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I've been sick myself for a long time, but I always look at my urns of all 4 doggies in my room. I miss them more right now as I'm not home and I'm separated from all my urns of my doggies. They all will be buried with their Mommy. They ALL were my world. I am going to keep it real simple. Lady was my Shih Tzu. Words cannot describe her dedication and loving ways. She was bright and very protective of me. At night, she loved to dance for her food even when she was in bad pain. She was one of a kind. Also, she had one rubber ball all of the almost 12 years I had her and she would accept no more toys, she threw them aside. She chose to sleep right next to me touching my back so that she knew that she was near me. I miss her so. Her sister, Bridgett, misses her badly also. Bridgett is just about the same age, only 6 weeks younger. I was with her when I had to have her put to sleep and she looked into my eyes as I kissed her good bye and told her I loved her. It's March 12, 2002, I still cry. I miss you so, but Bridgett does too. She is going downhill fast. I am trying to help her but vet says her heart has become very enlarged and she keeps looking for you, Lady. She has trouble breathing and I am afraid she wants to go and be with you. Lady, you were so loved by all of us and so so missed. Lady, today is March 20, 2002. Bridgett just missed you so much that she got so sick and today she went to Rainbow Bridge. I hope that you and she are playing together right now. The gap in my heart is just so big with both of you gone. I can only pray that I will see both of you again at Rainbow Bridge. You both are sorely missed but I hope you are together again. April 4, 2002: Lady, I am crying tonight again. I miss you so much. I come here every night and every morning and visit with you and Bridgett. My life is so empty without you. I remember the night before you had to leave that you tried so hard to do the things that you used to do. You sang and danced for your food and you could not even stand up but my little trooper did it anyway. My heart will not heal without you Lady. I miss you so very much. Love Mommy SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2002: Lady, I am visiting the site today and crying. I am still hurting for you. You hold such a special place in my heart and in my home. You are so special to me. Words cannot express. I love you, Lady girl. Love, Mommy MAY 1, 2002: Lady, today you would be 12. I have a tear baby girl. You are always thought about and loved, but today would have been YOUR day and as far as I am concerned, it still is. I hope all on Rainbow Bridge will help you celebrate your date of birth because it brought one of the most special girls in the world into this person's life. Love Mommy SATURDAY, JUNE 1: I took down the birthday cake. Wanted to celebrate the whole month of your birth so I left the cake up all of May. Lady, I miss you more than ever baby. I will always love you. Love, Mommy SUNDAY, AUGUST 18, 2002: Lady, I decided to write today to tell you I visit at least twice a day. You will have been gone seven months on the 29th and you are still so very missed. You and Bridgett hold the key to my heart. You will never be forgotten. Everywhere I look, there are memories of you in this house and there is the warmth of knowing how much we all loved each other. Love Mommy SEPTEMBER 11, 2002: Hi little Angel. I never imagined you would not be here with me this 9/11,as I remember so much how you comforted me last 9/11. I wish you were here Lady as your love and kisses are so very missed. You are in my heart, particularly today. Love Mommy THANKSGIVING, NOVEMBER 28, 2002: Lady, this is the first Thanksgiving in 11 years that I have not had you here. If I had only known that last year would be your last to share with me. Words cannot express how much I miss you. I love you Lady Girl. My heart is with you always but particularly on days like today when the memories seem to reflect in my head. Love Mommy Saturday, JANUARY 4, 2003: Well Lady, I just went through Christmas and New Year for the first time in all those years without you. It was very very hard. I actually did something this New Year's Eve because I could not bear to be home knowing that you and Bridgett were not there to share it. They say time heals, but time only makes me realize how much I miss you. You were a treasure that will forever shine. Time does not heal, but it makes me realize