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Memories of Luke
Luke, my Boy, was and is the most incredible dog. He has more personality than most humans. He understood what I was saying and most of the time I understood what he was saying. He enjoyed life so much. We hiked and mountain biked together. And his favorite activity - swimming! When we first tried to swim together, he tried to save me. Soon he got the idea that I was OK and we could swim together! Luke loved everyone and assumed everyone loved him (what a great self-esteem)- and they did. He had to say hello to everyone he encountered. He was a rough and tumble guy when it was time for play, but gentle as a lamb with children, puppies and kitties. He had a sense of who needed special care and who wanted to play hard! He made us laugh so much with his expressions and goofy antics. Everyone who met him would say there was just something special about him. He loved the mountains, the woods and any hiking trail. He loved broccoli, beans, cottage cheese, almond butter, kleenex and drinking out of dishes deep enough to put his nose underwater too! He also loved to jump back in bed afer breakfast and cuddle on cold mornings - this was awesome. He was there through some very difficult times. God showed me how to accept unconditional love and how to give it through my Luke. He would always share his toys as he knew there would always be something else to play with. As he grew tired with age and heart disease, he still had his upbeat attitude and loved to go visit and have visitors. He truley is my child and I miss him so much. I know he is with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who so graciously created him and let me be his Mommy for 13 1/2 years here on earth. I can't wait to be reuinted when I get there - to feel his velvet soft ears again and kiss his big soft nose.
I miss you Luke, my Boy. I miss everything about you. You will always be my Sunshine Boy - no one could ever take your place. Mandy misses you too - she is doing OK - we are sticking together. I know you and Shilo are together again. Scout out some good hikes and we'll be there as soon at The Lord calls us up - hopefully soon! I love you more than words can express, Your Mommers
9/26/08 - It's been two years since you went to heaven and I still miss you so much! Life just doesn't make sense without you here. I will always miss you...I will take Beau (your new little brother) and Mandy to the pond today and think of you - you would love it! I'm sure the ponds in heaven are so fantastic - I can't wait to join you there. All my love, your Mommers
12/23/08 - I miss you so much my Boy. Mandy will be coming up soon. I wish I could be there too. I'm sure Christmas is very special in Heaven. Have a wonderful time and know I miss you every minute. I love you so much, your Mommers
9/26/09 - Today marks three years since you flew up to heaven. I know you and Mandy are having a wonderful time together and with The Lord and all the others up there. Knightly has joined our family (another little brother). You will love him. He likes to drink out of the toilet and eat kleenex like you :). I miss you so much. Everything made sense when you were here - I seemed to see things more clearly. I love you so much. You are my Boy, my Soul Mate, my North. I will try to make it a good day - for you. I love you, your Mommers
12/24/09 - Can't believe this will be my 4th Christmas without you. Nothing is as fun while we are apart. I love you so much. Have a wonderful Christmas with Mandy - it will be your first Christmas with her up in heaven! Know I am with you....I love you, your Mommers
9/26/11 - Today is five years since you have gone to heaven. I don't know what to say - I still miss you so much. I just want to see you again - please come visit me in my dreams if you can....
You have another little brother - Ravi. You will really love him to. I know Hana is up there with you now so you have your Sister to swim with! Boss is holding down the fort here with Beau, Ravi and Scooter. Scooter came to live with us in December after having a very hard life. He will be coming up to heaven soon. He doesn't like water but I'm sure you can help him out with that. I bet you have Knightly swimming now :). Luke, I owe you so much. I wouldn't have had the chance to be all of these Dogs' Mommy if it wasn't for you. So much has changed since you flew to heaven. Then again, so much is still the same. I will be praying that I see you in my dreams. I love you and I ALWAYS will. You will always be my One. I miss you and love you....your Mommers
9/26/12 - Now, six years since you flew up to heaven. My heart still aches for you. Beau has been so good to me and comforts me alot. We went to the river and he and Ravi swam with their friend Otto. You will love Otto. You have a new little Sister - Piper. She joined us in January. She is a little girl - 10 years old. Beau has cancer so will be coming to be with you and Jesus in a little while. Bossy joined you on Easter - I know you guys are having fun swimming together! And you got to meet Scooter last September 30th - have you taught him how to swim yet? I know you know, but I finally fixed things so no one is being mean to your Mommers anymore. I wish you were here so much. Actually I wish I was there. I love you and miss you and can't believe it's been 6 years. It seems longer to me. I know Jesus is there so it's a blink of an eye to you and I'm glad for that. We are going to see Dr. Leslie today. We will do something special in your name.... I love you and I always will. You'll alway be my Boy, my One, my Luke. Love, your Mommers

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