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Memories of LuPita
10-09-06 My Little Loopie,It has been 18 months since you left us.  The pain in my heart has not diminished.  Your Daddy keeps telling me that time will make things better.  So far, that has not been the case.LuPita, I can still remember bringing you home.  You were so small that Daddy could hold you in his hand.  You had the most beautiful eyes we had ever seen on any animal, a piercing blue.When you were only 3, we changed our lifestyle by selling our big house and possessions, and moving into a motorhome, where we lived and traveled for the next 5 years.  Every day was a new experience and you adapted so well.  The 3 of us went everywhere together.  We made sure that you never wanted for anything.  You made our lives complete.  We only had to look at you and, immediately, we knew what you wanted.  If you wanted to get up high in the cabinets, you would get this wild look on your face and start looking upwards.  When you wanted water from the faucet, you would curl up in the sink so that we could not use it until you got your water.  When you were hungry, you would rub up against your wooden feeder, moving it all around.  When you were really hungry, you would take the bowl completely out of the holder and leave it laying outside the holder.  When  you really wanted our attention, you just did not eat.  Then we would have to "jump start" you by just touching your food.  In your eyes, if we touched it, it must be okay to eat.  Then there were the times when you wanted to be hand fed.  I loved doing that with you.  Sometimes you were so happy that when you opened your mouth to say something, nothing would come out.  When you wanted to go out, you would sit in front of the door.  When you wanted to go for a walk you would walk about 10 feet, then turn around and make sure we were following you.  If we were not, you panicked and came running back to us.  You would never let us get out of your sight.  We could even tell when you wanted to pee outside.  Daddy always found fresh dirt and would dig a hole for you.  You thought that was the greatest thing in the world.  When your eyes needed cleaning, you would hold your little headie up to make it easier for us.  Remember the times we went down to the ocean front in Virginia Beach.  On the boardwalk, I pulled you in your little red wagon and people marveled at your ability to just sit there.  Everybody wanted to take your picture.  Whenever Daddy was outside building or working on something I had broken, you were right there with him trying to be helpful.  You even helped him plant the tomatoes at Sedona.  I also remember the time I entered you in the best dressed pet contest at a campground in Kentucky.  You took top honors when I pulled you up on the stage in  your wagon.  You had your little sombrero on and a small bottle of Tequila laying at your side.  During the Christmas season, you liked to get up on the lighted animated deer with your Christmas hat on and have your picture taken.  At night, you would get up on my pillow and knead right on top of my head.  I always thought it felt so good.  When you finished, you would lay right on top of my head and go to sleep.  We tried to anticipate your every need.  We wanted you to have everything, because you gave us so much.  Your favorite place in the world was Red Rock State Park in Sedona, Arizona, where we were camp hosts for a couple of summers.  You would go with Daddy or me whenever we went into the bathhouses.  There were about 10 different sinks in each of the bathhouses.  You would drink out of every faucet, as if each one had a different taste.  And I can still remember you playing with the little pocket gophers in the red clay dirt.  You would hide right outside of their ground holes and just sit there and stare until they came out.  Once they peeked out, then it scared both of you.  The gopher would run back into the hole and then you would stick your little arm down inside the hole and try to feel around for him.  I sometimes thought that you would just pull back a nub!  You used to love to play in the red dirt and when you finished, your four feet were red about two inches up.  When I would come back from my morning walk, you would always run to greet me, and the closer you got to me, the straighter your tail would be up in the air, and you would be talking the whole time.  What a sight!In January 2005, when we were getting ready to travel to Mexico, we took you to the vet to get your check up and vaccinations.  While Dr. D. was examining you, she said she felt a "mass" on one of your kidneys.  What started out as an ordinary day would change our lives forever.  Dr. D. sent us home with instructions to make your remaining time here on earth as stress free as possible.  LuPita, both Daddy and I would have given you one of our kidneys.  Because that was impossible, we considered a kidney transplant from another furbaby.  