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Memories of Luke
Luke it's so hard to believe you are gone. You left us so suddenly we still have not caught our breath. I cannot begin to tell you how much my heart aches and how much all of us miss you. Your sisters Mia and Emmy are so sad, you were their champion and protector. Mia who has been your companion all of your 10 years is mourning so deeply we worry for her. Please watch over her.

I am grateful that you never suffered but the shock of losing you causes my chest to hurt as if my heart is broken. If I knew you were okay and happy romping in the meadow I think I would be okay. I would love to dream of you happily running with your friends who have gone before you. Just to be able to see you again even just in a dream would help heal my broken heart.

I have wonderful memories of my sweet boy. I remember the day I first saw you at the breeders. You were all black with white under your chin. Though you got more color later with tan legs and beard and a little tan under your tail and of course those tan eyebrows. When we first met you at 6 weeks you didn't walk or run, you hopped. I fell in love instantly. The breeder knew us because we adopted Mia two years before so she allowed us to bring you home a week earlier than normal. You were 7 weeks old when you came home with us. You immediately adored Mia but she was having none of you. For two days you chased her around and she turned her nose at you. Then you laid on your back and showed her your belly and that was it. That night Mia put her favorite toy on your crate. You became the best pals from that day on. You were not an easy puppy. You were so filled with mischief. You ate everything in sight. Shoes, eyeglasses,books even a plastic picture frame with my granddaughters picture in it. Your daddy Bob worked so hard with you and in time you became much better. We even had a trainer come to the house who said you were such a good boy.

I remember when you were maybe 6 or 7 months old my granddaughter Talia who was 5 years old decided to decorate you with scarves. She tied them all over you and you my boy was so patient did not complain at all. When I saw what she did I felt so bad. By accident she had tied your paw to your head. You loved her so much you just let her play with you and you were happy for it.

When you were 9 months old we had a very serious car accident that scared you terribly. After that you had some hard times. You fought with other dogs yet you loved so many people and wanted to cuddle constantly. Daddy again worked really hard with you and eventually you became such a good dog. You never started anymore fights but would only fight to defend yourself. If a dog would start to try and fight with you, you would just turn your back and stand still. You really did not want to fight. You developed a reputation of being the most loving, cuddly dog around. There were several people who you really loved and you would do the funniest thing. You would sit on their feet when you saw them. You became such a good loving boy. Many people made comments that you were one of the most human dogs they knew.

A little more the 4 years ago we adopted a new member to our family. She was my best friends dog and my friend had asked us to take Emmy if anything happened to her. She felt that way because my husband Bob was so good with dogs and Emmy needed a little extra attention. My girlfriend suddenly died and Emmy came to live with us. You Luke were so good with her and in time she became part of the pack. One of my favorite memories was just a couple of months ago. Emmy had a favorite toy and you Luke dared to touch it. She went into your face growling at you. It was funny because Emmy is 1/3 of your size. You were so patient with her. You took your arm and lovingly put it around her till she calmed down. You then kissed each other and that was it. I could not believe my eyes. What a sweetheart you were.

You were Daddy's pal. Always with him. You watched over him with such love. That car accident caused many problems for Daddy. His back was severely damaged and he has had two back surgeries since. He always felt you were watching and making sure he was okay.. I know how much Daddy will miss you. We will all miss you. I miss you cuddling up to me while we sat on the couch watching TV. Even in bed at night you loved to cuddle with me. You were Daddy's dog but you were my cuddle buddy..

You are missed and mourned by so many. The shock of your passing has been touched by all who knew you. Daddy always took you to the dog park and there you made many friends. When Daddy went to tell your friends what happened, everyone was saddened and shocked. It just makes no sense how such a happy healthy loving dog can just go so fast without any warning. Mia searched for you at the park, she walked all around looking for you. When we get your ashes we will spread them at the dog park where you, Daddy and your sisters had so many wonderful moments. You loved it there. You would run and play with the other dogs. That is how I want to remember you. So full of life running and playing with your sisters and friends. You use to watch over your sisters at the dog park. If another dog came to bother them you would get in between to protect them. I like to believe you will continue to protect them and watch after them.

