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Memories of Lucky
TO OUR SWEET AND PRECIOUS LITTLE ANGELS - WE MISS YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCH AND LOOK FORWARD TO THE DAY THAT WE CAN ALL MEET AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! 7/17/15 - Hey sweet and precious babies - as I'm sure you already know, your brother Spot, crossed over peacefully on July 17, 2015. It was a very hard and difficult decision to make but in his best interest, we had to let him go so that he could be pain free. Spot was 16 years old and about a month ago we learned that he had cancer and heart disease/failure and the prognosis wasn't good. Spot has now gained his angel wings and is now running and playing at the Bridge with his brother and sister that have already gone before him. We miss you so very much but we take comfort in knowing that you are no longer suffering!!! Rest in Peace, sweet boy and we will see you all again soon!!!! These are special memories of our beloved Lucky and all the other beloved pets that have come into our lives! (Pictures of all below). Lucky struggled hard, in her short life, to survive in this world and eventually God decided he needed this little angel more than we did! In June 1999, my husband was on his way to work when he saw a dog running with something in it's mouth. He blowed the horn and the dog dropped the object. When my husband got to where he could see what the dog had dropped, it was this tiny, tortoiseshell kitten probably no more than 2 months old. She was so nasty and smelled so bad - she had lived a rough life so far. He got out and set her on the side of the road and drove away, only to get about a 1/2 mile away and realized that he couldn't leave this helpless kitten sitting on the side of the road. He went back, picked her up and brought her home. I heard him come back home and I thought "what is going on". He said your going to be mad but I had to do it (we already had 3 other cats and did not need anymore!). We got her out of the truck and I placed a towel on the back deck so she would have somewhere to lay while we were at work. That afternoon my husband came home early from work to check on her and was outside giving her a bath. When he placed her on her back to dry off her belly, to our amazement she had holes on the inside of her back legs and maggots were in the holes (Lord only knows how she got in this shape). My husband was crushed - he loved this little kitten so much! We got her up and put her in the car and drove to the vet to see if they could save her. My husband was convinced she would have to be put to sleep. The vet looked at her and said "Oh, we can flush these holes out and she'll be just fine". We were so relieved. She was tested for the dreaded diseases that cats get and all tests came back negative! She was finally going to lead the good life that she had missed out on! Unfortunately, the good life only lasted 3 months for her. In September of 1999 while my husband and I were out of town, my parents were taking care of all the cats for us. My mom came over on Saturday (9/18) to feed every one around 5:00 p.m that afternoon. Everyone was just fine when she left. The next morning, Sunday (9/19) she came back to feed everyone their breakfast but couldn't find Lucky. She looked everywhere even behind the washing machine and dryer. After not being able to find her, she called my father and told him to come over and help her find her. He thought he'd take a quick look behind the washing machine, even though my mom had already looked there. When he looked, he found Lucky hanging from the grounding wire upside down, with the wire wrapped around her waist. He said she had already became stiff so she died somewhere between 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and early Sunday morning. He got her out, fixed the wire so that this awful tragedy couldn't happen to one of my other cats, and he then took her to his home and buried her in his woods along with our other beloved pets. I wish he had buried her in our little woods behind my house but he just didn't know what to do at the time. Not knowing that any of this had happened, my husband and I arrived home on Sunday (9/19) around 1:00 p.m. I called and called and called for her but couldn't find her. I went to my parents house to see if by chance they had took her to their house (because she was in heat and I thought that the boy cats may have been bothering her). She wasn't there either and I came back home just knowing that something was terribly wrong. Soon my parents drove up and my daddy broke the bad news to us. We were devastated!! That little kitten lit up our lives in the short amount of time that we had her because she had struggled to live from the time she was born till the time that she died. We just can't imagine the amount of suffering she must have done while hanging from that wire until the time she finally died. I can only hope that she forgives us for not being there to save her! We