But Dr. D. said that you were not a good candidate, because of your heart murmur.  There was absolutely nothing we could do to make you better.  We felt so helpless.  It was so ironic; you never asked for anything and the one time you did need something, we could't do anything.  Dr. D. said that because of the size of the cysts, it was doubtful that you would live another 6 months.  Loop, I am not a very religious person, but I did a lot of praying when we brought you back home.You crossed the bridge about 2:30 am on February 28, 2005, just 4 months shy of your tenth birthday.  Mommy and Daddy were with you when you left.  I prayed then (and still do now) that you were meowing because you were scared and not because you were in pain.Our little house was very sad and lonely for a long time.  Even now, after 18 months, I still think of you every waking moment.  It is so hard to write all of this and I am crying as I do so.In our quest to move on, Daddy has built a screened-in porch.  We had planned to do it for you, but it just was not meant to be.  He knew how much you loved the outside.  Also, we have 2 new furbabies, Gabbi and Sedona.  LuPita, they are beautiful and so full of life.  I love them dearly.  But they are not you.  If they will give us just a fraction of the love and enjoyment that you did, that would be wonderful.  We still travel, just not as much.  Every place we camp at, we speculate whether or not you would have liked it.LuPita, if there is any good in your not being with us, it is the fact that you are not hurting.  And I am so thankful for that.  I am not sure why, but since your passing, Daddy and I have grown so much closer.  We no longer take each other or anything for granted.  We have come to realize that life is very fragile and that either one of us could be gone in a second.  We also have learned that some things that we thought were important, are not so important after all.  I guess we have rearranged our priorities.  We try to live each day to the fullest and as though it may be our last one.So, my sweetie Loop, you really DO live on in our hearts.  You have made our lives complete.  Even though your time with us was cut short by that terrible genetic disease, the almost 10 years we shared is worth more than all the money in the world.  I cannot find it in my heart to forgive the breeder from whom we purchased you.  I can only hope and pray that she sold you and your siblings without knowing of your heritage.  Our memories of you will last forever.  I know you will make many friends at the Rainbow Bridge.  Be sure to find Penelope and give her a kiss for me.  It is okay for you to eat the grass there.  Enjoy it my baby!10-15-06 Good Morning my Sweetie.  Your having a residency here has been wonderful.  I have heard from so many people that have lost their furbabies.  There must be so many furbabies there at the bridge.  Hope you have made lots of friends.  I still have lots of work to do here before I can join you.  So if you don't see me for a while, that is the reason.  But that does not mean that I will forget you.  I visit your place every day.  I love you, Loopie.10-21-06 Good Morning Loop.  I am thinking of you so much today and just want to let you know.  I forgot to tell you to look for Peaches, and give her a kiss for me and her mom.  Remember when you two posed under the Christmas tree and her mom made her wear those reindeer ears?  The two of you looked so cute.  Play hard and enjoy the grass there.  Isn't it nice to be able to eat it without me telling you not to?  Lots of love, Mom11-2-06 Hi Loopie.  Miss you today and I am still wishing that I could just have one more chance to hold you in my arms.  It is cold here today and having to stay inside the house without you at my side is miserable.  Gabbi and Sedona sure have some big shoes to fill.  Sleep well, play hard and enjoy your new friends.  Love, Mom11-14-06 Hi Sweetie Loopie.  Still thinking of you.  Time still has not healed my heartache, as some people say it will.  Yes, I have moved on, but you are always at my side;  maybe some people cannot see you, but I know you are there and it brings me so much comfort.  I have placed your ashes, along with pictures of you, on our headboard, so that you are the first thing I see in the morning, and the last thing I see at night.  I speak to you each day, and even though you do not answer, I know you can hear me.  LuPita, you know that you were, and still are, loved by us.  You were such a happy kitty, never worried about anything.  You even slept so soundly that we could walk up to you and start petting you and you would never move a muscle.  You knew that as long as Daddy and me were around, nothing could hurt or upset you.  You were so content, never wanting or asking for anything, except our love.  And we gladly gave you that.  Are you still eating the green grass there?  Don't worry about it upsetting your stomach, like it did when you were with us.  God takes care of all of his furbabies, and will keep you well and happy.  