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Memories of Lundy
March 9th, 2018

My sweet Lundy,

Seven weeks we were able to be with you. Only 7 weeks till the disease took you from us. And out of nowhere. But we know that rescuing you was the best thing for your little short life. You started in the woods and spent the last 7 weeks being pampered and loved, till you were ready to go home to God. You were just a baby, so this pains us even more. We barely got to know you fully and our bonds were just starting to develop. I already miss your soft baby fur and your sweet little meows begging for me to hold you and carry you around. Just this morning, you looked up at me and meowed that sweet kitten meow to get my attention. And you always got it. Why did you have to leave so soon? Such an innocent little baby.

Our hearts are breaking...Linda and Matt
April 13, 2018

My little baby. How are you? I'm sure so happy to be with your big brother JB and free of feeling so yucky. Your urn arrived and we filled it with beautiful pictures of you. All the volunteers at the shelter, when they hear I was your momma, all gush over how cute you were. And how sad they are now that you are gone from us. It was just too soon. I had all these visions of how you would look as a full-grown boy. How your behavior would develop. I could see it! But this is the ultimate reminder that God has other plans for us than what we envision at times. I still don't know why he took you from me so soon? My heart is still so broken.

Snuggle up to my baby JB, your brother. He will take care of you and lick you and love you.
Until next time...XOXO
Your mommy

Sept 5th, 2018

Happy birthday little baby boy. Yesterday was my birthday and coincidentally it was also yours. I couldn't believe it when I was adopting you and they told me you were born on my birthday. I knew it was meant to be for us to be in each other's lives. If only for a short while. Yesterday, even though I got so many wonderful birthday wishes, my thoughts kept going to you and how much I miss you still. Just like the bereavement therapist said, it's the milestones that will be hard, and unfortunately for me, it's also my birthday. I didn't want to upset Matt, so I've kept my sadness private but inside I still miss you so much and feel terrible that you left us so soon. You were just a little baby. Only 7 months and 5 days old.

Now you are with God and with our sweet JB. I hope he is with you and caring for you. He was such a good boy and a strong-willed one. I pray you are together in Heaven.

I love you here on Earth and wherever you are.
Your momma

March 10th, 2019

It's been one full year since you left us and oh how we still miss your beautiful little face, and that sweet almost silent meow. Our time was too short.

I just wanted to say hello and let you know that your sister Sarah, the one you wanted so desperately to cuddle with is now there over the Rainbow Bridge as of last Wednesday. Maybe now she will embrace the cuddles and give you lots of licks and kisses. Please cuddle with her for warmth like I did the last 2 years each night in bed.

I miss you baby boy. Always and forever,
Your momma


Sept 5th, 2020

Hello sweetheart. I thought of you tonight and over the last few days and I now realize why. I just turned 50 yesterday and we shared the same birthday so you would have been 3 years old. My sadness over your loss still fills my heart. I cannot help it. The thought that you were so young still pains me. I feel like we didn't even get a chance to be together and that just kills me inside. I know it wasn't meant to be and that you had to be with God again, but I'm feeling selfish right now and wishing we still had our time together. I hope and pray that when I die, you will be there waiting for me. Still a kitten, for me to hold you and love you along with all my other fur babies. Seve, JB, Sarah and you. But most of all you because I never got a chance to know you. And I want to spend as much time as I can in heaven loving you, like you deserved.

Two new boys joined our family last year, in 2019. Ollie and Sebastian. And considering how many health problems all my babies had between JB, Sarah and you, it's enjoyable to have 2 healthy boys running around the house. I do focus on them for the most part, but I just cannot stop missing you. Maybe it's because I am grieving the boy you would have become. The grown orange male tabby that would have ruled the house and been sweet as pie. They say we grieve for the loss but also for the dream of what would have been. And for me, that is the truth.

I love you my sweet Lundy. My sweet baby boy. I love you from the bottom of my heart. I hope your soul feels this love coming to you tonight.

Till next time...
your momma


February 14th, 2021

Hello, my baby love. My little beautiful boy. How are you? Every day I miss you and even though I thought it would lessen, the pain of your loss is still so fresh. Anyway, Happy Valentines my sweet boy. XOXOXO Your momma

March 9th, 2021

This is the anniversary of your passing to be with God and our other angel babies. I still miss you sooooo much, that it hurts to even type this message. So beautiful, so innocent, so young. I know you are in a wonderful place and I truly cannot wait to be with you again in heaven. Sleep my sweet boy.

Your Momma

March 9, 2023

Oh my dear boy, I can't believe how sad I still am what I think about you leaving us Matt thinks I'm a little nuts because we have five beautiful babies now and another one across the street that we get to pay attention to as well. But you were just so young and that's what kills me is he didn't even have a chance to live out your life. I still miss you Every day but I know you are in heaven with Sarah and JB and even Sevy. I love you, my baby boy forever and ever and I can't wait for the day till I see you again.

Your Momma


June 12, 2023

Oh my sweet boy. I don't know why I am crying so much missing you. I have five beautiful babies. I still can't completely work through my grief over losing you. The littlest one the youngest one, the baby. I don't know how this works when we feel so much pain from a loss. Maybe it's because we've never had a chance to truly be together for very long but I hope and pray that the day that I die youll be there waiting for me.

Love your mama


March 11th, 2024

Here we go. Another year has passed and I still cannot fully work through my grief of losing you. It's been 6 years! I just can't. This loss has been so troubling for me. I will forever love you. Forever know that you were meant to be with me for the little time you had on this Earth. I'm glad I made it sweet for you and warm and special, and I hope you know you were loved. I think my grief stems from what could have been for you. For us. But God wanted you home. I love you sweet little boy. Forever.

Love your Momma

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