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Memories of Lance
My little Sheltie was a gift from my husbond Christmas, 1989. Lance was too young to leave his mommy so Dick left a box wrapped in beautiful paper and ribbons under the tree for me on Christmas morning. Inside was a picture of a Sheltie puppy and a note that said I can come home to you on Jan 13, 1990. What a joy my little guy was. On Lance's 2nd birthday I found Dick, my husbond, dead in our dining room. Lance never left my side through the whole nightmare and was a constant source of love and dovation until his death in Oct. I will miss my little Fancy Pants (his nickname because of his beautiful full feathers on his rump) more than words could ever tell. I just pray my Heavenly Father keeps him Safe at Rainbows Bridge. Happy Valentines Day sweet boy. There are now 2 little girls keeping Mom company. Munchkin, a Sheltie like you, and Snow, Am Eskimo. They are both sweet and lots of fun, but no one can ever take your place. Love, Mom. Sept, 2003, It has almost been three years since you went to Rainbows bridge and I still miss you so very much. You will always be my favorite little boy. Love you bunches, Mom. Sweet Lance, You have been gone for 3 1/2 years and I miss you just as much as ever. You will always be in my heart and mind. God keep you safe until I join you. Love Mom Sweet Boy, It has been over 5 years since you left me and my heart still aches everytime I think of you, which is very often. So many times I find myself calling Snow, Lance because I think of you so much. She really doesn't like that. It is almost Christmas again and I see toys that I know you would love to play with, but I have to leave them at the store. One day we will be together again and will never be parted. I love you and miss you so much. Love, Mom (11-23-05) Sweet Boy, It is nearly Valentines Day and I just want you to know you are still my Love. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and remember what great times we had together. One day we will be together again for always. Until then, be my sweet boy and I will see you soon. Love you bunches, Mom (02-02-06) This is the 6th anniversary of you going to Rainbow's Bridge. You still live in my heart all the time and I will never forget my "Special Boy" God bless and keep you safe until I can be with you again. Snow is still with me and she gives me lots of love, but she could never take your place. She has a very special place in my heart that only she can fill. So don't be concerned about me being alone, Snow really takes good care of me. Love you bunches Fancy Pants, Mom (10-17-06) My Sweet Boy, it is almost Christmas and you are missed so much. Just know that Mommy loves you still and always will. Until we are together again, Love Mom. (11/06) Spring is here and the sun is so beautiful. You loved running in the sunshine. You're still my Special Boy and I love and miss you so very much. Till we meet again, love Mom. (03/07) It has been 7 yrs since you went to Rainbow's Bridge and I still miss you so very much. Never have I loved a furbaby the way I love you, but soon we will be together again. Mom is getting old and can't do as much as I use to, but you are still in my heart and prayers. Be sweet my precious Lance, I love you, Mom. (11-19-07) Hi Sweet Boy, Mommy is getting packed to move to Montgomery to be with Ron & Susan, but your love always goes with me. Your playmate Coco came to Rainbow Bridge 4/1/08, I am sure you have found him and you and Austin are taking care of him and showing him the ropes. Chris & Jeff will like that. You big brother Steve (2 legged) has joined you and Mommy's heart is broken in a million pieces. Take care my love. I love you, Mom (4-8-08) My Sweet Lance, 9 yrs ago today you went to Rainbow's Bridge. It hurts just as much today as it did on that Wed. How I miss you sweet face and your gentle ways.You always knew when to get in my lap and give me kisses, just because you knew I needed them. Snow is doing good and now we have Steve's little cat and her name is Blaze. She is a tuxcedo (bk and white) she & Snow get along really well. You would love her. We all love being in Montgomery, little SweetPea comes over often and when Ron & Susan are both gone, she stays with us. Take care my sweet angel. I love & miss you. Mom (10/17/09)My Sweet Boy, it is almost Christmas and I miss you so very much. Just know you are loved beyond words. Mom(12/05/09)Sweet Boy, it is summer in Ala and so very hot.Mommy still misses you so very much. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and wish I could hold you close and rock you like I use to do. One day we will be together again. Love you, Mom (7-16-10) My Sweet Boy, how much I miss you and now I miss Snow also. She is at Rainbow Bridge with you there on Feb 10, 2012, and that broke Mommy's heart too. Blaze is still with me and she gives me lots of love, but not like you always did. You are so missed my beautiful Lance. Sweetpea still comes over and stays with me a lot. Take care my sweet boy, I'll see you soon, Love Mom(11/23/13)Hello my sweet Lance, are you & Snow having a great time at the bridge? Take good care of her, she took great care of me just like you did while she was with me. Klondike is there now so the 3 of you can run & play together. Susan & Ron are moving to Ky & it is too cold for me up there so I'm going back to Fla. real soon I hope. All you sweet babies has a happy Holliday & always remember mommy loves you so very much. (12/5/14) Sweet Boy, Miss you everyday so very much. Now I am in KY living with Ron & Susan. Sweetpea stays with me all the time. She is very sweet & loves her Grandma, Susan has a new Doxie puppy & she is a mess! I love KY & enjoy being here. Love & miss you so much (12/15/17)

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