know that she is happy and will not have to suffer anymore and that we will see her again one day! We love her so much! Lucky, in addition to your sister Kitty and your brothers Spot and Smokey, you now have two more sisters, Goldie and Bumper and one more brother, Charlie (none of these cats were Lucky's littermates but they are still her sisters and brothers). I know that you would enjoy playing with them all! I'm sure you have met and are playing with Scrub (a wild, black cat that me and my husband tamed - he had Feline Leukemia and we had to put him to rest March 21, 1991 at the age of probably 5 years old); Buster (a yellow cat that belonged to my mom and dad and me before I married - had to be put to rest in July 2002 at the age of about 17/18 years old due to cancer); and Slim (a cat who appeared to be about 3-4 years old that showed up at our house on August 20, 2003, starving and diagnosed with Feline Leukemia - we had to put him to rest on August 22, 2003). Also, if you see Oliver (a yellow & white cat about 2 years old that my neighbors gave to us because they were moving - I let him outside on Saturday, December 5, 1998 and I never saw him again, so we're not sure if he found a new home or if he went to the Rainbow Bridge by a wild animal or a mean person), please tell him we miss him terribly and that we searched and searched for him for months before we had to finally give up and that we love him; and then there was Scrub - our first cat together - he was a beautiful black cat that showed up near our house who would not let anyone near him - I worked and worked until I gained his trust and he finally let me touch him and then he became our best friend. That cat would eat anything and was so grateful to have someone feed and love him. We'd let him inside and he was so well behaved. One day I noticed he had a sore on his nose leather. I took him to the vet and they told me that he had Feline Leukemia. We put him on some med's and his nose would heal but as soon as he came off that medicine, his nose would get sore again. He was able to live a happy life for several months then on March 21, 1991, he let me know it was time for him to go. That was the very first time that I had to take a cat myself to have him put down and it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do but I know it had to be done and he was much better off - we miss him dearly! You all stick together and when you hear that we're coming to join you, please be standing on the other side waiting on us! 6/9/05 - Hey baby! Well I just wanted to make you aware of a new friend that you need to look out for. Her name is Brandy and she is a red/cinnamon Chow dog that me and your "daddy" really, really loved. She didn't actually belong to us but was going to be ours in the next couple of weeks. She was around 12 years old, almost deaf and hopped on her back left leg due to an old injury. Everytime she would see my car or my husband's she would come just a running down to the house for her can of food and her milk bone (by the way, I left her a milk bone so when you meet her will you please show her where it is and tell her that we really miss her so much!) She went missing on Tuesday, June 7, 2005 which was very unusual. We had heard rumors that she was way back behind our house visiting at a local barbeque restaurant which we just couldn't hardly believe and that a woman was trying to get her in the car. We were so worried about her! On June 8, 2005, my husband's sister called to say that she had seen a dog laying on the side of the road that was of reddish color and that we might want to go see if it was her. That would have put Brandy about a mile away from our house. We were hoping so bad that she was wrong and that the dog she saw wasn't Brandy. Unfortunately, it was Brandy - she had been there for sometime. We were so devastated - we got her up and brought her back to the house and buried her. Apparently she had become disoriented and was heading in the wrong direction. It was coming up thunderstorms and she was so frightened during them. I guess when the lighting and thunder started she just became so scared that she didn't know what to do. I know that she is in a much better place now - no more cloudy eyes, no longer deaf, no more limps, a beautiful groomed coat. I would always call her "Big Red" and my husband would call her "Dancing Dog". She would just dance up off her front feet when we would feed her - she was so happy and we hate so bad that this horrible tragedy happened to her - I can only hope that when she was hit that she didn't suffer at all. Lucky, I'm sure you and her have met by now so you and all the other cats take real good care of her! Lucky - Kitty joined you on June 6, 2008 and Nanny (my Grandmother) joined all of you on June 8, 2008. Nanny loved Kitty so much and Kitty loved her just as much - it was only meant that they go together! My husband and I had Kitty (a black and white tuxedo) for 15 years and I had to help her cross over to the Rainbow Bridge. A