Play hard and think of me as I do you.  Love, Mom11-24-06 Hi Loop!  Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  I know how you disliked People Food, so I hope you got some kibble that tasted like turkey and dressing!!  We gave Thanks for what we have now and what we used to have when you were here with us.  I pray every day that you still love and think of us, as we do you.  Gabbi and Sedona are good furbabies and companions.  I am teaching them to potty in the toilet.  You should see them.  I can only imagine what you would have thought if you had to sit on the toilet!!  But again, they are trying to fill your shoes and make us happy.  Play hard and sleep well.  Until we meet again, Mom12-2-06  Hey Loop!  "What though the radiance which was once so bright, Be now forever taken from my sight.  Though nothing can bring back the hour of Splendor in the Grass, of glory in the flower, We will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind."  What beautiful words from William Wordsworth.  Just to let you know that we are thinking of you coming upon the Holiday Season.  Will visit you tomorrow.  Love, Mom12-10-06 Hi my LuPita.  Time has not changed anything, as far as healing my broken heart.  Time has only intensified the love I feel for you.  You were so young to be taken from us.  What a horrible way to have to leave this world.  I know you are in a much better place, but I still miss you and look forward to the time when the three of can be together once more, and you being all well and not hurting.  With the Christmas Season upon us, the hurt in my heart intensfies.  Play hard, eat lots of God's green grass, and be our Guardian Angel.  I will be here tomorrow.  Love, Mom12-19-06 Hey Sweet Loopie,  We purchased our Christmas tree and the first decoration on it was a picture of you.  The new furbabies watched us decorate it, but I know if you had been here, you would have been right in the middle of everything, and we would have loved every minute of it.  It is still very warm here, weather not conducive to Christmas, but we love it, as you did.  I don't know how you knew when it was cold or raining outside, but whenever it was, you would go to bed as soon as you finished eating your breakfast, instead of looking up at the doorknob wanting to go outside.  You loved giving us kisses whenever we wanted them, which was often.  You always looked at Daddy with your dreamy eyes, and we knew there was so much love there.  Loopie, it is so different here without you.  There are times when I think you were sent to us for a reason.  And then once your mission was accomplished, God called you home.  Good night, my baby.  Sleep well and enjoy God's grass.  Love, Mom1-1-07 Happy New Year Loop!!  Mommy and Daddy toasted you this morning at exactly midnight.  I miss you dearly, even after all this time.  When we took our tree down, your picture was the last ornament to come off.  It's nice to know that all your future Christmases will be pain free from here on out.  Know that we love you and will keep your memories here forever.  Love, Mommy1-14-07 Another New Year has begun without you.  I hurt so very much.  I try to keep my feelings to myself, although sometimes I talk to Daddy.  He is, after all, the only person that understands what I am going thru.  We are in the process of purchasing a new house.  I think it will help me to get away from here and the place where you drew your last breath.  Sometimes I swear I can still see you laying there.  However, I now know that you are pain free and playing with Peaches and Penelope and all of the other furbabies at the Bridge.  It must be such a beautiful place.  I know that the three of us will be reunited once again.  That is God's master plan.  Play hard, sleep well and enjoy the grass.  Mom01-28-06 Hey Loop.  Missing and loving you still. Love, Mom02-14-06 Good Morning my little Sweetie Loop.  And Happy Valentines Day.  I received your urn yesterday.  It is absolutely beautiful.  The lady who made it put images of you on it from pictures that I sent to her.  You now have a much more fitting final resting place.  I miss you so much, still after all of this time.  We will all be together again sometime in the future.  Mom still has lots to do here, including learning all she can about PKD.  We hope that all breeders will do all they can to eliminate this terrible disease.  Love, Mom2-24-07 Good Morning my Loopie! I still think of and miss you terribly.  It has been almost 2 years since you crossed the Bridge and my heart still aches.  The part of it that you took with you can never be replaced.  We know that you are having a ball at the Bridge and have made many friends.  There is no more hurt or pain for you, only grief for me.  I know you are now my Guardian Angel and will look out for me, guiding me through some difficult times.  Play hard and eats lots of grass.  Love, Mom2-28-07 Hi Little Loopie.  