Luke, you will always be with me. You will remain in my heart forever. I love you so much and that love cannot die. I want to believe in my heart of hearts that you still exist somewhere and that someday I will see you again. The thought of that brings me peace. Be in peace my little boy and know that your family will always be with you and in your 10 years with us you have brought us so much joy and happiness that it will be engraved on our hearts for all eternity.

Daddy hated when I called you Lukey Luke but you loved it. No matter where you were you came running with this happy look on your face. You knew it was my love name for you and when I called you that it was like kisses to your ears. I find myself calling you my Lukey Luke when I am alone and missing you and I want to believe that no matter where you are you come running to me cuddling up to me and putting your head in my lap.

Goodbye for now my sweet boy. I want you to know you were the best dog anyone can ask for and we will never forget you. Ever. I want so much to believe that when it is my turn to say goodbye to this world you will be waiting for me with your tail and your whole backside wagging. Oh how I loved when you wagged your whole body in happiness. It always made me laugh. Even now as broken as my heart is when I picture you so happy wiggling all over it makes me smile. Yes, I do want to believe we will be together again and you my faithful loyal friend will lead me home.

It's been 5 weeks today since you are gone. I want to say there has been a couple of times I felt you were near. We decided to keep your ashes home. A couple of wonderful friends bought us a beautiful bronze picture urn to keep your ashes in. It is funny when Daddy got your ashes from the vet and brought them home I felt like you came home. It is a comfort to have you home with your family. I put my favorite picture of you in the frame on the urn. I talk to you a lot and hope you can hear me telling you how much we love you and miss you but I do hope you are having a wonderful time with your old and new friends at The Rainbow Bridge.

Today is your birthday Luke, you would have been 11. I hope you are celebrating with your friends at The Rainbow Bridge. That is how I like to think of you. I wish you were here so that we would be able to celebrate with you. I created the holiday cards like I do every year with a picture of my fur kids but this year you were missing from the picture and it broke my heart. I wasn't sure if I was even going to do a card this year but I decided to do one but to add a remembrance of you in it. I just could not do one without even a thought of you. You are always in my heart. I talk to you a lot. I hope you are able to hear me. I will forever love you my Lukey Luke.

Hi my sweet boy. It's been a year since you left us. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. I try to imagine you running and playing with your friends there at the Rainbow Bridge and that brings me comfort. Your sisters miss you too. Emmy sits next to the bed you always slept in as if she is keeping you company. Mia has taken over many of your little quirks. So many people have commented on it. It is like it is her way of remembering you. We all love you my Lukey Luke and know some day we all be together again until then have fun and enjoy all your old and new friends at Rainbow Bridge.

Hi Lukey Luke, I hope you are having a lot of fun with your friends at the Rainbow Bridge. Some of your earth fiends joined you the last two years. I think about you everyday. You are still very much in my heart and I will love you forever. Last year I saw a medium and she said you visit us often and Mia can actually see you. There have been times I felt you jump on the bed. It always comforts me when I feel you are near. Happy Anniversary in heaven. It's already 2 years and sometimes it feels like yesterday and sometimes it feels like it's been so long without you. I know you have been with Michele and Zoe. Give them some love from me. Love you boy.

Hi Luke, you would have been 13 today. I still miss you everyday. I talk to you. Do you hear me? I hope you are having fun with your friends over at the Rainbow Bridge. There have been several additions since I wrote last. Many of the dogs from the Cockapoo club are getting older and some have left us.
Your sister Mia gave us a scare. She actually died and Daddy gave her chest compressions and she came back. She has a a problem with her heart, also she has a collapsing trachea which makes her cough a lot. She is on several different medicines and has her good days and bad days. She was 15 on her last birthday so she is getting older. Please watch over her and if she is having a bad day please comfort her. I know she misses you a lot. Everyday I pray she will be with us a little longer. The two of you were such a joy in my life. Emmy came later and was never as close as the two of you were.
I love you Luke and I hope you had a great birthday. If you see Michele and Zoe say Hi from me. Bye, Lukey Luke I will love you forever

Hi Luke my boy, our friend Kristin painted a beautiful painting of you. She made you come alive and I love looking at the painting. I still miss you so much. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. Sometimes I feel you close to me. I love you my boy, my Lukey Luke now and forever.