how really very important you were to me. Love always, Mommy January 29, 2003: Lady it has been 1 year today when I said goodbye and gave you that last kiss and hug. Baby, you are in my heart now as much as you ever were and you will not be forgotten. I am just thankful that you are not suffering anymore, sweetie. One day, mommy will see you again. I love you so much. Love Mommy MAY 3, 2003: Lady Babe, I visit you every day and I miss you every day. I am down today. I just visited Bridgett and I am looking into your eyes as I did the day you went to Rainbow Bridge. You looked into my eyes until you were gone. I miss you Lady Misty and no amount of hoping and wishing can bring you back, but I can try to have you as near as possible. I have your ashes in my room as well as your picture as wallpaper on my laptop computer which is in my room. I feel that you are near. You were a spirited little girl and you would have gone on living just so I would have somebody with me. You and Bridgett loved each other and were my team and my family. Little girl, I want to touch you and hold you so bad. You were strong and you brought me strength and I miss that strength so much. I will always love you Lady. Please wait for me for when it is my turn so that we will be together in eternity. Love always, Mommy SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2003 - Hi Lady Misty. Mommy has visited you often but I have been so thinking of you recently hoping that you are at peace and feeling all the love coming up your way. Mommy has never been the same since losing you, baby. We will meet again one day. Love always, Mommy THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2003, THANKSGIVING: Lady Misty, you are still so sorely missed on this day to give thanks. Mommy always thinks of you and the times we shared darling. I love you Lady. I know you are looking down on me and blessing me too. I will be with you again one day. Hugs and kisses, sweetheart. Love always, Mommy THURSDAY, DECEMBER 25, 2003, CHRISTMAS: Another Christmas without my sweet Lady. I hope you are in peace baby. I miss you more than ever. Mommy (with tears) THURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 2004: Your mommy faces another year without you, Lady. It was this time 2 years ago when you were so sick. I miss you so much baby. I love you Lady. Love Mommy THURSDAY, JANUARY 29, 2004: Two years ago today, you went to the bridge, I will never forget the moment. I miss you sweetie! Love Mommy TUESDAY, MARCH 16, 2004: Hi Lady girl. Mommy just came in to change to Spring. I love you baby. Mommy THURSDAY, SEPT. 16, 2004: Hi Lady Girl. Mommy was looking and decided to put another post just to tell you that I love you and miss you with all my heart. That void was never filled. I hope you and Bridgett are playing together. One day, I hope I will see you again. Love, Mommy SATURDAY, JANUARY 1, 2005: "Lady Babe"--Mommy misses you so much with each day and each year. My love for you never dies nor do my thoughts. I carry our memories with me each day and will see you again, Lady girl. I love you sweetheart. Love Mommy CHRISTMAS SEASON 2005: Miss you Lady girl. Love you. Mommy SUNDAY JANUARY 29, 2006: Lady, it has been 4 years. Time just goes too fast. I still remember vividly our last minutes together and you looking into my eyes when you went to Rainbow Bridge. My heart and soul are with you Lady Misty. You are still as much loved today as you ever were and my memories of you will remain in my heart forever. God bless you baby. I will see you again. Mommy will alwayslove you. DECEMBER 25, 2006: Lady Misty, you are so very missed. Your mommy loves you so much. JANUARY 1, 2007: Another year without my girl. It hurts because it was this time of the year when you became so ill before you had to go to the bridge. I nursed you as much as I could, but when the doctor told me that you were in so much discomfort, I knew what I had to do. You will always be in my heart and in my soul Lady. Mommy married Greg in September 2006 Lady and I know that would have made you very happy. He was part of your life all of your life. He knows the place that you hold in my heart. Time for mommy to go to bed. I had to visit your page my girl. Until next time, I love you Lady. Love Mommy JANUARY 29, 2007: It has been FIVE years TODAY since I held onto you and you looked into my eyes and I told you good bye. I still picture it as vividly as when it occurred and my last words to you before you were gone