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Memories of Lucy
Sweet Lucy, we miss you so. Now you are finally free of pain and illness and the weight of years. Our small and gentle cat, now able once again to leap tall window sills in a single graceful bound, able to run free on strong healthy legs and play with string or plastic bottle rings tossed high in the air to catch. Search out that perfect sunlit spot to stretch and groom your beautiful soft fur. Find a comfy warm place to spend your time and quietly purr that soft tender sound of contentment that gave us such joy and peace. And when you sleep, dear Lucy, dream of us, as we will of you. Ever in our hearts as the long-legged elegant cat that strolled into our lives an oh-so-short sixteen years ago, you are part of us, part of the best of who we are as human beings. You will always be First Cat: teacher, cuddler, lap warmer, comforter. Watch over Jenny cat and us. We will always love you, Pretty Girl, and one day we will meet again. ~~1/9/2002 It's been 4 weeks now, and I find myself still looking and listening for you, my sweet Lucy. I miss your dear presence and wish I could hold you in my arms again. Sleep well, my Pretty Girl. I'll always love you. L ~~3/12/2002 Three months since I last held you in my arms, dear friend; six months since the terrorist attacks in Sept. 2001. Lots of painful anniversaries this week so my heart is very full and tears come easily. Watch over Jenny Cat; she needs it now more than ever. We love you and miss you so, sweet Lucy. Watch over us too. L ~~5/11/02 My sweet Lucy, please take care of Jenny now that she's joined you. No more pain or hurt anymore for either of you. Now you two can wait together for the day when we see you both again. Be good and don't fuss each other. Keep watch with Jenny over us, sweet Lucy. We love you. L ~~6-12-02 Pretty Girl, 6 months has passed so quickly, and still I miss you everyday. With Jenny gone too, the house is so empty and our hearts are so full of sadness. Watch over us, my Lucy. We love you so. L ~~9-12-02 Nine months of missing you, my Pretty Girl. It doesn't get easier. Love you always, Lucy Cat. L ~~12-15-02 Couldn't bring myself to write on the 12th. I was remembering and grieving too much, Pretty Girl. I miss you so, my Lucy, and I will always love you. The sweetness of your memory will stay with me forever. L ~~12-18-03 2 years now and still wishing to hold you, Lucy. Love you always. L ~~3-8-04 Though I will never stop loving you, my Lucy, I've made room in my heart for 2 new kittens, TJ and Jamie. I hope that you and Jenny watch over them and us. L ~~12-16-05 Lucy my sweet girl, I still miss you so much. Wait for us, my friend, and watch over us always. L ~~12-31-2006 Another year of missing you, my sweet Lucy. TJ & Jamie are full-grown now and I love them dearly, but I still miss holding you in my arms and looking into your loving eyes. Can't believe it's been 5 years now. I still miss you so. L ~~12-13-2011 Couldn't bring myself to write yesterday, sweet Lucy. I still miss you going on 10 years now, and I will always love you. Keep watch over us always. Louann ~~12-12-2012 Time passes so quickly and another year is fading fast, but our memories of you are evergreen & sweet, Pretty Girl. Thinking of you always with love, my Lucy. Louann ~~12-11-2013 Barb & I think of you often, my Lucy, and hope you're snug & happy. Missing you always & ever. Louann ~~12-12-2015 We're now living in a new state, sweet girl. We miss you still & love you always. Louann ~~12-18-16 Belated loving thoughts for you, Lucy, my Pretty Girl. Difficult year for us, but thoughts of you are always dear to our hearts. Love always, Louann & Barb ~~12-17-2017 We miss you, Pretty Girl, and think of you with such loving memories. Be good, little one. We love you so. Louann & Barb ~~12-13-2019 Difficult year for us, dearest Lucy, having lost our sweet T.J. cat in February. But we remember & love you, you gorgeous girl, and how much comfort you gave to us both. You were our First Cat, Pretty Girl, so petite, so gentle. Love you still, always will. Lou & Barb ~~2-20-2020 Another difficult year, my dearest Lucy. T.J. joined you & Jenny last year around this time and soon Jamie will complete your quartet. Take care of each other and wait for us on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, my Pretty Girl. I love you so. Louann Oh my Pretty Girll! Even after 19 years, I miss you so, your softness, your dainty habits, your loving purr. Wish I could hold you in my arms again and feel your thrumming gentleness against my chest. Difficult time for us humans right now with a virus that's hurting people around the world. I know I feel better knowing you're watching over me and Barb right now and I wish so much that I could see you in my dreams. Sleep well, Pretty Girl and wait for me! I love you! Lou 6-1-2020 My dear sweet Lucy, gone from us for nearly 18 years and I still miss you every day. My elegant Pretty Girl, wait for me, and we will see each other again one day. Love you so, Louann 12-7-2021 ~~ I wasn't where I could add a note on Dec 12 this year,Lucy Girl, but I knew very well how long it's been. Missing you ever so much this month and telling you to stay warm and comfy until I can be with you again. Love, Lou 12-23-22. You always be my First Cat, Lucy-Chan. And you will live in my heart forever. Love you, my Pretty Girl! Louann. 12-12-2023

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