Hi Lukey. Today it is three years since You left us. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I hope you are having fun running with your friends there at the Rainbow Bridge. There was a couple of times this year that I thought Mia would be joining you. She is getting up there in years and has had some medical issues. She is a tough girl and has bounced back. I have comfort in knowing that when it is her time you will be there to meet her and escort her to the Bridge. Emmy is doing fine but she also is getting up there in age. I miss the three of you together and I know some day you will all be together again as we all will. I love you my boy, you are always in my heart. ❤️

Hi my boy, I think about you everyday. I miss you. You would have been 14 today. Where has the time gone. There are times at night I think I feel you jump on the bed. Sometimes Emmy just stares at the wall and I wonder if she sees you.
Also Lukr, your sister Mia had a pretty hard year.. A couple of times I thought she would be joining you that day. She was 16 a couple of weeks ago. She is having a hard time in the err sun. We had to get her Doggles but she still is so sensitive
She gets totally disoriented. She also can't jump on the bed or couch anymore and won't even come on them when we bring her up. She wants to get down.

We never got the chance to watch you age so this is very painful to see. I am asking you to be there for her when it is her time. She always loved you and I know you always loved her too. The only thing that gives me comfort is knowing that hen it is her time to cross you will be together again.

Love you my Lukey Lukr. I hope you are having fun with your friends who have also passed. I imagine you all running and chasing each other at the rainbow bridge. Happy Birthday myspecisl boy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hi my sweet boy, I need your help. Your sister Mia is not doing well. She may be joining you tomorrow. Please be there for her. Take care of her. I know how much you loved each other and the thought that you two will be together again gives me peace. My heart is broken again and it ihas been so hard to watch her deteriorating a little more each day. She has lived a long good life and I want to remember her as the playful pup she was. I love you guys so much and Luke, I never stopped missing you in the 3 1/2 years you've been gone. This is so hard but I know you will be there for her and that makes me breathe a little easier. Love you my Lukey Luke. Thank you. 😢💔🙏🏼🌈

I pray you and Mia are now together. I know you were there for her and that give me peace. I miss the two of you so much. Be happy run free together. Make sure Mia gets to play some fetch. That was her favorite thing to do and she couldn't play it for a long time. Love you guys and I know you will be there waiting for me when it is my time. ❤️😘🌈👼🏻

Hi my sweet boy. Today is 4 years since you left us. You are still very much in my heart. Lately I don't know if is my imagination or not but I think I see you and also Mia. It has happened a few times now. I think Emmy sees you guys. I miss you so much. It makes me feel better knowing you and Mia are together. You two were so close. I think of the time when you two were with us as my Camalot. It was such a special magical time in my life. You opened up so many beautiful experiences in our life.
You have a new sister and brother. Scout and Maggie. They are six months old. Maybe y say Scout reminds them of you. I hope you watching over them and teaching them the ways of the house. They are really good puppies and I know you and Mia would love them.
I cannot even express how much I love you. What I felt for you will never die. Thank you for being such a special part of me. ❤️🐾🧡🌈💙😘


Happy Birthday. This birthday is special because you have Mia there to celebrate with you. I miss the two of you so much. You would have been 15 today. You are gone 4 1/2 years already. It is amazing how time just runs away from us.
There were a few times I really thought I saw you. Mia too. I would love that you come visit especially for Emmy. She isn't doing so great. I have to feed her likeca baby now. She just won't eat on her own. Please be there for her.
So you know you have a new sister and brother. Maggie & Scout. Scout looks so much like you sometimes I slip and camm him Luke. They are great dogs but boy are they hard to house train. They are good for awhile as ND then it's like we have to start all over again. You remember those days Luke but info think bybthisvtime you were fully housebroken.
I hope you are happy running and playing with Mia and your friends. You are always in my heart and I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthdsy again my sweet boy.

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