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Memories of Lulu
Lulu stole our hearts from the very first time we laid eyes on her. We were there to see her half brothers, but she looked at us with those beautiful brown eyes of hers and swept us off our feet. We brought her home and she instantly became a part of our family. We hated leaving her home and took her with us as much as we could. She loved car rides, trips to the beach, the many different dog parks she visited and she especially loved to play fetch. She got to go on the field at Petco Park and also at Dodgers Stadium. We decided to sell our condo so we could have a house with a yard for her to run around in. Just before we sold the condo, we added Lulu's second cousin, Calvin, to our family. We soon moved into a new house with a backyard for them. That house became our home. Lulu and Calvin played together all day, and if you know frenchies, they also napped together.

On March 25, 2016, five days after her third birthday, at about 4:30 am Lulu and Calvin were let out to go potty. Calvin did his thing, but Lulu never went far past the door. They both came back into the house and were to go upstairs back into the master bedroom to wait for us to get ready for work, but Lulu just sat at the bottom of the stairs. Her mom carried her upstairs and laid her on the bed. Lulu was unable to move her hind legs and her front legs were stretched out and locked. She looked to be in lots of pain. She was transported to the E.R. and from there she was transported to a more advanced surgical facility. Once there the surgeon stated her condition had been very rapidly declining. He was unable to do any advanced imaging of her spinal cord and backbone and she was transported to another facility about 25 miles away. They completed the advanced imaging and the surgeon called and stated surgery was not going to be required and that she needed to be observed for the next few days to see why there had been a buildup of fluid pushing on her spinal cord and that only time would tell us how extensive the damage had been. The surgeon stated Lulu was still coming out of anesthesia and as soon as she was alert they were going to transport her back. The hospital called back and said she was being transported back. During the trip, Lulu began to have difficulty breathing and since the ambulance was closer to the facility they were coming from than the facility where we were to meet her, the ambulance turned around. The ambulance arrived and Lulu's heart had stopped. They performed CPR on her for 15 minutes and were unable to get any type of response from her. Lulu passed. She was transported back to the facility where we were to meet her and arrived just before we did. We had brought Calvin with us to see her one last time. We all said our goodbyes to her and even Calvin seemed down and howled for her. We cried for her, we hurt for her, but we knew God had to take her because she was going to be unable to run like she was so used to doing and in heaven she will able to run again.

I know she will be waiting for all of us up there, ball in mouth ready to play fetch. She will wrestle with Calvin, kiss her parents and her brother and want to take a nap with daddy once again.

We love you Lulu. Please watch over us from up there. May you rest in peace. Until we see you again.

Dad, Mom, Kain and of course Calvin.

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