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Memories of Laddy
My very first memory of Laddy is when I first found out his name. You see Guide dogs come with names given to them by sponsors. His original name was Paddy when I found this out I was like oh no! So that night I called my mom on the phone stating that this is not going to work out you'll never guess what his name is. When I told her his name she started laughing and we both knew this was not going to work out with him being called Paddy and my sister's name being called Patti. My mom and I both knew when we called my sister Patti for dinner Paddy would come running instead. So I asked the Guide Dog Foundation located in Smithtown on Long Island here in New York what can I do? They suggested changing his name to something similar sounding and that is how Laddy got his name. If you would like to visit the Guide dog Foundation and learn more about them you can visit them at http://www.guidedog.org
He was my best friend, my guardian angel & my soul mate. He watched me struggle to piece together my own life, while he lived out his own ,thank you for staying by my side, until I finally found the right path, I will never forget you. I will always love you and you will always be in my heart and a very special part of my life. Joe
My first memory of Laddy is a little funny. Joe, I will never forget the first time I came to your home to work on your computer. When I walked into your house, I felt a 'presence' and of course that was Laddy (all 100 plus pounds of him)! He was a really big dog by any standard and frankly, I was frightened at first. Being a guide dog means protecting your owner, right? Well, Laddy looked up to the task. Laddy and I got to know each other quickly and I looked forward to his enthusiastic greeting when I came over to see you. His nose and my nose in your computer case left little room for problems and lots of room for solutions. I am going to miss him. Lou
Our memories of Laddy are of a sweet, big boy. We had the privilege of being among the first to meet Laddy as we met him at the Guide Dog Foundation when Joe and Laddy were getting to know each other and learning to work together. Joe was perhaps a bit nervous, but not Laddy. We have seen their bonds grow throughout the years and we will miss seeing Laddy when we visit Joe and his family. Good job Laddy! Janet and Jim
Laddy and I spent a lot of New Years Eves together. When Laddy came to my house he was always a perfect gentlemen. Sometimes I was a little upset because the humans never shared any of their snacks with us, but Laddy, who was a little older and wiser told me not to let it bother me. He always let me have the coveted spot under the table though, just in case one of those humans dropped something. Thanks Laddy! Woof, Lady Ashley
I'll never forget him or when we gave him beer in my room-probably shouldn't have done that but he, like his dad, seemed to enjoy it. Paul

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