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Memories of Maasey
Maasey came to us through a family member who had a litter of kittens. We already had two furbabies with us at home but knew a third would only add more love to our home. For the first four years of Maasey's life, he lived it to the absolute fullest. He played, jumped and ran with reckless abandon. During this time, Maasey suffered an unfortunate back injury. We were never able to determine how this happened but we speculate that he attempted to jump from the grill on the deck to the roof of the house and didn't make it. We believe this because we had witnessed him sitting on the grill on previous occasions. Over time he recovered somewhat but was never the same. His back remained sensitive to the touch and always walked carefully. He also developed a eating disorder that caused him to gain a lot of weight.

During the next three and half years, we cared for him and always made him as comfortable as possible. It was at age seven and a half that he once again got into something and caused his kidney substantial damage. Just as with his initial injury, the vet was unable to determine what had happened but apparently he drank something that he shouldn't have. We don't know what that could have been but we believe it was something from outdoors.

For the next six months, it appeared he would be able to recover. A couple months before his eighth birthday, he contracted a virus that, because of his kidney condition, made it severely worse. We thought for sure he wouldn't make it but Maasey had fought so valiantly with all his past troubles, that it wasn't a surprise to see him fight through this one as well.

During the next couple months, Maasey required daily injections of fluids along with several pills and laxatives to help him in the recovery process. We had hoped for some progress during this time but he only developed other problems and complications. It was at this time that we made the difficult decision to put our sweet Maasey to rest. At the tender age of eight, it just seemed unfair to see such a loving furbaby plagued with so many problems. I can honestly say that during his time with us, he received more love than I have ever witnessed. He was and always will be our Maasey.


Maasey, momma and I are going to miss you so terribly. There are so many things we took for granted that we will witness no more.

- The times you jumped up on the couch to lay with us
- The way you would stretch out when you belly was rubbed
- The way we would kiss that soft belly of yours
- The times you would like to lay by the fireplace while the fire was going
- The way you would kneed the area near the catnip
- The times you would go outside and be such a good boy and not wander too far
- When I would sit at my computer and turn around to find you there
- When you used to eat pasta from momma's hand
- When you would watch for us when we came home from work and "reboot" around the kitchen table
- When I would put my hand out and you would head butt it.

All of those things and much more will be missed. We love you so very much and hope you're doing all the things you want to do without the pain you suffered here on earth. God bless you my furry little friend.

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