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Memories of MacArthur (Macky)
09/10/2008: Oh my dearest little boy, it all happened so fast. The truck wouldn't stop or slow down until after he hit you twice. I rushed you to the vets but you died in my arms on the way there. Although you are no longer with Mommie, you are now with Daddy and Harry. You will be loved very much and you can sit with Daddy. I'll miss you going under the covers to sleep right next to me. I love you Macky. 5 1/2 months was just not long enough. You were such a dear little dog, all 6 lbs. of you.

09/12/2008: My Joy, My Love. My Macky Bahles. I am missing you so much. It is very quiet in the house now. I miss your funny little antics and your greeting me when I come home. I would always have to pick you up and love you for a minute or two. I keep thinking of that horrible morning and the way you were taken from me. I will always love you, too. Play nice with Harry. Tell him I love him very much. Nana sends her love, and is devastated as well. Love...Hugs...Kisses...Licks... ((((((MACKY)))))) XXXOOO

09/17/2008: Oh Macky Mook, it has been 1 week since you left for the Bridge. I still cannot understand why God had to take you. I miss you so much. I miss everything about you. I love you. I had you cremated so your ashes will be put in my casket, too. I'm taking all my babies with me. Love...Hugs...Kisses...& Licks from Paula. ((((((MACKY))))))

09/29/2008: Oh my Darling, I miss you so much. I needed you more than I ever realized. The days go by so slowly without you. Love Daddy and play nice with Harry. {{{{{{MACKY}}}}}}

10/10/08: 1 month today that you have been gone. I love & miss you so. I saw the Rainbow you & Harry sent to me on the way home. I take it as a sign that you are together, have found Daddy & all is well. That is 1 consolation. I can feel you curled up next to me every night. I touch you & cry your name. Oh my love, I need you so much. My little comforter!! Love, Momie & Paula.

12/08/2008: Hello my darling. I think of you everyday and cry. I miss you so much. It is very cold out now so you would be wearing your new sweater. You know, I can barely stay at the Monday Night Candle Ceremony because all I do is cry for you & Harry. My dear little baby, I LOVE YOU...I NEED YOU...Stay close to Daddy & Harry. {{{{{{MACKY}}}}}}

12/25/2008: Merry Christmas my darling baby. I miss you so much. Wish you could have been here today for our 1st Christmas together. Nana & Paula send their love. Give Daddy extra loving today and be nice to Harry. I miss my boys soooo much. {{{{{{MACKY}}}}}} XXXOOO

01/01/09: Happy New Year my darling!! I am missing you so much, as always. Stay close to Harry & Daddy. They love you & so do Nana, Paula & I. Be a good boy & wait for me. I Love You soooo much. XXXXXXOOOOOO {{{{{{MACKY}}}}}}

05/10/09: I got your Mother's Day message today little one. Nana & I had just received our dinner at the Trieste Restaurant in Norwood & Sara MacLachlin's song "Angel" came on. Of course I had to cry thinking of you, thinking of me. Of all songs to come on, it had to be that song. I knew you were wishing me a "Happy Mother's Day". It would be a happier one if you & Harry were here. I love & miss you so much. {{{{{{MACKY}}}}}} XXXOOO

07/26/09: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You would be 3 today. How I wish I could hold you & love you. I miss you so much. I hope you are staying close & loving Daddy & Harry. Be a good boy & share your cake with all your friends. I love you Macky Bahles!!!! {{{{{{MACKY}}}}}}

08/18/09: You just got your permanent residency tonight around 10:30. Dear little one, I want you remembered for all time. You will never be forgotten. I LOVE YOU so much!!

