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Memories of Luther
Our baby...you will be missed...we see your ghost everywhere...in the morning, through out the day, in the evening when it is time to go "night night" but we know you are in a better place. Able to run and jump and play frisbee again. You took a piece of our heart when you went to rainbow bridge but you left us with joyful and fullfilling memories of your loyalty and unconditional love. We will be forever grateful that you were a part of our lives and cannot wait until we will be reunited on a "new earth" that our loving Saviour will prepare for us.

05/07/2010 Happy 12th Birthday baby boy! We hope you are celebrating with your new friends at the bridge. You are remembered here our little friend. We miss you.

06/02/2010 Monte had a dream about you the other night. You were worried about us and how we were doing since you left for Rainbow Bridge. We were able to hug you and love you up. Monte laid on the carpet with you and kept petting you until you just faded away. Thank you for coming to him in a dream. We both needed that. We miss you everyday buddy and think of you always. Our baby boy that gave us so much love. We can't wait until we see you again.

07/29/2010 We miss you sweetheart! Not a day goes by that you are not in our thoughts. We talk about you all the time, telling stories of all the wonderful and fun things we had done together.
It's hard sometimes to come and visit you here only because we miss you so much. But we know you know that even though we don't visit you here all the time we talk to you everyday. We see you in the clouds running or smiling. We both talk about the day when we will all be together again...we cannot wait!!! love you baby boy.

08/31/2010 Good Morning sweetie! How we miss you. We talk of you so often and how smart you were. We like to brag to our new friends who did not know you. How are you doing there at Rainbow bridge? Bet you have alot of friends. Everyday we hope and pray that our Savior comes back quickly so we can be together again. We can't wait to romp and hug you up again. We love you so much and miss hugging on you. Stay alert buddy maybe our prayers will be answered soon.

09/30/2010 Hello little buddy!! Been missing you so much lately. Fall is coming upon us and we remember how much you loved fall. Playing in the backyard in the leaves lol. Leaves will be turning soon. Six months have gone by since you went to Rainbow Bridge and a day has not gone by that you are not missed and talked about. Sometimes we just want to hug you one more time. We still have your towel that we used to wipe you off with when it rained or snowed, you liked that:)
We just can't wait to see you and hold you again...We are praying it will be soon.

10/31/2010 Hi sweetie!! Thinking about you soo much lately. We want to see you again so bad. You are always in our thoughts. We sometimes have a hard time not being able to hold you or play frisbee with you. Some days are better than others, but lately you have been missed more than usual. What we wouldn't give to see you!!!! If we could turn back the clock we would. But we know you are at peace and pain free...and we WILL see you again...we just want it to be sooner than later. We love you and always, always will!!

11/30/2010 Hello our little buddie!!! You are so missed by us, every single day. Our hearts are still broken without you. We don't know who said things get better with time, because missing you is as painful as it was when you first went to rainbow bridge. Thank God we have soooo many videos of you, although I cannot watch them yet, but it brings comfort to Monte to watch them. But I do look at your pictures. You are the wall paper on my computer my sweetheart. We are grateful that you are not in pain or in distress anymore. Looking so forward to being with you again someday. You go run and play now "BowBow" and catch that frisbee!!! love ya

12/25/2010 Merry Christmas to our sweet baby boy! We hope you are running around and rolling in the snow there at Rainbow Bridge. We remember how you loved the snow! And we remember how you loved us. Did you have a wonderful Christmas feast? We are sure you got to eat all the turkey you wanted this Christmas. Our first Christmas without you! You are so missed. But we still hold on to the fact that we will all be together again someday and we cannot wait until that day arrives! Well little buddie we will be talking to you in the new year. You know how much we miss and love you we tell you that every day! And we are still so greatful for all the time that you were in our lives here on earth and we are just waiting for the new earth to be with you again! love ya

02/01/2011 Hey Baby Boy! Sorry we didn't get in here in January...We have something to tell you and we know you will be happy for us. We got a little puppy last month! He is nothing like you, because there is no one like you !! He is a little yellow lab and his name is Calvin ( we knew you would approve of the name :) Monte says you were the KING and Calvin is the Prince! He is a sweetie and we know you are happy for us. Although at first we had a hard time with him because we think we were expecting him to be like you :( But when we finally realized there is no one like you, things got better! You would love him, we know you would. Sometimes he looks up in the air and we think hmmmm we wonder if Luther is talking to him. Still a day does not go by that you are missed. The other day I was driving to the library and I just burst out crying because I still missed you so much. We know you are probably pretty busy there at Rainbow Bridge welcoming in the new furry friends. Keep your eyes open for us baby boy because as soon as this life is over here, we will be running to meet you!!!

