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Memories of Lacey
Sitting on the edge of the couch like a cat, even though you were 90 pounds always cracked me up! Stealing socks and underwear and hiding them in the bed always cracked me up! The way you loved food and gobbled it up like there was nothing left always amazed me. The way you loved to be petted and snuggled with was wonderfully therapeutic, especially after a hard day. I will miss your soft fur and scrunchy manner Lacey! I love you! 11/6/03 - It has now been almost 11 weeks since you've been gone, Loo, and I still miss you very much. But the new puppy who came to live with us, Chloe, is keeping me very busy! She has the same birthday as you, which makes me feel like you somehow approve. I hope so, because it is because I love you so much that I needed to find a new spot in my heart for another in tribute to you. Chloe has found the toys you left underneath the bed in the guest room. These were toys I had long forgotten about, and you must have hidden them some time ago. Seeing the toys made me cry again, but I felt that giving them to Chloe would somehow keep you alive, even though you will always be alive in my heart. Lacey, this holiday season will be bittersweet; bitter because you're not with us in the flesh, and sweet because Chloe is. Chloe is keeping Keesha busy until she joins you on the Rainbow Bridge. I know you are waiting for her because of the dream I had of you. You are no longer sick and look very much like you did as a young dog. I love you Lacey, and still think of you a lot! 12/18/03 - Merry first Christmas in Heaven, Lacey! I love you very much and miss you! It will not be the same kind of holiday season without you to hug and love; but I hope you are decorating the Rainbow Bridge with your friends and celebrating there! 4/2/03 - Lacey Loo, it has been almost 8 months since we lost you, and I still miss you. Happy first Easter in Heaven! I hope you're happy and content and most of all, I hope you can see again and are not bumping into things any more. 8/22/04 - One year this morning Lacey Loo, we had to send you to the Rainbow Bridge. You were in such pain that we could not continue to have you suffer. I have seen you since; last night after a torrential rain, Christine and I saw not one, but two rainbows. A few weeks ago a butterfly came and sat by both Keesha and me. Ever since you died, whenever I see a butterfly, I think of you. God bless you, Lacey Loo. I know you are still with us. 1/26/05 - I'm still thinking of you, Lacey Loo. Your buddy Keesha is not doing very well. She is getting old and is keeping to herself more and more. She is losing control of her urine and cannot move around well. I don't know how much longer she'll have but if God wills that it is the end of her time, please meet her at the Rainbow Bridge. You were both such buddies and Keesha looked out for you after you went blind (some stories I didn't hear until after you died). 2/15/05 - Lacey, we lost our Keesha yesterday, but I think you already know that. This morning I saw two birds (yes, on a February day!) chasing each other, and I could only think that the two of you are reunited. What was a sad Valentine's Day for us was a joyous one for you, because your buddy is back with you, Loo. Take care of her and show her around; she is probably a little tired from her long months of illness. I miss you both and love you both! 5/24/05 - Loo, we now have another yellow Lab puppy, who we named Jessie. She looks and acts so much like you and she and Chloe are buddies just like you and Keesha were (are). Bill and I continue to call Chloe and Jessie Keesha and Lacey by mistake, but we had so many wonderful years with the both of you, that it will take a while to change. Enjoy the spring weather that you are now part of. 7/10/05 - Lacey, we lost our Jessie tragically last week in a horrible freak accident with her collar. We are devastated because she was only 4 1/2 months old and would have been spayed tomorrow! Please greet her along with Keesha at the Rainbow Bridge! 8/22/05 - Lacey, it's been two years today that we had to send you to the Rainbow Bridge. Hope your anniversary is happy and I hope you and Keesha are showing Jessie around; she is such a baby and went way too early and unexpectedly. She did not have ten years with me like you did; she only had ten weeks. In any event, I just want you to know that I love you and I hope to meet you again someday. Happy anniversary to you! 12/25/05 - Merry Christmas, Lacey! May you be happy with Keesha and Jessie! We have a new puppy, Gracie, who was born on the 2nd anniversary of your passing to the Rainbow Bridge (and the date of my last entry). She is celebrating her first Christmas with us and is keeping Chloe busy! We are sad because Jessie didn't live to see a Christmas; but we know she is happy with you and Keesha. God Bless you! 8/22/07 - Four years ago, Lacey, you went to the Rainbow Bridge. This is just a note to tell you I still think about you and miss you every day. 8/22/08 - Five years ago today, Lacey Loo, you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I know you are still around us because every August I see the same kind of butterfly. I still miss you after all this time! 12/25/08 - Merry Christmas Lacey Loo! I love you!!! Have a great day with Keesha and Jessie and decorate the Rainbow Bridge!!! 8/22/09 - Lacey, it's been six years and I still miss you. I hope you're having a wonderful time with Keesha and Jessie up at Rainbow Bridge. I saw a butterfly today! It stayed on the rose bush for a minute, then flew away. I'd like to think that was you saying 'hi.' Love you, Lacey loo. 8/22/10 - Seven years today, Lacey, you went to the Rainbow Bridge, and I still think of you to this day. This time of year I always see one specific type of butterfly; a black one with a white stripe, and it always lingers here for a while before flying away. I'd like to think that you are visiting to say 'hello.' Take care at the Bridge with Keesha and Jessie! I love you!!! 1/29/15 - Lacey Loo, we lost our beloved Chloe yesterday. I know you two didn't know each other in life, but please show her around the Rainbow Bridge. We love you! 7/5/15 - Lacey, ten years ago today we lost our beloved puppy, Jessie. She was so much like you!! Please play with her in Heaven! I love you! 8/22/16 - Loo, it's been 13 years today that you left us, and we remember you with a little sadness now, but mostly with love and laughter. This would also have been Gracie's 11th birthday, but she suddenly passed away two months ago. Please show her around the Rainbow Bridge! 8/14/17 - Happy Birthday in Heaven, Lacey Loo! You were born 24 years ago today, and shared the same birthday with Chloe (who would have been 14 today). I hope you are both celebrating your birthdays at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you!!

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