be in better hands than yours. Love you girl. Calli is still a piece of work but has taken care of me when I needed her most I speak of you often and miss you so much!!

1/26/19 Hi Macy....I spoke about you oftenthis week. i relized it was the anniversay of you going away and the horrible sight of finding you in the culvert. I use your life to explain the good things that can happen in real love. Calli is calming down. She does make me laugh but I learned true love from you. Please visit me so I cansense your being. I hope that you are following my dad(s) around. Love you so much Calli.

9/14/2020 Hi Macy.... It has been a long time but you know I think about you every day as I walk past a butterfly garden. I so miss you and talk about you often in a certain phrase that I just cannot put any human on. I just remember you sitting on my lap on the pillow on the floor while we sing songs together. I look at you every day and I still tear up after all this time. Callie is coming along and she does have the most beautiful eyes and she does take care of me. It saddens me when she rolls over I'm seeing more gray which is telling me for five years and I'm going to be totally alone again. I wish people were like dogs loyal and trusting. I just can't find a person anymore Macier that I trust you I trust you in Calley with my life. I adore you my love.

Hello Macy... I know it's been a while but your sister Calli what is a very sick. She break dog. You were still around when we got ginger. Can I have a new dog name Shelby Bouvier. Please watch after Calli....I can't talk anymore because I just the two of you so much. AC please watch over Calli. Your the matriarch and she needs to listen to you. I love the two of you it is certainly hope you are playing together inner garden it's a soccer ball that the two of you loved. U2 girls or as much a part of me is that humans and maybe even more. I'm sorry I can't talk anymore

Please also visit Calli Bouvier.

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