Today is the second anniversary of your passing and going to Rainbow Bridge.  I woke up at 2 am this morning and realized that, this time 2 years ago, mommy and daddy were holding you as you slipped away from us.  I cried this morning, just as I cried then.  I know you are in a better place, but I am so selfish.  I want you here with us.  I lit a candle this morning, and placed it beside your photo, where it continues to burn.  Thank you for giving us almost 10 years of unconditional love.  Thank you for being my best friend and sole mate.  Thanks for seeing us through the loss of Sister, JoAnne, my mother and Dad's mother.  You were here for all of that and I am so thankful that you were.  The bond you and I shared will never be broken.  You knew when I was upset, sick, or was just not in a good mood.  All I had to do was to look at you, and I knew, in an instant, that I could overcome anything.  You were everything to us.  I received a nice condolence message this morning from Ginny, (she is in charge of this site) and it was so comforting to me.  Just being able to come here and know that you are still here for me, no matter what the reason, is just wonderful.  Lots of love, and please look over me and Dad until we three can be together again.  Mom3-13-07 Hi my Sweetie.  We are in the process of packing to move.  In a way, I want to leave here because of the memory of you passing away here in our living room.  I will remember that forever.  I am taking the good memories with me, and there are lots of them.  My new furbabies bring me so much comfort.  Each of them, in their own way, is reminescent of you.  Both you and I know that they will never replace you.  But, like you, they give unconditional love and are always there for me.  Be good and enjoy Rainbow Bridge.  Until we meet again, Mom3-30-07 Good Morning Loopie,  Today is the day for us to move from the home the three of us shared until your last day here on earth.  Lots of memories here, the bad one being seeing the spot where you drew your last breath.  I can still remember me and Dad laying with you when you crossed over to the Bridge. I am taking all the good memories with me to our new home.  We are having a niche built for you where we can place your pictures and beautiful urn.  I miss you so much, and will never forget you. Love, Mom4-15-07 Hi Loopie!  I know it has been a while since I visited you.  But don't think I did not want to.  We moved out of our home, and are living in our motorhome while our new house is being built.  We think of you every day.  It is so lonely here without you.  I felt a sadness when we left the home that the 3 of us shared.  But I think that our moving on will help me a great deal.  We went to the Bascillica last week and looked for some figurines to go into your niche in the new house.  I want a St Francis statue with a cat in it.  Take care, eat lots of grass.  I love you, Mom5-8-07 Hi Loop,  We are in one of your favorite places, Sedona, AZ.  I know you remember just how beautiful this city is.  However, without you here with us, it has somehow lost some of its magic.  My new furbabies are a great source of comfort and joy for me.  I know you, being my guardian angel, had them especially sent to me, not to replace you, but to give me some kind of peace here without you.  I miss you every day.  I hope you have made lots of friends and are eating lots of the green grass there.  Love, Mom6-5-07 Good Day my Loop.  My heart still aches each day whenever I think of you.  Dad keeps telling me that he is worried about me, that I need to move on.  Sometimes it seems that I just cannot.  He loves you and misses you too.  But I guess each of us grieves in different ways.  There is not a day that goes by that something happens to remind me of you.  You are so special.  I will never forget you.6-10-07 Hi Sweetie!  I saw you in my dream last night, the first time that this has happened.  I told Dad about your message.  Loop, the house that we are having built has a special place for your personal effects.  I will place your urn, the St. Christopher statue, the scrapbook I made, and lots of things that will remind me of you.  When one walks in the front entry door, your niche is one of the first things they will see.  I love you.  The 3 of us will be together at some future time.  Love, Mom6-28-07 Hey Loop, Mommy still thinks about you each day.  I miss you just as much as ever.  My furbabies are growing like weeds.  Thank you for sending them to me.  Hope you are enjoying all the amenities at Rainbow Bridge:  no more pain, no more having your teeth cleaned, you can eat all the grass you want.  Everything is perfect where you are.  Wait for Mom and Dad.7-10-07 Good Morning, Loop!  Another day without you, I am still heartbroken.  I still miss everything about you.  Loop, I am running out of word space here.  I am going to purchase a diary where I can put my thoughts together.  I will still visit you each day.I love you.
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