were "I love you Lady." And I do love you. You were then out of your pain. God bless my baby in heaven! Love forever, Mommy DECEMBER 25, 2007: Another Christmas without my girl. Lady, you are still so loved and so in my heart! Mommy misses you more than ever my girl. Your urn stays in my bedroom along with Bridgett's. I am so so sad not to have you with me today. Love Mommy JANUARY 1, 2008: Lady, I visited Bridgett's site and am here at your site now. I wish I had you back with me. I just miss you so much. Another year is starting without my girl. Mommy always has that place in her heart with you in it and all the memories we shared. I love you. Love Mommy JANUARY 29, 2008: It's 5:30 a.m. Lady Misty and I am sitting here visiting your page with tears. Mommy is going out of town today and I wanted to stop by and tell you it has been 6 LONG YEARS NOW since I saw your little face and saw the pain in your eyes as well, so I know that the Bridge has taken all that away from you, but it does not hurt any less. You will always be in my heart angel and mommy will see you again, in her heart always, but one day I will be at the bridge and cross over to be with you. I love you my angel. xoxo Love Mommy. DECEMBER 25, 2008 and JANUARY 1, 2009 (BOTH A THURSDAY): I was here visiting with you Lady Misty and your sister Bridgett. I miss you so much and I remember 7 years ago so well. It was this very time of the year that you were so sick. That darned Bordatella vaccine did that to you. Your health declined right afterward when it sent you into a seizure and that was just after Christmas of 2001. My baby girl, I love you as I ever did and you are in my heart as ever. One day your mommy will be with you again when I go to the bridge. You were not a kissy girl, but you were a snuggly one. You loved to snuggle up against me. I love you Lady girl. Love Mommy xoxo THURSDAY, JANUARY 29, 2009: SEVEN YEARS Lady girl! I held you and looked into your eyes while you were looking at me for the last time 7 years ago today. I helped you cross over to the bridge to be out of all your pain my Angel! I miss you so much. I see they have a Photo Album now sweetie. Back then everything wasn't digital, but I may be able to find another photo of you to put on here, but if I can't...you are always in my heart! I love you angel girl! Love Mommy xoxo JANUARY 29, 2010: It's been 8 years Lady. I didn't want you to suffer anymore and to this day, I still hurt for you. You needed to go and I am so glad that mommy had the will to help her girl. You are in my heart angel girl and I love you more than ever. Hope you and Bridgett are together up there. Save a place for mommy when I get there. I love you angel girl! Love Mommy xoxo JANUARY 29, 2011: Lady, 9 whole years! Time is flying by too too fast, but what still is very clear in my mind is my girl and I thank God that I was with you and holding you when you left for the bridge. You are in God's hands even though I have your ashes...you are there with your sister, Bridgett, and hope that you are out of pain and finally enjoying your sister! You girls were my heart and are so deeply embedded, that nothing will ever change that. I love you sweet girl. Love you always and will see you again one day. Always, Mommy xoxo JANUARY 29, 2012: Lady, it's been 10 years without you and I can see you, feel you, and imagine playing and holdng you lke yesterday. You are my baby girl Lady and always in my heart. I love you as much as ever. I will see you at the bridge Lady. I can't wait to reunite with you and Bridgett. Love and Kisses. JANUARY 29, 2013: My Lady...I am looking at your urn with your ashes and this day is flashing at me with your eyes looking up at me as if to say "thank you mommy" for helping me out of my pain. It was THEM that made you sick. The doctors should have never given you the kennel cough vaccine. You went downhill after that and to this day, I will not allow them to touch my Mischka and Ashley. Your brothers you have not met, but they are almost the age you were when I lost you. I lost you and Bridgett much too soon! I miss you so much baby and I still love you and always will. Mischka and Ashley know you very well as well as Bridgett. They have heard a lot of both of you. I won't let them play with yours or Bridgett's toys. Ashley will guard them so Mischka won't go near. He knows how sacred they are. I love you baby and relive this day and time over and over. No mommy should have to lose her baby. I will see you at