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Memories of Lance
He was the dog who loved catnip,and naps on the patio on a Summer's eve. He ate Baskin Robbins ice cream from the cup. He loved to sit at the park and sniff the breeze on a windy day, nose pointed and quivering in the wind. I loved to watch him, watch how the sun caught the red gold in his beautiful fur. That is the image of him that I will always remember and love. Although you no longer walk on this earth, you walk in beauty in eternity, travelling through space and time in starlight. I will look up at the Big Dipper and always think of you. Lance, Today, another little sheltie has joined you. I'm sure you already know him-his name is Remington, Remy, for short. Make him welcome, and tell him to dance in the sunlight. I hope with all my heart to meet you both again in the next life. I love you both forever... February 9, 2008 Happy Birthday, Lance! I will never forget you- I'll always love you-Take care of Remy. Sept 12,2008 Lance- now you have both Remy and Jake to take care of-tell them both that I miss them. I love all of you, I will love you to the end of my life and beyond. May 15, 2016 I miss you my friend. Always. I love you. I'll see you in the stars. July 2010- You're still so missed, Lance. Every day missed and remembered. July 2011-You're not forgotten, Lance. I'll love you till the end of my life, and beyond, if it exists. June 2014- It's been 10 long years, Lance, my baby boy. The last loving look we shared that night at the Vet's is carved into my memory. So many have joined you now, and the grief seems never ending. My hope is that we all meet someday over the bridge, in a place of absolute beauty, peace, and never ending joy. Until then, know that I remember, miss and love you always. 4/5/15 Easter Sunday- My Lance, my baby boy. It's been 11 years since you crossed the bridge, your work on this earth done. I'll love you to my dying breath, you'll always be in my heart and soul. You were simply the most awesome dog that I've ever known. My greatest hope is that we'll meet again over the bridge, and we'll all walk together into the sunlight of forever. Christmas 2015 Dearest Lance, my baby boy, you've been gone from this earth a long time now, 11 years, but you are always in my heart, soul and memory. You are still the most awesome dog that I've ever known. I love you always. 9/12/16 I miss and love you,Lance,always. Forever in my heart. My Baby boy. 4/28/17 You were and are the most awesome dog that I've ever known. I love you always. 12/23/17 Merry Christmas at the Bridge, my baby boy! The most awesome dog that I've ever known. I remember how you loved cat toys-and cat nip-you didn't touch the dog toys. I remember the last time you looked at me- so sad,filled with love and longing, wanting to linger here with me, but knowing that your time here on earth was done. Thank you for taking care of me all those years. You kept your promise. I miss you so-my heart aches for you even now, my friend, my Lance. I will love you always, my baby boy. Forever. 8/28/2022 Oh dear Lance. I know it's been awhile since I've visited. Bit I remember you each day. You were the most awesome, smartest dog I've ever known. You'll always be in my heart, dear friend. I love you always. I hope we meet again across that bridge into forever.

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