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Memories of Luigi
When you first came into our lives you were only five months old. Although still a kitten, you already appeared grown up and handsome in your black and white tuxedo. You were so playful and full of energy back then, always on the move and getting into something. Poor Henrietta, already twelve and in poor health, didn't know quite what to make of you and tried her best to avoid you. We bought many different toys to keep you busy, but your favorite things were always the everyday ones--a cardboard box or paper bag, a rolled up napkin or piece of paper, a twist tie or plastic straw. You loved to stalk and pounce, so we were often startled by you jumping out at us from behind a plant or chair. The game you enjoyed most though was hide and seek, and you were the champ. You always liked to chew on things--anything and everything. The results of that are evident throughout our home. When you were three, Giovanni joined the family. He was just a little ball of fluff wearing a tiny tuxedo similar to yours. The two of you bonded immediately and became best buddies, always more like siblings than friends. Through the years you were always together, sharing everything, even the same dish of water--at the same time. He knew when you weren't feeling well, and stopped trying to involve you in activities. He continued to be where you were though, occasionally giving your head a reassuring lick. He misses you, Luigi, and has been looking for you everywhere. We miss you too, so very much. We keep expecting to find you fast asleep in one of your favorite places. I still sit on the edge of my computer chair because so often you were curled up behind me on the rest of it. I still step back cautiously in the kitchen, because you were always there behind me helping to prepare dinner. The four of us were a family for a long time and have been through so many things together. We lived in three different houses, and traveled to forty-eight different states in the motor home. We shared holidays, birthdays, and ordinary days. Now the three of us have to find a way to do all that without you. You were nineteen years old when you left, still handsome as ever in our eyes. You fought to stay with us to the very end, even on that last day when you could no longer hide your suffering. You never wanted to give up, that just wasn't you. It was so hard to say good-bye. We will always miss you; always wish you were still here with us. We know it's better for you this way; you are no longer in pain and can jump and run and play again. You've probably already found Henrietta and started harassing her. I'll bet she doesn't even mind that anymore. We all love you very much Weege, and will hold you close in our hearts until we meet again.

It's so hard to believe you've been gone for a year. We love you and miss you as much now as we did when you first left us. Giovanni remembers you too, and still looks for you sometimes. It isn't the same here without you Weege, but we're thankful for the wonderful memories. You will remain in a specail place in our hearts until we're all together again.

My Boy, it's two years now and still missing you so very much. Your sidekick Gio still misses you too. Just the other day he was checking on the pillow behind the frog on the couch, always one of your favorite places. Sending you love from all of us.

Three years have gone by since you left us, and we miss you as much as ever. The house is very empty now that Giovanni is gone too. We're glad The Boys are together again, doing all those special things you both enjoyed so much, but sad that you are no longer doing them here with us. We love you so much Weege; tell G Man we love him too. Have fun, dear Boy.

It's been four years now Luigi; how can it be that long since we said good bye to you? There are times it seems like only yesterday you were still here, times I still expect to see you when I turn around or pass one of your favorite spots. By now G Man has probably told you we adopted Bella and Bruno, but having them here doesn't make us miss you any less. They fill the empty spaces in the house, but only you could fill that empty space in our hearts. You always were and always will be My Boy, but always special to both of us. We love you Weege, and miss you so much.

We've reached a milestone today Weege, five years; it doesn't seem possible. So often I feel your presence, then once again the emptiness when I realize you're not here, not as I want you to be. Bruno plays hide and seek with us, always your favorite game. Playing with him will never be as it was with you though, I really miss that. I miss so many things about you, we both do. We still talk about you often, you left us with so many wonderful memories. We enjoy looking at photos of you, such a handsome boy right to the end. We'll never stop wishing you were still here with us, never stop missing you. We love you Weege, so very much, and always will.

Here we are, six years and still missing you; that will never change. I guess G Man told you Arthur is there now too. We like to think of the four of you playing together; you never quite made it to that when we were in Maine. We finally went to Delaware and brought you with us, couldn't do that without The Boys. We went so many places together, didn't we. Wish you were still here, still traveling with us. We think about and talk about you often, so many wonderful memories. Love you lots Weege, miss you, my boy.

Thinking of you today dear Weege, still missing you as much as ever after seven years. You always were my boy, so special to me. I have been remembering that last trip you took with us; so glad you made it home to enjoy some time here. I still see you in all your favorite places, wishing you were truly there. I love you and miss you so very much and always will.

It's been a long day for us here today Weege, a lot of the family came for a Labor Day cookout. You wouldn't have been happy at all, you never did like a lot of company. You were always most comfortable and happy when it was just us. Everyone remembered you though, Aunt Bunnie even reminded me to light your Rainbow Bridge candle. I thought about you often during the day, I still miss you so much. Bella and Bruno are nice cats and add a lot of happiness to our lives, but neither of them will ever take your place in my heart. I love you Weege, my special boy, so very much.

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