the Bridge. Love you Lady. xoxo JANUARY 29, 2014: Lady, it is cold, below freezing, lots of snow on the ground today! I can see you being bundled as you liked to keep warm. I miss you baby girl!! You are my sweetheart girl. Love you always and will see you again!! xoxo JANUARY 29, 2015: My sweet Lady. It has been 13 years now since I held you until you went to the Bridge. I remember it like yesterday. As I see you now, Mischka and Ashley are watching me with tears as they came to my home after our Bridgett left not long after you. They are almost 13. You left me when you were almost 12. I miss you all the time. I still have your socks and your ashes are just where I want them next to Bridgett's. You both will go with me for eternity when you greet me at the gate. Mommy always has loved you. xoxo April 25, 2016: I miss you more every day. Your brothers are older than you were when you went to the bridge and I am feeling so scared as they have their age problems at age 14. You have been gone 14 yrs but you are here baby girl in my heart and your toys, your socks all are there too. The one toy you accepted melted in the sun before you died but it was only a piece left from the toy. That makes me mile. I talk about you and Bridgett to Mischka and Ashley and they listen intently. Lady Misty, mommy will see you again one day. I love you babe!! I think of you so much. Love always, Mommy. xoxo Jan 29, 2018: I remember this day still, Lady. The weather today is just like the weather I walked you to the Bridge. I wish I had known you would have been going that day. I was ill-prepared. I still keep you and Bridgett's ashes in each of your urns on my Bible so they can lie with mommy when her soul goes to Heaven and hopefully you and Bridgett will be waiting. Your brothers, Mischka and Ashley are getting pretty up there in years now...weeks away from 16 years old. They know who you are and listen intently every time I tell them a story of you. God Bless you for giving your little life to me to share it. You are in that special place in my heart that you took those years. Love, Mommy (I come here a lot...don't always write anything). I love my babies. They were my children, all still are. Visited each year on holidays and anniversary. It is now Jan 29, 2020, Lady Misty has been here 18 years. My Bridgett has been here 18 years on March 20. Before Bridgett came to the Bridge, I showed her a photo of her new brother who was born and she knew him online as Mischka. He was born on March 1, 2002. She could not wait for him, but I know Lady Misty would have approved. When Bridgett left, I knew I had to get another for my Mischka who would get here as soon as he was weaned from his Mommy. He got here by plane when I lived in Newport News VA and his brother Angel Boy Ashley born on April 20, 2002, got here at end of May. They both have been with me ALMOST 18 years. I lost Ashley on 9/20/2019 of a stroke. He was blind and paralyzed. He was euthanized and went to the Bridge from Home while he was wrapped in his blanket and lie in his bed with me, his Mommy, holding him and telling him how much I loved him and that he was going to see Bridgett and Lady Misty. He is not on RByet as I am still crying. Mischka, the oldest of the two, was blind, but was happy until New Year's Eve and I had to take him to the ER because his blind eye was bleeding. It bulged badly and he was given medicine and I brought him home and told him Happy New Year 2020. He was unsteady and sadly at 4:30A in the ER, I opted to let them send my Mischka guy to the Bridge. He was very weak, was hump backed from smelling his way around, but up to the very last minute, he was without complaints. He was my dollbaby. He was wrapped in the same blanket as his brother, Ashley. I will put up a residency for my little guys when I feel like it. tIMES have changed and more photos and videos, all they didn't have when Lady Misty and Bridgett were here and I'm so grateful for those. MY heart is given out with my love for all my pets, but I must say my last 4, Lady Misty, Bridgett and the 18 years almost that I had Mischka and Ashley (longer than my kids), they stole me. We were bonded and I do not think I can do any more pets. The pain is too great. They love better than people and know you better than people. Their memorials will be forthcoming. They lived with me in Las Vegas NV. You will see them soon. It's a shame they can't all be here together.

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