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Memories of Macuillen "Mac"
Macuillen came to me from my vet. I had lost another dog a few months before and was thinking about getting an Irish Wolfhound when my vet called one day and asked if I would look at this dog another person had rescued and brought to him for treatment. He was not the breed I was seeking and I was informed that he didn't like men because of the abuse he had suffered. When the tech brought Mac in he immediately came straight to me and it was a done deal. On the way home I watched him pee in the back seat of my car. ;) He had an attitude, for sure, but he also knew who his human was.
On his first night at home I had to go out for a few hours and I returned to learn that he had been crying, with tears, for the entire time I was gone.
I soon discovered that he was the Mel Blanc of Dogs! He had an amazing range and variety of vocalizations, absolutely a dog of a thousand voices. He would wake me by sitting beside the bed and making quiet sounds so no one else would know he was waking me up.
For the next 16 years he was a loyal defender against all critters, and scared a lot of friends, too. deer and porcupines were his favorite prey. We traveled the country to many places, front seat only. We went to remote mountain campsites and to NASCAR races, he didn't care as long as he was with me. He locked me out of my truck several times, and tried to eat the locksmiths that came to rescue us.
His first meeting with an uncle went just like his first car ride with me. Not my fault! My uncle said it was okay to let him out of the truck while I parked the camper. Mac went straight to my uncle and peed on his leg. Mac was an astute judge of character.
Mac loved to clean my dinner plates. In fact, he always had to have the final taste of my dinner. Shrimp tailmeat, pizza crusts, but he didn't care much for vegetables. Ice cream was another favorite treat.
He certainly had a naughty streak. My parents brought a turkey for Thanksgiving one year and when they were preparing to go home my Mom asked if the turkey was safe on the table while we carried things to their car. Of course! I was first back inside just in time to catch him stealing a drumstick! I quickly took it away and put it back under the foil. Mom never knew.
Mac also had to sleep touching me. I was his anchor in a world that had been cruel to him I guess.
I tried to give him the life I thought he deserved, and I think he knew it. He held onto life long after most dogs could have, he was very determined and stubborn even as a senior citizen.
Mac was truly one-of-a-kind and I will always miss him. I am looking forward to our reunion, our pack will be together again. I can't imagine any joy in an afterlife without him

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