03/29/2011 Sweetheart! We miss you! Thinking about you all the time. Hope you are having a good time there at rainbow bridge. Your baby brother Calvin is a handful. He is nothing like you were. You were sooooo obedient and never chewed or jumped up on anything! He is into everything! Whatever he can get his mouth on he chews! Sure wish you were here to teach him some lessons! He could learn from you that is for sure. Monte is working on dvd about you! It's still very hard to watch movies of you. Time does not always ease the pain. Having Calvin brought back alot of memories of when you were just a baby puppy. We are so thankful that you were such a part of our life for as long as you were. Knowing someday we will all be together is the only thing that eases the pain of not having you to hold and hug and play frizbee with! We will talk to you soon. And we know even though we don't come here to rainbow bridge to write a note, we still talk to you everyday and we know you can hear us!! Love you little bobo

08/11/2011 Hello our little darling! We know we haven't been here for a bit, but we talk to you everyday and you know that. Not a day goes by that we don't talk about you and miss you terribly.
You were such a big part of our life and you still are. Are you having fun with your friends at Rainbow Bridge? We are sure that you are running and romping and having a carefree time. We also know you are waiting for us and we are praying that the Lord does not tarry too long. We pray He comes soon so we can be reunited!! WE love you soo much, I kiss your picture all the time!! I know that may sound corny but I don't care. Your little brother Calvin is growing up and we wish you were here to show him what a perfect dog is like LOL. So long for now my little sweetheart!!!

12/08/2011 Our little angel boy!! Thought we would come and get things ready for Xmas for you. Remember how much you loved to play in the snow? We do!!! Is there snow at Rainbow Bridge for you? We bet there is! And we bet you are running and playing in it with your friends. Your brother Calvin is doing good, although he is a bit of a mischief maker. There are times like this when it starts to snow outside and we think of how much you loved it makes us miss you sooo much more than we already do! Still have alot of those days when we cry when we talk about all the wonderful things you used to do. You are so perfect my little man!!! There is never a day that goes by that we don't think about you and mention you! You are sooo loved, but of course who could not love the perfect dog hehe!! Soon baby we pray we will be together again!!! Love you

04/02/2012 Our baby boy!!! Yes 2 years ago today you entered rainbow bridge. And we know that you are happy there because you can run and romp and do all the things that you love. Still, not a day goes by that you are not mentioned or thought of and you know that because we talk to you everyday, maybe not through rainbow bridge but in our spirits and minds. We love you as much today as we did through your lifetime with us. You are so missed baby boy. This is hard just sitting here and writing to you, I cannot stop crying. Just keep those ears perked up and wait for us because someday we will all be together again, but in the meantime you enjoy your new friends that you have met and play frizbee!!!! We love you very much.

07/24/2012 Hello our sweet sweet baby boy!! You know sometimes we don't get here often enough, but we know that you know you are thought of EVERYDAY!!! Not a day goes by that you are not talked about, thought about or cried about! We miss you even after all this time. Your little brother is a little mischief maker and he certainly is nothing like you!! You sweetheart were PERFECT! We know that you are running around and playing with your friends and family up there! We know Coker just arrived not long ago, you really need to show him the ropes ok? He will be missed by aunt Cindy and uncle Jim. We still talk to you everyday too. We know you can hear us so we know that you know you are missed and loved!! So many things happen throughout the day that reminds us of you! Sometimes we get a little overwhelmed because of it. And we just want you to know that we love your baby brother, but NO ONE can take your place, you are still the most precious of all furry friends. Well sweetie pie time to say so long for now and we will be talking with you everyday...love you

11/23/2012 Our sweet baby boy! We hope you are eating turkey with all your friends at rainbow bridge. Remember how every thanksgiving Monte would give you a special treat ( a nice piece of turkey) And how you loved it!!! OMG we miss you soooo very much. There has never been a day that has gone by since you went to rainbow bridge that you are not mentioned or thought about. We still cannot wait till the day that we are all reunited and we will be able to spend eternity (that is FOREVER) with one of the most loved companions this world has ever know!! and that is you our very first loved furry friend. You have such silky ears!! Just like velvet and we cannot wait to embrace them again! We always loved to give you your belly rubs. Monte really really misses you regarding playing frizbee with you!! You are ALWAYS a part of us and always will be. We really do pray that the end will come soon so we can see you and be with you again!! Monte cannot wait to play frizbee with you again!! I will say so long for my my baby boy!!! You go play now with your other friends and have a wonderful feast for thanksgiving. We truly give thanks that you were here and a part of our lives and we give thanks that we will see you again !!!!!

04/17/2013 Hey big boy!!! Been awhile huh buddy? Even though we haven't been here for a long time we still talk to you everyday!! And you know that.
Your little brother Calvin is doing fine, but he certainly can't fill your paws:) Sure do miss you my special angel! But I know you and your friends are running around playing frisbee and waiting for us to join you. We sure can't wait till that happens. It will be the best!! Well we came back to Wisconsin to live my little baby boy. Not in the same house where you were brought up but more in the city. And we are glad we did. Do you remember Alex? He sure has gotten to be a big boy. We show him your pictures all the time. We still cry over missing you my baby boy. In fact here I am blubbering like a baby now!!! You are the most precious part of our lives. I cannot believe 4 years have gone by. We miss you today as much as we did 4 years ago when you entered Rainbow Bridge. My velvet ears!! I am going to say so long for now. Why don't you go play for a bit with all your friends and than go "night night" and take a rest? We won't stay away from here for so long ok? Take care my baby boy!

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