tumor was discovered in her chest and her health was rapidly declining. We miss her terribly!! Lucky, please tell Kitty that we love her and miss her so much!!! 10/5/11 - OUR DEAR BABIES - I WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW THAT YOUR BROTHER SMOKEY JOINED YOU YESTERDAY 10/4/2011. IT WAS VERY HARD FOR US TO LET HIM GO AND I KEPT TELLING HIM OVER AND OVER HOW SORRY I WAS FOR WHAT I WAS HAVING TO DO TO HIM. I TOLD YOUR VET THAT SMOKEY WAS PROBABLY THANKING ME!!!. I KNOW THAT ALL OF YOU WERE THERE WAITING ON HIM WHEN HE CROSSED OVER SO ALL OF YOU PLEASE WELCOME HIM AND TAKE CARE OF HIM FOR US!! HE'S BEEN VERY SICK AND IT WAS TIME THAT HE WAS FREE OF TAKING MEDICINES, IT WAS TIME TO LET HIM BREATH AGAIN WITHOUT DISCOMFORT AND IT WAS TIME THAT HIS SICK HEART WAS MENDED! (please read more about Smokey and see a picture below). We got Smokey and his brother Spot when they were 5 weeks old in May of 1999. They are 12 years old now. Smokey was one of the best cats - he was so regal and wouldn't hurt a fly. He was the most loving cat I know of and we miss him so badly. Smokey was in excellent health most of his life until around the Fall of 2010. I noticed and could feel that he was loosing weight but seemed to act fine. After a month or so of him continuing to loose weight, I thought I better take him to the vet. At the end of December 2010, Smokey received the diagnosis of Dilated Cardiomyopathy - a fairly rare heart disease in cats. The prognosis was grim and they gave him 6 months. But he fooled his doctors and everyone else - with lots of love and medicines twice a day he lived almost four months PAST his 6 month prognosis. On October 23, 2011 he would have made it 4 months past the 6 month prognosis. Smokey endured alot since December but was a trooper and such a fighter!!! He had to go periodically and let the vet "tap" him to get some of the fluid off his heart and lungs so that he could breath better. He never wanted to give up until the last couple of days when the fluid was just taking over his body - it was starting to accumulate in his abdomen and his heart and body just couldn't take anymore. I know that he had to of been thanking me for giving him relief by letting him cross over the Rainbow Bridge. I know that he is now with all of you and we will see you all again one day! May God bless you and take care of you all!! 6/5/12 - Hey babies! I wanted to let you know how much we love and miss you all!! I know that you are having the best time of your lives and that you all are feeling great in your new, healthy, pain-free bodies!! Continue to look after each other and always know that a day doesn't go by that we don't think of each of you! Your brothers and sisters (Spot, Charlie, Bumper & Goldie) are all doing great and I know that they miss you all as well! I'll be back soon! Love to you all! 6/6/12 - Happy Anniversary in Heaven my dear Kitty! You Left us 4 years ago today and we miss you just as much now as the day I had to let you go!! Please jump in Nanny's lap (my grandmother) and tell her I said I love her so much - her 4th year in Heaven will be June 8 (she passed just 2 days after my Kitty). I know you are both so happy together because you loved to go visit Nanny and she loved you so much. Let the other babies know we love them and will see them all again one day! You are and will always be my special girl!! I added a new picture of you, baby, so that everyone could see how BEAUTIFUL you are :) 9/19/2012 - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY IN HEAVEN LITTLE LUCKY! IT IS SO HARD TO BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN GONE FOR 13 YEARS TODAY. WE HATE THAT WE DID NOT GET TO SEE YOU GROW UP TO BE A TEENAGER, THEN INTO A BIG GIRL - I KNOW YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN SO BEAUTIFUL!!! WE LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH LUCKY!! 7/17/14 - OUR PRECIOUS LUCKY HAS BEEN GONE 14 YEARS AND WE MISS HER JUST AS MUCH NOW AS WE DID THE DAY SHE LEFT US!! YOU WERE A BEAUTIFUL KITTEN AND WE SURE DO WISH WE COULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SEE WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CAT YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN!! 7/17/15 - Hey sweet and precious babies - as I'm sure you already know, your brother Spot, crossed over peacefully on July 17, 2015. It was a very hard and difficult decision to make but in his best interest, we had to let him go so that he could be free of all his pain. Spot was 16 years old and about a month ago we learned that he had cancer (they think it was Pancreatic) and heart disease/failure and the prognosis wasn't good. Spot has now gained his angel wings and is now running and playing at the Bridge with his brother and sister's that have already gone before him. We miss you so very much but we take comfort in knowing that you are no longer suffering!!! Rest in Peace, sweet boy and we will see you all again soon!!!!
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