09/10/2009: My darling, it is 6:15AM. In 1 hour you will be gone from me for 1 yr. I cannot believe it is only 1 year. It seams like an eternity. 1 year ago you were in bed resting, playing & being cute. I miss you so much. You are with Daddy & Harry now. I know daddy is happy to have you, but sad for mommie because I loved you so much. My darling Macky Bahles, I love you still & forever. XXXOOO {{{{{{MACKY}}}}}}

01/13/2010: My darling Macky Bahles, I haven't forgotten you either. Problems with the Internet so I haven't been able to visit. I love & miss you so much. Hope you had some of Harry's cake. Look for PopPop too to wish him a Happy Birthday. He will love you & Harry to pieces. Be a good boy. I love you forever.

04/19/2010: Dearest Macky Bahles, I am loving & missing you so much. Popeye came to join you, Daddy & Harry on 4/13. Please show him the ropes & stay close to him. Please love him as Mommie & Daddy loved him. I know "But he's a cat"!! You can do it!! I love you. XXXXXXOOOOOO {{{{{{MACKY}}}}}}

07/24/2010: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" little boy, you are 4 today!! I wish I could hole you & love you on this special day. Eat some cake, but don't overdo it. Share with Daddy, Harry & Popeye. Run, play & have fun. I love you so much. XXXXXXOOOOOO {{{{{{MACKY}}}}}}

09/10/2010: My darling little boy, this was the day you left me 2 years ago. I miss you so much. Last night as I was crying, Truffles was entertaining me in an effort to make me feel better. She did have me laughing. I long to hold you in my arms. "You Are In My Heart Forever". I hope you were with Daddy & Harry today. I Love You So Much!!! XXXXXXOOOOOO {{{{{{MACKY}}}}}}

09/10/2011: Dearest Little One, it is 3 years today that you left. I love you & cry for you. I know Daddy is looking out for you. Love him & Harry & stay close to them. Stay close to The Lord also. Nana sends her love to you every day. So do I. Be a good boy. XXXXXXOOOOOO {{{{{{MACKY}}}}}}

12/25/11: Dearest Macky Bahles, Merry Christmas. I miss & love you so much. Be a good boy. Hope you spent time with Daddy & Harry today. Don't forget that today is also Jesus's Birthday. You are in my heart forever. {{{{{{MACKY}}}}}}

04/22/2012: Dearest Macky, I know you were with Harry to welcome Sissy to Rainbow Bridge. Help Harry show Paula around. Be a good boy. Stay close to Harry & Paula. I love you very much. XXXXOOOO {{{{MACKY}}}}

07/24/2012: Happy Birthday little boy!!! Its hard to believe that you would be 6 yrs old. As always, I am loving & missing you so much. Hope you didn't eat too much cake & you shared with Daddy, Sissy & brother. "You Are In My Heart Forever". XXXXXXOOOOOO {{{{{{MACKY}}}}}}

04/18/2013: Dear little baby boy, I love & miss you so much. Be a good boy & love Sissy extra special today. She has now been with you, Harry & Daddy for 1 year. I miss all of you so much. I think of you all every day. Love, Hugs, Kisses XXXOOOO {{{{{{MACKY}}}}}}

4/16/2014: Hello my little Macky Bahles, I love you so much. I'm thinking of all my babies today, loving and missing you all. Every one of you have had and still have a special place in my heart. You have had sissy to love for almost 2 years now. Be a good boy. I love you so much and am looking forward to seeing you again someday. {{{MACKY}}} XXXXXXOOOOOO

07/15/2014: Your birthday is coming up soon. Hope you are being a good boy. Share your birthday cake and don't eat to much. Love daddy, Paula, Harry, Popeye, Sasha, Mommy; just to name a few. You know who they are. Hope you have seen Duke, too. I love you forever Macky Bahles. {{{{MACKY}}}} XXXXOOOO

09/12/2017: I am still here thinking of you. I love you just as much as I ever did. I will love you for ever!!! {{{{MACKY}}}} XXXXOOOO

09/10/2018: My Dearest Macky, even though I have not visited you for a while, don't think I have forgotten you. I love you more than ever and think of you alot. I am missing my little petite boy so much. I will love you for ever. {{{{MACKY}}}} XXXXOOOO

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